Ben Affleck the new Batman? ‘Man of Steel’ sequel

Sooooo, what do you guys think? is Ben Affleck Batman material? and before we go any further, it’s Batman, not the Dark Knight Batman; not brooding and solitary, closer to Tim Burton’s Batman. I think it’s hard to say at this point. we have Affleck in Argo, but also in Reindeer Games. he’s an Oscar winning/nominated producer/director, but does he have the huevos to pull off Gotham city’s protector? he didn’t really understand Dare Devil. he played a good blind lawyer, but the hero who can hear in 3D space? it could have just been the directing, but I think he missed the mark and under performed that role.
Ben Affleck also struggled to achieve CIA analyst Jack Ryan, in Tom Clancey’s ‘The Sum of All Fears.’
there is a lot more at stake here, in the role of Batman.

we have the Tim Burton batmans that were questionable, and often not suited. George Clooney, for example. an amazing actor, producer and director, but the Clooney head slant just didn’t work for either Batman or Bruce Wayne. it may have also been the nipples on the Bat suit.

Michael Keaton, the ’80’s comedic actor, was a bit of a stretch, but he worked out better than Val Kimmer (also Bruce Wayne will never work as a blonde).

will Ben Affleck do the Dark Knight Voice? I hope not; that should stay with Christian Bale as the only Dark Knight. Bale pulled it off so well; you could just feel his pain and struggle to cope with his past in his acting. great job, Christian Bale, you will always be the Dark Knight in my mind.

let me know what you think ..
if you’re team h8r for Ben Affleck being the next Batman, you always join almost 20,000 signatures with the petition.

YouTube channel launching next week ..
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Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen Movie Review YouTube video for Geek Week

Transformers 2 : Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen : movie review.

in celebration of Geek Week, i’ve been watching a Sci-Fi movie every week. Yesterday’s movie was ‘Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen,” or ‘Transformers 2,’ the second in the Transformers movie series by hasbro, starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox. Michael Bay really carried this movie, with the amazacrazy action sequences.
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Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters (2013) movie review

despite what the critics have said, this movie was really fun. there was never a dull moment, with plenty of action and a bit of humor. the ever beautiful Famke Janssen (“Jean Grey”) plays the antagonist with empowered vigor and marvelous acting. yes the stars were British actor Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner (the star of the latest “Jason Bourne” movie). together, they kicked some witch butt with incredible Steam Punk gadgets, in awesome action sequences. the multi-level plot never tired and kept you interested the whole way through, unlike other releases this year — uh-hum ‘Pacific Rim.’ a bit of sexy with some violence, but it was non-Wonton and usually just witch death. i wouldn’t say this was a family movie, but quite enjoyable to watch, and definitely NOT a disney movie, thank God, or Pagan Witch Deity in this case. i enjoyed all aspects of this movie. it harkened to Van Helsing, but was unique in its own right. it will keep you interested the whole way through and wanting more when it is over. a possible sequel? i hope so, but since the critics slammed it, there may be no continuation of this series. i think many people were confused by the title and never saw the preview / trailer explaining it was NOT a remake of the Fairy Tale. with all the side plots, based from the Brothers Grimm, like GRIMM, Once, and all the spin off movie variations, this movie explored a unique aspect based on the Fairy Tale, the adult lives of Hansel & Gretel, not yet explored; after killing their first witch (as described in the Fairy Tale), they discover their natural talent, what they were born to do, to hunt and kill witches. rock this movie online or dvd, you will be entertained, especially if you enjoyed Red Riding Hood and Van Helsing.

transformers 2. revenge of the fallen movie review

transformers. revenge of the crawlin’

i saw the second transformers movie last night. yes they’re toys and yes there’re fighting robots. but there’s fighting robots AND the fight scenes were directed by michael bay, so amazacrazily awesome action throughout most of the movie, so much so that you almost forget the plot errors and awkwardness of the characters and cheesy  dialog; well, almost. for the rest there was megan fox. and it’s ok to think she’s hot in this movie, because she turned 18 between movies. megan fox is like a siren. not the woo woo, pull over, check your seat belt siren, but the kind that lures you in and makes you forget everything else, including how incredibly bad her acting is, but at least she has more than one expression–uh-hum, kristen stewart.

ok, i did snap out of it mid movie. so why did the giant robots of the past even bother to kill the cave men of 17,000 bc? were they afraid of their wooden spears they sharpened by newly discovered fire? or perhaps it was the hand ax or their cave painting ability that threatened giant futuristic robots with the power to extinguish the sun! oh yeah, *spoiler alert*, sorry. ha ha, no, not really. and why did the primes commit “the ultimate sacrifice” by killing themselves? to hide the key? well, not really, because college boy shia just walked in amongst the dead robot corpses (yes, another double negative-ha) and grabbed the key. why didn’t they just bury it, it would have been just as effective. or even better still, destroy the device that could destroy the sun altogether, problem solved-don’t have to DIE to “hide” the key among double dead pile of robot corpses because there wont be a the gigantor (also a robot) machine that destroys suns IN WHICH TO UNLOCK WITH A FRICKIN “HIDDEN” KEY!!

if they were so scared of the cavemen, they should have brought them back in act 3 to scare away the big evil robots. these are all things you forget when amazacrazily awesome action sequences occur, speckled with sexiness from megan fox and those killer, almost robot-like, baby blue eyes—-SHE’S A CYLON!!!

transformers. revenge of the sullen