Transformers : Age of Extinction : recap, review, spoilers & just plain WHY?

Transformers : Age of Extinction, Optimus Prime, dinobots, Autobots.

Transformers : Age of Extinction

Transformers : Age of Extinction

a plot that’s in disguise. action, more than meets the eye, ok, not really, just the action.

my first spoiler is that the Transformers movie franchise does not go extinct, in fact they ok’d #5 before this movie was released. also spoiler, the Transformers themselves do not go extinct either. i think they were just going for the THREAT of extinction. or maybe it was the ancient pre-race of transformers that dropped “the Seeds” that destroyed all the dinosaurs. yep, according to movie “facts,” it wasn’t an asteroid in the yucatan peninsula that caused the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction, but giant robots dropping bombs to transform life, in this case, dinosaurs, into the metal needed to create transformers. stanley tucci later calls this metal “transformium.” something else to add to the geek periodic table of the elements.`

so this movie was long, be prepared, so no 42 oz soda. it is full of badass elements, and, as expected, the action scenes are amazing & some completely unexpected action moments.

so should you see it? if you like the Transformers, then yes. if you want to see the action scenes on the big screen, then yes. this was me actually, but i didn’t want to encourage this franchise (to the point i will soon make), so i didn’t see it opening weekend. you should know that all, ok most, of the cutesy moments were taken out- a good thing (i still have bad memories from the first one). if you care more about story and plot holes, then you may want to wait to watch it at home on pay per streaming/iTunes or even Netflix so you can yell at your television. there are a few of them, but nothing can be as bad as No. 2, Revenge of the Fallen – those plot errors were so bad, that if the movie followed its own story & timeline, it would have written itself and the entire franchise out of existence. 

most of the action sequences covered up the plot holes, but some were just so obvious. i will only mention a few here. at the very end, Optimus Prime, uses rockets in his feet we didn’t know he had, to do nothing special but carry the humans back to the city & then to fly into space to presumably kill his makers, (that last part is a pretty cool twist that i want to see more of, but why not take the rest of the Autobots with you?) there were many situations when these rocket boots could have come in useful. and why do none of the other Autobots have them? why change into planes or helicopters when rocket boots, like Iron Man, would be much more useful? 

so when gravitron, or Graviton, i mean, Galvatron and Stinger were fighting Optimus, they would transform into particles avoiding hazards, then re-transform into transformers, i’m guessing we can call them Decepticons now & were from the beginning i suppose. why couldn’t Stinger use that power when fighting Bumble Bee at the end? Stinger could have been unstoppable, like the T-1000 from Terminator, also a robot. and was Stinger a girl?  girl Transformer Decepticons can be cool cars, no doubt. she was pink, but she just never spoke, so i remain unclear. why not have a main Transformer be a girl, or a confirmed girl robot, by speaking at least. girls can be kick-ass.



speaking of…(unclear)… the big one.. the dinosaur robots… so we learn that Optimus Prime is the last of “knights” that needed to be collected by Lockdown so that ALL the knights can be returned to their creators at the same time, because “knights need to do what they’re told,” not be independent. so why were most of the knights not knights at all, but either dinosaur or dragon or both, (fire-breathing dinosaur)? maybe just knight in robot form. they were treated much like animals & not like Autobots, or even Decepticons, especially by Optimus, it just left me wondering a little. were they going for that these guys pre-dated technology, like cars & helicopters, so they could only transform to disguise as dinosaurs or 2-headed dragons? because a giant, mechanical fire-breathing dragon with 2 heads really blends in, even during the Cretaceous era. or maybe that’s what life is like on the other side of the galaxy-yep, still unclear & i don’t think the writer care either. someone just said, “the only thing kids like more than giant robots is dinosaurs, so let’s have both,” and boom, there it is. but that doesn’t make sense either as they were made out of technology, so how can these other “knights” be primitive? it feels like movies are in an arms race to either depict a giant dinosaur-like monster or giant robots or both; Transformers, Pacific Rim, Godzilla, Jurassic Park..  Transformers : Age of Extinction came real close with a fire-breathing T-Rex, only to be trumped by upcoming threequel MeccaGodzilla. i liked the part where Optimus Prime goes to find the Creators of the Autobots, that’s a nice plot element, but the dinosaur robots was a bit much. watch it for the action and because shia labeof (or however that’s spelled) is not in it.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

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