‘Almost Human’ is the best show on television (or was, see update)

Almost Human is the best show on television

finally a sci-fi series that isn’t trying to be twilight; no teenagers, no cheesy plot lines or effects. almost human is a well crafted sci-fi immersion realm, not to be taken lightly. it harkens to irobot with a backdrop of blade runner and is all cool. the attention to detail is amazing, with cgi and futuristic everything. every episode is like a cinematic experience. it is great to see karl urban again (star trek, judge dredd, doom), and of course lili taylor (from the 80’s: say anything, mystic pizza, six feet under,..) i wish every tv show would be like this. if you do nothing else this week, watch this series, and your life will be fulfilled.

Update: i was blown away by the pilot episode of ‘Being Human’, i mean, ‘Almost Human,’ but now it’s just turned into a ‘COP DRAMA’ WITH FUTURE TECH. each episode is good, but it’s episodic, it ends at 45mins. ATTENTION  writers: have an overall plot story arc that stretches from episode1 to the final episode, then have story arcs that continue over several episodes & resurface occasionally throughout the season, then have a micro story for each episode. keep it interesting, keep the audience engaged. this had potential. like ‘the syndicate’ from the pilot episode, but it only resurfaces occasionally. Dorian, the DRN, “synthetic,” short for “synthetic human,” or android has had ongoing story arcs for “his” consciousness or “synthetic soul,” but the overall story arc is just muddled most of the time and the plot is deeply constrained to each episode. live expanded and write like ‘house of cards,’ or have shockers like in ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘House of Cards,’ season2, but i guess that only works if there is excessive audience involvement with each character. i’m sorry J.J. Abrams protégée J.H. Wyman (Fringe), but get better or i’m putting you on my ‘watch if there’s nothing else’ list, * UH-HUM* ‘Sleep Hollow.’

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