Oberyn : Game of Thrones : season 4 : episode 7 : Mockingbird


Oberyn, you are a kind and just person. thank you for helping Tyrion, even if revenge is your said purpose. Tyrion, it would seem was out of friends and out of options. Oberyn to the rescue, as Tyrion’s champion. can’t wait to see you in action in vs Sir Gregor, aka, “the Mountain,” brother to “the Hound,” in season 4 episode 8; here’s a sneak peak:Image

i didn’t pirate the photo, i just googled it, who knew?

also in this episode, crazy learns to fly; hence the name of the episode, (“Mockingbird” is the symbol of the family crest of the Vale or Eyrie, where Little Finger/Lord Baelish married Lysa, mother of Robin & sister to Caitlin Stark, in episode 6), Arya kills, Khaleesi gets some and Brienne gets a wolf cookie.0

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