so sad Edgar Wright is no longer directing ANTMAN


AntMan is not my favorite Marvel character in the world, partly because of his “ability to shrink down to the size of an ant, while retaining all of his human strength,” and, of course, for punching his wife, Janet, aka, WASP, in the face; #YESALLWOMEN. ok, he has other powers, like controlling insects, “the Aquaman of bugs” ‘super’ powers, and more acceptable powers like becoming giant man. the coolest thing Henry Pym, aka ANTMAN ever did, was create ULTRON, one of the coolest villains ever in the Marvel universe. i really, Really can’t choose which Marvel villain i love the most, but i do love ULTRON! and i am soooo excited, ULTRON will be the main plot in Avengers 2, almost as excited as Scarlet Witch being in Avengers 2, and quite possibly in X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, also one of the coolest villains, but again, could never choose one over the other. there is also a strong possibility we will see two Scarlet Witches, one Marvel and one Fox/ X-Men. we saw a glimpse of a young Scarlet Witch in X-Men : Days of Future Past, and we know Scarlet Witch will be in the Avengers 2, played by the other Olsen twin, Elizabeth.

there are so many overlapping plot lines between Marvel characters; this is why we need X-Men & Spider-man/ Fantastic 4 to return to Marvel. i mean, how else are they going to kill ULTRON? ok, it’s been a while, but i remember Wolverine and the Invisible Woman going back in time to stop ULTRON. Avengers 2 can only be better than the first one, so i’ll trust in Joss Wheadon once again, safe bet.

anyway, back to the topic at hand.. “officially” Edgar Wright’s split from Marvel was “amicable.” but on sunday, Wright tweeted a picture of Buster Keaton with “Selfie” attached. his hidden meaning was that Buster Keaton was quoted as saying, “[my contract deal MGM] was the worst mistake of my career.” it really is a shame that Marvel has acted like a dominant corporate conglomerate here; i can only hope it was to preserve the character of ANTMAN and the integrity of Marvel films. we may never know what the real reasons were, but perhaps they were the same for forcing Edward Norton out of Avengers, as Bruce Banner. i mean, did Edgar Wright plan on adding Simon Pegg or Scott Pilgrim to the ANTMAN film? which would have been hilarious, btw. Paul Rudd was a perfect match for Edgar Wright, i hope they get to work together soon. Edgar Wright has already announced his next project, ‘Night Stalker,’ which i am excited about, although it sounds a lot like Penny Dreadful, (i swear, i am working on my review..soon).

ImageEdgar Wright has been apart of the ANTMAN film project for 8 years now and even convinced Marvel to make an ANTMAN movie. Wright actually wrote the heavily “character driven” script as a stand alone film. after a series of Marvel had been released, since 2006, Marvel had Wright re-write the script to include cross-overs, current timelines, hints at future Marvel movies, and of course ULTRON for Avengers 2. i believe this is the reason Wright left. if you have to include so much extras, and the original script was mostly character driven, the final product will most likely be an obvious compromise that fails on both accounts, like X-Men : Last Stand failed to deliver. i hope Wright isn’t permanently banned from Marvel now, he was planning on, and may have already written, an ANTMAN comic series reboot, based on his script. i hope they publish the comic book series, i would love to read Wright’s take on the ANTMAN /Henry Pym character.

i hope the new version of ANTMAN has more Yellow Jacket, the darker hero that ANTMAN evolves into, and less ‘guy who can control bugs.’ i would love to see ULTRON ULTRON ULTRON! not just an end credit glimpse. i hope we get to see ULTRON’s motivations and get to understand his logic, instead of a tired plot of ‘robot that tries to destroy everything.’ AND they have to get the voice right, a combination of original Ceylon Battle Star Galactica and iRobot would make a nice ULTRON voice.

Imageso the details we already know about the film are that Wright’s script is an origin story, where Michael Douglas will play Henry “Hank” Pym, the original ANTMAN and Paul Rudd will play Scott Lang, a thief who steals the ANTMAN suit to pull a heist, but later, decides to use it for good, and becomes the next ANTMAN, with Henry Pym’s help. will this change completely? i would normally have guessed, ‘most likely,’ but the release date in July 2015 and they are supposed to start shooting next month, so … i’d say, they will just update the original script with Marvel characters and elude to the creation of ULTRON. they will also, most likely change the release date to april and release the Avengers mid summer, for carry-over plot lines.Image

H’BOOOOO for not airing Tyrion’s Trial by Combat on sunday


H’BOOO, or HB-OOO, anyway, BOOO on HBO.

the highly anticipated HBO episode was not aired on sunday & fans are pissed. the Game of Thrones cliffhanger will just have to wait while we catch up on Penny Dreadful, (just kidding, haha-review on that later).

so i have nothing new to speculate here on Tyrion and Game of Thrones, except of course season 5 should have 12 episodes instead of 10. why, HBO, can True Blood have 12 episodes, when it has decreased in it’s allure and Game of Thrones is only allotted 10, when so many peeps want so much more of Westeros?

in the interim of another week of waiting, i’ll be practicing my warg powers like Bran, getting closer to the Weir tree source ..

What fate beholds Tyrion on tonight’s Game of Thrones?

Imagewe are getting to the end of the season and the great battle of The Wall, at Castle Black, the Knight’s Watch, is coming (it was at the of book 3, ‘Song of Ice & Fire,’ so i hope they get on with it), and we know every episode is full of shockers. killing Tyrion would almost be as sad as killing Ned Stark, but i don’t think he will die, because he were to die, that would mean Oberyn would also die in Trial by Combat, and can’t have two deaths of characters we love in the same episode, (that is not the season finale, of course).

assume Tyrion lives, what will happen then? will Tyrion exact his revenge on his father, Tywin? probably. and continue revenge on Cersei as well? unlikely; i think we need an evil queen to justify the invasion from Meereen, led by Daenerys/ Khaleesi and her dragons. but what will Tyrion do if he is to survive? leave King’s Landing most likely. and search for his wife Sansa Stark? maybe even rebuild Winterfell? one would hope at least. but will Petyr Baelish ever let Sansa go? isn’t Little Finger’s master plan to rule all of Westeros? hinted at by his convo with Varys in front of the Iron Throne? his putting the crown into massive debt as Master of Coin, no it wasn’t all Robert Baratheon’s fault, and of course plotting to kill King Joffrey on his wedding day, “Purple Wedding” episode.

i was a little concerned for Stannis Baratheon’s daughter, Shireen. with the Red Woman, Melisandre sacrifice her to the Lord of Light (obviously a dark lord). an innocent child sacrificed in a ritual might bring the Lord of Light to the world of Westeros of something else nefarious. 

so to conclude:

best guessing for tonight:

Tyrion lives.

Tywin dies at the hand of Tyrion.

the Battle of the North begins.

Tyrion leaves King’s Landing & travels north in search of Sansa.

with ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ approaching, let’s take a look at the most useless X-Men of all time

i love everything X-Men, i really Really do, but sometimes you just come across a character that has powers that are just pointless. i didn’t realize this until this week, but JUBILEE made an appearance in ‘X-Men : Last Stand;’ fitting, as that is my least favorite X-Men movie, as everyone will agree; i must have just blocked it out, the PHOENIX disappointment was just too much for me too bare. ATTENTION BRYAN SINGER: you are the only one we fully trust with our X-Men, we know you have the mutant gene, X-men are your brethren, so no more fooling around with Superman.

here’s a list of useless X-Men:


JUBILEE  can come over on 4th of July to make fireworks, but let’s keep her home at the X-Mansion the rest of the time.


CYPHER.  with the ability to translate any language. great! oh yeah, i can do that with an app. maybe you can stay home and field calls from angry world citizens who might complain that CYCLOPS burned down their village or STORM flooded their fields.


KYLUN.  has the ability to mimic any sound, which is cool, if you need a new ringtone, but otherwise another useless mutant ability.  also, he looks like a twin sword-weilding Lion-O from the Thundercats.


DAZZLER.  with the power of turning sound into bright light, kind of like a human disco ball, DAZZLER should stay away from the X-Men until they throw a retro dance party. ( DAZZLER & JUBILEE are available together for proms, birthday parties and Bat Mitzahs).


and here’s a list of the weird & the useless:


SKIN.  yay, i have a large, excess amount of… yep, you guessed it, skin, but i can’t do cool things with it like Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. maybe you could get a job in a horror comic eating people under the stairs or something; all you really do in the X-Men is gross people out a little.


MAGGOT.  speaking of grossing people out.. instead of digesting food with internal organs, like most people ( & mutants), MAGGOT has two slugs, “Eany” & “Meany” that come out of his body to do that.


MARROW.  her powers are removing the bones that stick out of her body and use them as weapons. i guess this could be useful when going through airport security, but otherwise, m’eh.


WRAITH.  with the sole mutant ability to turn his skin invisible, not his entire body, just his skin, all he could ever do was gross people out. that ability might be very informative teaching anatomy class, but not at all useful saving the world with the rest of the X-Men.


BEAK.  a vulture-like human with almost no fearers, who can’t really fly or do anything else of significance. even a squirrel can fly better than Beak.


CHOIR.  are those hickies on your neck? nope just multiple mouths- ewww. she has the power of multi-ventriloquism, which could be useful for practical jokes or blooper television, but not for fighting evil.


also, unworthy of note are X-Man, Shatterstar and  X-Treme.

X-Men : Days of Future Past : The men of new X-Men for Man-crush Mondays


here are the men mutants from X-Men : Days of Future Past, the epic X-Men movie you are about to see on “Mutant Friday.”

Beast / Hank McCoy ImageImage10-best-graduated-x-men-costumes-beast-300x450

Bishop / Lucas Bishop ImageImage

Colossus / Peter Rasputin ImageImage



Iceman / Bobby Drake ImageImage


Magneto / Erik Lehnsherr ImageImageImage


Professor X / Charles Xavier  ImageImageImage

Warpath / James Proudstar  ImageImage

Quicksilver / Pietro Maximoff Image2728119-tumblr_mdwb1i59px1qiknbco1_1280-950x1024Imageand who has a younger sister? that’s right, the highly anticipated Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch makes an appearance, hinting she’ll be in the X-Men vs Apocalypse movie of 2016. Peitro and Wanda are the children of Magneto, Eric Lehnsser.

Sunspot / Roberto DaCosta  ImageImageImage

Toad / Mortimer Toynbee  ImageToad

Havoc / Alex Summers Havok-x-men-24305693-300-425Image

Ink / Eric Gitter tumblr_inline_mxpuhnCqJK1sohq5p

Mutant Soldier Image

Cyclops / Scott Summers ImageImage


.. and a few non-mutant pivotal male characters..

William Stryker, Jr. Imageprevious versions of William Stryker ImageImage

Bolivar TraskImageImage