League of Angels : MMORPG : What’s new today?! Inferno! Fusing gems! elemental dust? magic socket rods? & more!

new stuff from League of Angels! released today!
(yes, inferno has it’s bugs, like you can’t kill anyone, but you can still collect elemental dust & other elements. bugs should be fixed soon, like tonight. i love how they keep adding new things to keep us “interested,” (or addicted, whichever).

League of Angels (and no, it’s not League of Legends, which is an awesome MMORPG game as well; sure it was a marketing thing to use a name that was similar. did you know League of Legends sells out Staples Center (the NBA basketball stadium) for League of Legends championships? pretty cool, right? gamers as popular as pro sports teams). an MMORPG is Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, for those of you not familiar. League of Angels is an MMORPG that leads a character you create through a main quest. along this quest you acquire heroes to help you in the fight against evil. as you level up, it quickly becomes apparent that there is a lot more to do than just the main quest and upgrading characters, heroes and doing everything else the game offers is essential to success in the game. also joining a guild and joining in guild events is really fun. there is a lot to this game and each aspect requires a little knowledge before just jumping in, clicking on random things and discovering an outcome. it is our hope, that this post helps clear up a few things. we realize it is not complete, but we will update it as soon as we figure it out for ourselves.


League of Angels : MMORPG : What's new today?! Inferno! Fusing gems! elemental dust? magic socket rods? & more!



Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.27.56 AM



ELEMENT training:

it’s tricky/not straight-forward. before clicking upgrade, you have to chose a type, or chance, to upgrade; the better ones cost more elemental dust; the one on the right is best, but uses the most ELEMENTAL DUST.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.33.45 AM

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.33.53 AM

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.34.23 AM


this is the best, but uses the most element dust.


evolve your angel:

needed are SERAPH STONES, available for purchase here, in the main store, for 15 diamonds each; (they may be a reward in inferno, but since inferno wasn’t working well this morning, even after refreshing a billion times, we can’t say for certain).

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 1.33.07 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 1.33.15 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-28 at 1.33.30 PM




Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.35.47 AM



also something new is “MAGIC SOCKET RODS.”

we suspect that you need magic socket rods to install fused gems into your equipment, but we can’t say for certain as we have no idea yet as how to acquire “GEM ESSENCE.” we also suspect it is a reward in INFERNO, but still can’t be certain.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 12.43.18 PM




this is an awesome concept. tired of not having enough space for your gems? want to use the “extra” gems for added power, but just have no where to put them? if you’ve leveled up past 40, you know by now that every piece of equipment for your character should be outfitted with the basics for every encounter in game: main plot, dungeons, arena, clash of might, raiders, etc.

the BASICs are: GEMS, HP, MATK/PATK (depending if you are warrior (beserker or paladin) of mage (sorcerer or mystic)), PDEF & MDEF.  the basics lets you stay in the game longer (HP), ups your attack, for crushing blows and resists attacks from mages/warriors and angels.

you might find that customizing your gem configuration helps when attacking specific targets like adding dodge gems to fight in the ZODIAC battles of upping MDEF when engaging a Mage in Clash of Might.


well now you can cram more goodies into each piece of equipment.

the only drawbacks are each gem needs to be level or level 7, i know right? if you’re level 45 you probably already received the level 6 HP gem by now and have attempted to synth more upper level gems, but it can take a long while. we have seen some characters who use all the gems for their main and leave their heroes ungemed  so they can synth to high levels, this certainly is a game tweak, like having a level 42 character with a BR (Battle Rating of 90,000; not sure if we’d recommend that, but we may have to start so we can start GEM FUSing. the missing component is, of course, GEM ESSENCE & we are hoping that becomes a drop or reward for inferno and possibly becomes a new drop in the main quest or dungeons as well.


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 12.53.34 PM


hope this helps clear up a few things, we’ll post new stuff soon here, or on our shared youtube channel. we may even start a new blog just for League of Angels : tips & tricks, what do you guys think?


if you haven’t played League of Angels yet, you may want to play as a team with your significant other, like online date night, and may want to consider switching work to part-time; it really is that fun/time consuming. enjoy!


How to get tickets to Comic Con

How to get tickets to Comic Con (part 2 : general ticket sales)
SDCC San Diego Comic Con International, the biggest Comic / geek event of the year.
How to get tickets to Comic Con can be a very confusing task and requires several steps to get there, you must take these steps far in advance of the July, when Comic Con is held every year, and there is no guarantee you will be granted access, as space is limited and it is the most popular geek event of the year. 130,000 people attended Comic Con San Diego 2013, the maximum occupancy of the San Diego Convention Center, and tickets sold out in 45 minutes.

how to get Comic Con tickets (called ‘badges’):

step 1 : get a MEMBER ID

step 2: buy your badges (tickets)
there are three ways to do this:
1. if you purchased tickets before (then you are extremely fortunate), and you have the opportunity to buy badges (tickets) before everyone else in the “PRE-REG” (pre-registration badge purchase session, which occurs sometime in february). it’s not a guarantee, but it’s the best chance you have to get badges/tickets, (unless you currently own the batmobile).
“OPEN ONLINE REGISTRATION for badge purchase”
this is the time where everyone desperately tries to get badges/tickets. last year, Comic Con badges/tickets sold out in 45 minutes. may luck be ever in your favor. you do have a better chance of being struck by lighting while winning the lottery, then getting badges/tickets with this option, but you can still try.
3. badges/tickets can be refunded, if refunded before may 23, 2014. these badges/tickets will then go on sale for a “last chance sale,” following a similar procedure as “PRE-REG” & GENERAL TICKET SALES/OPEN REGISTRATION. if you miss this opportunity, you can always just hang out outside in the many pavilions & cosplayers.

a note about volunteering:
you have to select your volunteer status in january. volunteering is not a last minute option if you can’t get badges/ tickets.

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what time is it?

monday morning, the day after daylight savings, was typically the time where you placed bets on who would be an hour late to work, or even 2 hours late, if they moved their clock in the wrong direction, (yes, that actually happened). but now, since everyone has a cell phone, it’s really just a moot point. usually people discover it’s daylight savings by noticing that their phone has a different time than the microwave. before cell phones, daylight savings was a time of panic, not really ever knowing what time it actually was. asking someone on the street was often as inaccurate as trying to remember “spring forward, fall back;” or was it, “fall forward, spring back?” as akin to (“beer before liquor, never sicker” or was it, “liquor before beer, never fear?”). sure there were resources one learned to find, like a phone number you could call, with the time from the atomic clock in colorado, but you still ended up calling it 4 or 5 times on sunday, “just to sure,” frantically trying to regain stability in the time-space continuum. i wonder if the time-obsessed mayans ever had daylight savings? or maybe they instituted daylight savings and soon after their civilization met it’s early demise.

cell phones have really just removed an element of angst from our lives, (and hopefully thwarted an end to our civilization. yes, i’m sure it was the time lords of gallifrey that gave us this technology and saved us once again.).

the Sci Fi Oscars 2014

the Sci Fi Oscars 2014

the best of Sci Fi of 2013  (in movies)


best picture


(Gravity is the best movie I have ever seen, (see it now, see it in 3D, it won’t be as good if you watch it from home),

and Gravity is the best movie I will ever see. How do I know for sure? Why yes, of course i have a time machine, and no, you cannot borrow it to go back in time to “get the girl,” or invest in apple).



best actor / actress :


Sandra Bullock


best supporting actor :


Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games Catching Fire – oh wait- that’s a leading role & also wait – she’s nominated for some other movie)

best animated feature:


the Wind Rises

(best by far)



(good for “disney on autopilot,” but unoriginal in style)


the Croods



Ernest & Celestine



Despicable Me 2

(cute, but not oscar worthy)

best cinematography :



(Emmanuel Lubezki)

best costume design:

the Invisible Woman

(somehow this is not Susan Storm of the Fantastic Four)

sci fi awards | best costume design:


Iron Man 3:

the Mark XL II (the iron man suit that flies in pieces)


Thor 2 : the Dark World

the Asgardian armor


the Hobbit : the Desolation of Smaug

(even though Smaug, the draGon doesn’t get desolated)

dwarves and hobbits


Hunger Games : Catching Fire :

the mocking jay dress


Man of Steel :

General Zod and the Kryptonian militants

best directing:



(Alfonso Cuaron)

best film editing:


(Alfonso Cuaron, Mark Sanger)

best makeup & Hairstyling :

Jackass : Bad Grandpa

(haha, jackass is nominated for an oscar!)

(Stephen Prouty)

the Lone Ranger

(Joel Harlow, Gloria Pasqua-Casny)

best sound editing:


All is Lost

(Steve Boeddeker, Richard Hymns)


(Glenn Freemantle)

the Hobbit : Desolation of Smaug

(Brent Burge, Chris Ward)

best sound mixing :


(Skip Lievsay, Niv Adiri, ..)

the Hobbit : Desolation of Smaug

(Christopher Boyes, Michael Hedges, Michael Semanick, Tony Johnson)

best visual effects :



(Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence, Dave Shirk, Neil Corbould)


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

(Joe Letteri, Eric Saindon, David Clayton, Eric Reynolds)


Iron Man 3

(Christopher Townsend, Guy Williams, Erik Nash, Dan Sudick)


Star Trek Into Darkness

(and also for adding R2-D2 to the space wreckage scene)

(Roger Guyett, Patrick Tubach, Ben Grossmann, Burt Dalton)



(my addition for the ‘bubble ship.’)