SDCC San Diego Comic Con : Where do I park?

outside_comiccon_SDCC_3SDCC San Diego Comic Con :

Qualcomm-Stadium SDCC Comic Con Parking San Diego Transit Authority Trollywhere do i park? a great idea is to park at a trolley stop, usually free parking, & take the trolley to the convention center. the trolley is not very long, and is most often shorter than trying to find impossible parking downtown. many people park at Qualcom Stadium, the NFL football stadium to ensure ample parking; the trolly ride is about 30min from Qualcom Stadium to the Convention Center (Harbor Dr & Hawthorne), via the Green Line.

TROLLEY:  park at a trolly stop for free:

ordinarily, the last trolley pick-up time, at the convention center: (harbor drive & hawthorne) is 11:23pm wed, thur & fri (weekdays) & 10:53pm on sat, but for SDCC Comic Con, they run later, until 1am. you can call the san diego transit authority to confirm: (619) 557-4555 or 511 when you are in San Diego, CA.

maps here:

trolley stops map:TrolleyMap_WEB

 SDCC Comic Con Parking San Diego Transit Authority TrollySDCC Comic Con Parking San Diego Transit Authority Trolly

trolley stops on google maps with streets & landmarks: drive to a trolley stop using this interactive map:

most parking garages are full and require advance ticket purchase in february; it’s a similar process of getting badges/tickets to SDCC Comic Con.

there are a few parking lots with parking, for a daily fee of 20.00 – 30.00, with no overnight parking, towing enforced. it is near homeless area / recycling center and may be a little sketchy, but parking at trolley stop Qualcom Stadium, the San Diego NFL football stadium, can also be sketchy at night, unless with a group . this parking area is several blocks from the Walking Bridge / baseball stadium area, which is a few blocks away from the convention center.

parking / walking location map here: Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 6.43.33 PM SDCC parkingScreen Shot 2014-07-21 at 6.25.07 PM

search: “15th st & imperial ave san diego, ca” for parking lots with possible parking near the convention center; it’s no guarantee, arrive before 9am for the best possible chances.

SDCC Comic Con trolly San Diego Transit Authority

note: San Diego city buses stop running at 10pm. SDCC Comic Con events & craziness runs 24 hours fri & sat. fortunately, cabs are really cheap compared to other cities; i paid 14.00 for a 20min cab ride. last trolly run on fri & sat is 1am.

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