What should you be watching? or not.


now that tv season has finaled this past week, you may be wondering what should I be watching?

well, new sc-fi -esque shows have started recently, like season3 of Continuum or Penny Dreadful.

please note that Continuum is not that great of a show and is the worst at depicting time travel, but it’s sci-fi, and, as you know, we watch many things just because it’s sci-fi related. i’ll admit i watched more than one episode of Terra Nova; i kept hoping it would stop being family-value centric and start telling an interesting story. but eventually i started routing for the dinosaurs; hoping they would just eat everyone in Terra Nova and eventually figure out how to reverse the time portal, travel into the future and eat everyone there too. a dino-centric plot would have been way more interesting than the mentally challenged writers trying to be sci-fi with family drama; no offense to the mentally challenged.

an oddity about Continuum, 6 actors from the show appeared in season 1 of Arrow, one of whom also appeared in the new Godzilla movie.

although Penny Dreadful is basically Showtime’s tv version of the “League of extraordinary Gentlemen’ movie, it comes at a time when vampire tv shows have finale -d for the season and peeps have finally given up on Supernatural, (as you know, it should have ended after season5, but continues to linger like an ex-sig-o (ex- “significant other”) rubbing you the wrong way like a fecal matter infused cheese grater). also related to this genre is Grimm, but it’s really ok if you stop watching after season2; season3 episodes 1 through 9 are just filler, we get it, a creepy baby is on the way, royal family blah, blah and Nick recovers from Zombie Life (i was going for a Thug’s Life reference here, but..), anyway, more Wesen (pronounced “Vessin,” if you’ve never watched it), that look like dogs, etc. i enjoyed most of seasons 1 and 2, but the plot really needs a powerful antagonist story-arc that stretches over entire season, like they could have used the god Vulcanis for this, but instead decided to make it ridiculously easy to kill him with a fire extinguisher. you caught the part where i said, “god,” right?  #lazywriters

so what else is good?

you could be more science smart and watch Cosmos, a reboot of the Carl Sagan series from the 70s with Neil Degrassi Tyson and Family Guy guy, Seth “beady-eyed” McFarlane. you could try Atlantis, haha just joking. Atlantis was trying for a Xena : Warrior Princess type of show but fails everywhere, even in the cheese department; yeah, way worse than Terra Nova. you could mourn the loss of Almost Human, no not Being Human with ghost-vampire-werewolf version of the Superfriends; the future cop show that started off very cool like iRobot, but turned into a cop drama with future tech. it was just never given a chance to get better, like Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did. Stay away from Believe, yeah, not a Believer or a Belieber. attention you dumb-ass writers: (yeah, this makes me angry) : YOU CANNOT EVER MAKE A SHOW WITH SUPERNATURAL POWERS THAT IS UNREALISTIC IN IMPLEMENTATION. i know that sounds contradictory, but when you give a little girl superpowers, that aren’t fully understood, and have her stalked by a highly sought after international assassin, who can still walk and shoot people with great accuracy, after being sedated with 4x the normal dosage, then have cooing pigeons immobilize her for a full minute while the girl escapes. the assassin just stood there while the pigeons made noise, then the pigeons flew inside, then the little girl started screaming/using her power (at this point is when the assassin could have conceivably been stunned or stopped, but you soon discover the girl’s power were only affecting the pigeons, not the assassin, and all the pigeons did was fly around the killer, who wasn’t even mad she lost her target, but was more concerned she missed mom birthday phone call. so you can see why you should not watch any further. you can’t reboot an over-used Heroes/4400/Taken/Alphas/Xmen theme and make it this lame, and ironically, this unBelievable. pilot crashed and burned; no black box worth recovering.

i’ll just assume you’ve been watching the regular, must-see tv shows this past season and wont go over those shows, . you may have missed True Detective, as it is an HBO show. start watching this immediately. it is based on a comic called, ‘Top Ten,’ if you are familiar.

also, if you’ve watched more than one episode of Helix, then we are no longer friends. let me put this into perspective for you, Sharknado had a much better story. ok, maybe i should put story in quotes here, like; “story.”

what will happen in the next season of Vampire Diaries (yes, i’m trying to attract a younger audience to my blog, so stuff it regular readers, all 3 of you), and i hope Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) will be ok, wandering aimlessly with no purpose, from train to train.

spring tv land out, see you next fall. did i say that wrong? oh trip something– bye.

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