True Blood. season 7. episode 3. recap Alcide, yep, it’s spelled that way, not ‘Halceed.’ oops, spoiler alert. man-crushing hearts breaking everywhere. let’s get a few things straight ladies, those abs were cgi’d & are, in no way possible for humans to actually have (lower expectations here), unless werewolves are real, then yes. Alcide dying was the main shocker this episode. also, Mrs. Fortenberry gets a heart transplant, or removal. Violet, Jason’s new vampire girlfriend, or perhaps, ‘master,’ would be more accurate, reacts after Maxine runs her mouth as usually and shoots Jessica in the arm. Jessica doesn’t heal, meaning she’s contracted Hep-V protecting Adylin from homeless rampaging Hep-V vampire, or “H-Vamps,” as i think they are called now, the infected ones that need to eat every hour. So a sniper in the trees shot Alcide, quite a few times; Sheriff Andy & Jason Stackhouse shot the sniper, but we never actually saw who it was; who it was will be a shocker next episode ima a guessing. we saw Andy giving no mercy to his friend Lou, wounded and on the ground, as Lou had joined the town mob. the town mob, mutinied, stole the sheriff’s supply of weapons & is now hunting anything non-human, including Sam Merlotte, the mayor. he shifted in front of the whole mob, no denying it now sam, but why do you have to shift into dogs and other not so scary animals? you’re like a Wonder Twin, who can shift into almost anything, but choose dogs or billy goats, why not a shark? that would scare the crap out of everyone, even on land or a T-Rex for that matter (unless starring at museum skeleton wouldn’t work for “seeing.”). seriously sam, take more trips to the zoo.
it is so obvious that Sookie & Bill are going down the path of Friends, i mean they are friends now, but in the show Friends, Rachael & Ross just HAD to get back together or every woman in america would have died of sobbing to death in 2004. so yes, True Blood is setting it up for Sookie & Bill to be together again, and probably forever; yes i think Sookie will take the plunge & become vampire in the final, final episode. i’m just guessing, but it’s a safe guess. i mean, Sookie, you knew what you were doing, taking Bill’s blood, there’s no denying that taking Bill Compton’s blood will make you have feelings for him again, no matter how you currently feel about him.
lots of Eric drama this episode. and pam, i love her dialog, “i love a french vag**a as much as you eric..” so just inserted, out of nowhere eric laments the slaying of his human french love, Sylvie. he never did before in any previous episode..
and all of a sudden, the Yakonomo Corporation (the makers of Tru Blood, the human blood substitute that was poisoned with Hep-V by Truman Burrell, governor of Louisiana, and father of Willa, the no longer welcome vampire in Reverend Daniel’s Home, as Tara’s Mother, Lettie Mae, his, now wife, is now addicted to vampire blood. i still think she killed Tara). so where were these ninja badasses when they were needed most? the anti-vampire camp, the poisoning of Tru Blood, their own product. as thugs for a corporation, you’d think they would protect their own interests. we see Sarah Newlin again, as a brunette and not at all still christian, but a yoga disciple. the Yakonomo ninjas come looking for her, kill her master/yogi, but don’t even bother to search the house? no wonder you guys suck at your job. &i meant that as a double entendre, as the Yakonomo ‘nonjas’ are vampires. we’ll be seeing more of them, hopefully they fight as badasses, otherwise eric will surely just decapitate them in a flash. is the Yakonomo Corp vying for power & control, now that there is no more Vampire Authority? or is there just another twist around the corner, like electing Sarah Newlin as CEO? after last episode, i was hoping True Blood would turn into the Walking Dead, with all the massive outbreaks of Hep-V. and by the way, vamp ladies, i’ve been tested, & i am 100% Hep-V free 😉
is it me, or does James the vampire, Jessica’s bf, look like a different actor from season 6? and is totally into Lafayette btw. it’s cool, Jessica should be with Jason anyway-wait, did i just fall into the Friends trap? ugh.

the best Video Games of all time

we traveled into the past, and future, to collect the best video games of all time, throughout their 40+ year history.

i know i left out a few. leave a comment below of your favorite video games, maybe of a console from the long ago time, 8bit vs 16bit, or any any game you played & loved.

defender1retro games:

space invaders



missile command

dig dug


donkey kong

pac man


sonic the hedgehog

legend of zelda (also modern version)

super mario bros (&variations)


toe jam & earl


castle wolfenstein


oddly popular: mobile app games
angry birds

flappy bird

clash of clans

words with friends

plants vs zombies


mortal combat

street fighter

tomb raider (modern release is simply amazing)



resident evil



duke nukem

final fantasy

the sims




super meat boy


grand theft auto

world of warcraft

dead space


metal of honor


max payne


silent hill

battlefield 4

far cry

gears of war

star wars/ rogue squadron

batman : arkham city

assassin’s creed


league of legends

dragon age


rock band

red dead redemption

call of duty

dark souls

shadow of colossus



the last of us

mass effect