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what happened this year?..

google ‘zeitgeist 2013’

i found this year’s google zeitgeist rather disappointing. the events they chose to cover, it’s length and the overall feel of the video. as far as nasa goes, what’s more exciting than a satellite to observe our planets more closely is a manmade object leaving the solar system for the first time. and other elements of course. i really loved the 3d looking photos and quality of the segment.

i’m sure you guys are inundated with 2013 recaps so i wont bore you with one of those. i could do one for sci – fi only, and i will for movies, in case you missed one that you should really must see, but more importantly, new year’s is not just about trying to find someone to kiss at 12:00 (can’t help you there, unless you find me on foursquare-the original stalker app), or pledging a resolution you only plan on keeping for 2 weeks, but about looking forward to the new year. and by ‘looking forward to the new year,’ i mean, looking forward to the crazy-awesome sci fi movies to be released in the new year of two thousand and fourteen. i bet i totally freaked you guys out by spelling out the year. for those of you whom did not recognize those strange words in the previous sentence, i had meant, 2014.

really sorry about getting your hopes up, but you’ll have to wait for a future post of these movies; there are a lot and each one deserves a fair account and a justified reason to see it, instead of just a random list, based on WikiP-influence (that’s a word i just made up, patent pending, ©, ™, ‘don’t steal my sh*t’ ) you might read on other blogs. don’t worry, they’re coming in the next few days. oh wait-new year’s is tomorrow! ok, wait a day or maybe two, i’ll be back my young padwans, i’ll be back (and yes, i was hinting at the upcoming ‘Robopocalypse,’ 2014 sci-fi movie, based on a hit novel, with similar themes to ‘Terminator’ and ‘iRobot.’).




ok, ok, stop complaining,

here’s a brief list of cool sci-fi movies from 2013:

GRAVITY     (best sci-fi movie i’ve ever seen)

Star Trek : Into Darkness (Wrath of Kahn remake)


Ironman 3

World War Z

Man of Steel

The Hobbit, part2: Desolation of Smaug

Thor : the Dark World

Ender’s Game

the Wolverine



the Hunger Games : Catching Fire

Pacific Rim

Europa Report

After Earth


Dear fans, it’s been 1 month since my last confession, post (too long)

with the closing of the year upon us, we have a need to conclude and reflect on sci fi elements of this past year and celebrate the news we have learned for upcoming sci fi projects and movies.


thank you to all my fans who read and are entertained by this blog.


a little about us:

sci fi elements is a sci-fi centered small business focusing on photography and video. you may have read our slogan before: “we photograph what you™” before. we photograph cosplay, comic cons and other sci-fi events. we photograph on location, in the studio, or at events. sometimes you even find us in cosplay, our favorite 😀

we create video and crafted photographs around each situation and cosplayer, for a unique style of photographs. both professional cosplayers or newbies alike, those with only an idea of how they wist to be photographed, find our services helpful. come and enter the realm of sci fi elements and together we will create lasting memories of your favorite character.

ok, that last bit sounded like like ad, sorry, “and now a word from our sponsor.”

for latest sci fi news, i usually post to twitter as it is happening, @scifielements, like when the news broke that bryan singer will be creating Xmen: Age of Apocalypse, to be released in 2016.


thanks for following and we are always open to suggestions about future content on all of our avenues. enjoy the rest of your holidays and best of luck in 2014.