‘Gotham’ new TV series fall 2014

'Gotham' new TV series fall 2014

‘Gotham,’ Fox’s new Batman TV series, fall 2014, casts Donal Logue (the guy who got his arm “removed” by Wesley Snipes in the subway scene from ‘Blade’ (the super bad-ass first film, not the sequels) and Jada Pinkett Smith (from the Matrix sequels). Donal Logue will play police detective Harvey Bullock and Jada Pinkett Smith will play ‘sadistic gangster’ Fish Mooney. Ben McKenzie will star as young detective James Gordon. Michael Chiklis ( ‘the Thing’ from the ‘Fantastic Four’ films 1&2, not the upcoming reboot, and the Lucy Liu vampire movie “Rise: Blood Hunter’) also stars; he always plays a badass and he could turn the tide of me liking this tv series.

“Gotham’ is a prequel of sorts to the on-going Batman, the Dark Knight series. ‘Gotham’ will be a comic cop show centered around detective James Gordon, not Bruce Wayne / Batman. “GPD” or “Gotham PD” will hopefully be more comic and less CSI cop drama. we have enough cop dramas and cop dramas pretending to be something cool with just an added layer or skin, * UH-HUM * ‘Almost Human,’ (so much potential & such a killer pilot episode, but now just a cop drama with future tech). we will see an ongoing emergence of Batman characters and villains, eluding to future personas that we have become familiar with. hopefully they will start with new villains, that we have not become overly familiar with, like uh-hum, the Joker. Christopher Nolan started Christian Bale’s Dark Knight off with Scarecrow and the League of Assassins as the villains; it was refreshing to see more dynamic characters other than the obvious choices. this brings up another important point, ‘ARROW,’ from CW TV series has stolen the League of Assassins (Ra’s Al Ghul & his daughter Tallia Al Guhl (mother of Damien Wayne) to name a few) and incorporated them into the Green Arrow universe. they are both DC, of course, and yes, there’s cross-overs occasionally, but what will happen now? will the League be on two fronts? for Batman, the Dark Knight AND the Green Arrow ( ARROW )? they are two different networks so maybe they will compete or maybe they will just be unique. i would really like to see new villains like the Mad Hatter or Harley Quinn and their origin stories. that would be worth watching.

if Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can survive for this long without doing anything outrageous and creating a bland recipe for the Marvel universe, then ‘Gotham’ wont be THAT bad for the first 6 episodes, just don’t make it like “birds of Prey’ from 2002.