Harrison Ford injury update : Star Wars : episode VII

ImagePrincess Leia: “This bucket of bolts’s never gonna get us past that blockade.” & “Would it help if I got out and pushed?” It’s no secret how Princess Leia Organa feels about the Millennium Falcon, expressing her concern for how Han Solo’s smuggling ship is falling apart in many scenes in Star Wars.

well that is exactly what happened on the set to the new Star Wars movie, ‘Star Wars : episode VII.” a hatch door fell on Harrison Ford, reprising his role of Han Solo. Harrison Ford recovered from surgery on wed, a normal procedure to facilitate his broken leg/ankle. Ford is in rehab now and will continue rehab for the next 8 weeks. Harrison Ford’s doctors ensures he will make a full recovery. Ford’s publicist confirms he will continue shooting after he has fully recovered. 

the Star Wars film project and Lucas Arts, now owned by Disney, requested earlier this year to push the project back a year in order to finalize the script. Disney exec’s refused, demanding the christmas 2015 release date. Harrison Ford’s injury may force a delay however. i would rather wait a year and the next gen Star Wars be awesome. take your time JJ Abrams, be true to the Force, & Disney, don’t c*ck it up.Image

True Blood premiere : season 7 : see Anna Paquin / Sookie Stakhouse & Stephen Moyer / Bill Compton

True-Blooddid you know Sookie is married to vampire Bill in real life?
True Blood season 7, the final season premieres on sunday, June 22, 2014. according to sources, who actually got to see it last night, someone is killed before the opening credits. they are certainly going to pull out all the stops in this final season. there are 13 books in the series, titled, ‘the southern vampire diaries,’ i mean, ‘the southern vampire mysteries,’ by author Charlaine Harris. supposedly, HBO has taken the best elements from the books and incorporated them into this final season, the most exciting season yet.
this video features glimpses of Anna Paquin / Sookie Stakhouse and Stephen Moyer / Bill Compton and far away glimpses at the other stars. Anna and Stephen went across the street to greet the fans and sign autographs. the HBO True Blood premiere was at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Tuesday evening. the official air-time premiere, for the rest of us, airs this sunday, June 22, at 9pm.

OMG!! Game of Thrones : season 4 finale ! review / recap & spoilers

spoiler alerts!

game-of-thrones-season-3OMG Arya goes to Bravos! Stannis saves the day! Tyrion LIVES!!!!! yay o yay!! i’m sooooo happy!!

also amazing, Bran reaches his destination, and discovers “the Children” under the magic Weir tree far, far in the north. Bran discovers, well enigmatically discovers why he has journeyed so far north of the Wall, “you will never walk again, but you will fly.” hinting at some sort of warg type process, like what bran has learned how to do with Hodor and his direwolf Summer, but somehow connected to the weir tree. maybe the old man is retiring. odd how the old man is human, but The Children surround him, perhaps the old man was summoned like Bran was summoned and was/is an actual man from Westeros or a Wildling. Meera fought valiantly against the zombies skeletons, but, sadly, Jojen, her brother, didn’t make it. Hodor. Meera, Bran and Summer are saved by a The Children (are singular The Children called, “Child” in this case?), and enter a magically protected cave, at the base of the blessed Weir tree.

Brienne beats the Hound in battle, but loses the elusive Arya in the process, as she hides in the rocks. she pities the dying Hound and does not heed his requests to kill him, but takes his silver instead. and then the most amazing thing happens, she finds a ship going to Bravos, gives the ship’s captain the coin Jaqen H’gar gave her at the end of season 2 and utters the phrase”…” Arya is now on her way to Bravos to meet Jaqen and to become an assassin i presume.

the most gratifying thing of Trial by Combat was knowing The Mountain died at the end, after killing poor Oberyn, but here we see him alive, struggling for life, as Oberyn had poisoned his spear (good job Oberyn, but next time make the poison instant & no seeking a confession). they hinted that if The Mountain survives the treatment from banished maester, that he would become even more of a monster, scary. watch out future Oberyns.

i am so, SO happy Tyrion LIVES! but sad how he found Shae in his father’s bed. that must have hurt more than Shae testifying against Tyrion during the trial. Tyrion kills his beloved with her own necklace, then turns his sadness and remorse to fury, says his final piece to his father and the crossbow does the rest. best place to sneak up & kill someone is when they are on the toilet, or “privy.”

thanks Jaime, you did what was just and true, you freed your brother and set him free; you have changed for the better, well except for still shagging your sister, Cersei.

Varys was true to his word and helped Tyrion after all. unfortunately when the bell rang, Varys realized that he may be implicated in either Tywin’s death or Tyrion’s escape, and set sail with Tyrion.

Stannis saves the Wall from the Wildlings. Jon lives and Mance Rayder tells him the giant that died in the tunnel in the last episode was the giant king, last of his kind, sad really.

Jon Snow says a sweet goodbye to Ygritte, albeit a silent one, but brings her funeral pyre north of the Wall, so she could “die free.”

and across the narrow sea .. Daenerys Targaryen Khaleesi Storm born Mother of Dragons, sadly has to chain her dragons in the catacombs to prevent them from killing again. that is exactly the opposite of what she stands for, freedom for all slaves. ruling is harder than it looks Khaleesi. maybe in the off season, you can catch up on ‘how to train your dragon1&2.’ maybe you can train them with your magic. and we want to see more of you next season.

i’m still so excited, going to go watch it again..

but also sad we will have to wait another year for season 5 of our most beloved show, G o’ T, or Game of Thrones. what will happen next?

Harrison Ford injuried more than ankle: Star Wars episode VII update

ImageHarrison Ford didn’t just break his ankle on thursday, when a set door fell on him, on the set of Star Wars: episode VII, he injured his pelvis! we still don’y have all the details yet, but i’ll post them as soon as possible.

this may cause a delay of the project, which could give them the time they need to finish it properly. the studio asked Disney earlier this year to delay the project to properly finish the script, time needed to make it awesome; it is one of the most highly anticipated sequels of all time. i say take the time to do it right. but it may be too late already, as the projected release date is christmas 2015. knowing movie studios, they will probably cgi Harrison Ford for the needed scenes.

Imagethe overall Star Wars film plan is to use key characters from the original trilogy, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi (episodes IV,V,VI respectively) in the next film, episode VII & introduce new characters. the new characters will continue in a spin-off, to be released in 2016, episode VIII, to be released in 2017, another spin-off in 2019 and finally, episode IX, to be released in 2020. cameos of the the original cast will appear sporadically throughout the new Star Wars film series.

Imagei would hope that safety becomes the paramount issue for all future films. we can’t have Harrison Ford injured again, or Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher or Lando injured at all. this is a sad day when one of our favorite actors, and characters, suffers in pain. we hold you in our hearts Harrison for a speedy recovery ❤