Big Bang Theory Scavenger Hunt !


follow the facebook event here:

Big Bang Theory Scavenger Hunt

Big Bang Theory Scavenger Hunt
Travel around pasadena, collecting photos & videos of elements from the show.
1. let’s find where leonard & sheldon live.
2. stuart & the comic book store.
3. maybe even cal tech.. (but not exactly open to the public..)
4. cheesecake factory

Collect the most photos / vids & win BIG prizes!..uhmm, ok, no prizes, “but the fun is all real.”
post photos using #BigBangTheoryScavengerHunt so we can search for them later 🙂

actually we do have prizes:
based on a point system. list of points avail to those who sign up.
most photo / video points : Lootcrate !!
most creative photo/vid for a point : SDCC Comic Con mystery swag!
best rock paper lizard spock video (posted to vine, instagram, youtube, other) : extra cool SDCC mystery swag (oooooo!)

Let’s meet at the SideWalk Cafe, for ‘Anything Can Happen Saturday’ : Sidewalk Cafe 2057 N Los Robles Ave Pasadena, CA 91104 . September 20, 2014 2pm.

Meet up, scavenge for photos & tasks and be yourself; unless you can be Batman, then be Batman.

if you can’t be in pasadena on saturday, follow along at home! post photos of elements from the show & be sure to post your ‘rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock’ video!

the Big Bang Theory premieres monday, september 22.

DEADPOOL confirmed as a movie!

4104865-deadpool-profile-picOMG OMG OMG! it has FINALLY been confirmed that Deadpool will indeed be a movie! the leaked footage, from July, was firmly denied by Fox Studios, but it turns out it was true all along. the leaked footage was of a 3D animation of deadpool antics, using the voice of, everyone’s favorite choice for the role of Wade Wilson / Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds is often referred to as’ ‘Ryan Wilson,’ as he played Wade Wilson / Deapool in the Fox’s ‘X-Men origins : Wolverine,’ as part of Team X, the best of that movie, by the way. Ryan “Wilson” Reynolds has not confirmed that he will be playing the Marvel character Deadpool, but we suspect he is still negotiating with Fox studios. Ryan Reynolds is a natural fit for Wade Wilson, mostly due to his personality on screen, going back to Van Wilder, being full of sarcastic retorts, which is perfect for Deadpool, also known as, ‘the Merc with the Mouth.’ we hope they can work it out, as comic fans will accept no substitute. the Deadpool movie is set to be released on feb 12, 2016.

we will also get a follow up glimpse of Deadpool in the next X-Men movie, ‘Age of Apocalypse,’ set to be released May 27, 2016.

if you are unfamiliar with the comic, it is rather gruesome, but lightens the mood by Deadpool incessant antics and desire for tacos. true to the comic, the movie will mimic Marvel’s comic character and will be rated R. the Deadpool movie, unfortunately will not be covering the X-Statix sequences, from the comic written by Milligan, but plenty of Deadpool antics are promised.

the origin of Deadpool, in the comic (just the basics): after a troubled youth, he briefly joined the military, where he was then diagnosed with cancer. he was offered an experimental treatment in the Weapon X program, the same program that gave Wolverine his adamantium. the treatment attempted to recreate Wolverine’s healing abilities, but caused the cancer to take over and scare his body. the treatment also caused memory loss and the healing abilities did eventually begin to work. he then escaped and became a mercenary, donning the familiar red suit with guns and swords.

UPDATE: the film will now be pg-13, instead of ‘R,’ but that’s kind of what the comics are anyway, the gore is out of sight/off page and the language is only hinted at. the movie could do the same, have the gore happen off screen & have Deadpool describe what it looks like & with SouthPark style, bleeped out cursing. i actually think it would be funnier that way. so sorry whiners, i don’t agree with you, pg-13 will be fine with me (if they do it right). James Gunn, director/writer of Guardians of the Galaxy, approves of the Deadpool comedy in this future film & said, “it’s true to the character.”

here’s the official Deadpool teaser / trailer from Fox Studios:  

The Twilight Zone sci-fi event Sept 19 – 21

TheTwilightZoneLogoare you a fan of the original Twilight Zone, which aired from 1959 – 1964? then you are in luck! now there is a one time festival just for you. meet the original writers from the show, talk about how the Twilight Zone came to be and discuss the sci-fi boundaries this ground-breaking show pushed, establishing a new era of sci-fi.

who will be there?

Earl Hammer Jr, George Clayton Johnson, Dennis Etchison, Richard Christian Matheson, John Joseph Adams, Larry Niven, Stephen Woodworth, and Ricard Senate.


Bank of Books 748 E. Main St, Ventura , CA  93001.    805 643 3154


September 19 thru 21, 2014.  friday   7-9pm    saturday  10am-8pm     sunday  10am-5pm

C4 Central Coast Comic Con : a little known comic con with amazing rewards

C4 cosplay contest winnersthis past weekend, sept 12-14, was the second annual C4 comic con in Ventura ,CA. it’s called, “C4” because there 4 C’s in it’s title, just in case you were wondering. usually small cons have little to offer and are not that exciting, but that was not at all the case with C4. the ratio of attendees to professionals was almost 1:1. what that translates into is 1. no lines, let me repeat, NO LINES- uh-hum SDCC San Diego Comic.. and 2. you actually get a chance to talk to all the professional cosplayers, comic creators, artists and booth celebrities, instead of just one or two. did i mention the Batmobile was there? there were many “star cars” or movie / tv related cars at C4, including the Batmobile from the original 1989 Tim Burton ‘Batman’ movie, the one and only surviving Christine car, hand signed by John Carpenter, the ‘Back to the Future’ Delorian, the TMNT Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtle van, K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, the A-team van, as well as others. some of the all star celebrity cosplayers that attended were Ivy DoomKitty, Vegas Power Girl, Ani Mia, Calie Cosplay, Nicole Marie Jean, Lonstermash, Jessica LG, Leah Rose, Castle Corsetry, Uncanny Megan, Angi Viper, the Winner Twins, the Mandalorian Mercs, the 501st Legion, Arizona Avengers and many more. if you don’t recognize the names of all those professional cosplayers, guaranteed you’ve seen their cosplay photo on social media. genre specific celebrities who attended the show included Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Adrian Paul (Highlander), Tyler Mane (‘Sabertooth’ from Bryan Singer’s ‘X-Men’ movie), the Power Rangers,  and many, many others from tv, movies, comics, anime, cartoons and video games. Minions!

a small con invites more openness between attendees and many sci-fi geeks made new friends in Ventura lask weekend. the con campus was all in one place, with two building for exhibit halls and others for laser tag, panels and events like a fashion show and a cosplay contest. parking was reasonable, at only $5 and was very close to the con. this means less walking & more con fun, again, unlike other cons.  C4 was located at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, between an AMTRAK stop and the beach. yes, the beach! many cosplayers walked over to the beach after the con ended each to enjoy the sunset. the con closed rather early for cons these days, 7 / 9pm, but there were other things to do in Ventura. i had the best fish tacos of my life, at the ‘Beach House,’ located just down the street at the pier; they literally contained more than 2lbs of fish! the C4 comic con had two photo booths set up for cosplayers to get amazing photos of their amazing cosplay. the c$ comic con had food trucks! not every con has food trucks and con food can just be horrible and even worse, you can wait more than an hour for that horrible food, but the Mac&Cheese truck &other options were a refreshing element.  the general feel of the con was really positive without any con stress, an everyone enjoyed their time there. looking forward to next year.C4 Central Coast Comic Con cosplay

Comic Cons & Anime Cons in SoCal & Major Cons throughout the US : Fall 2014 & 2015

socal southern california & nearby:

2014 :


star trek con las vegas 2014

las vegas

aug 1st

rio hotel all suites & casino

las vegas, nv

bronycon — nooo


aug 1st


san antonio comic con

aug 1st

san antonio, tx


boston comic con

aug 8-10

boston, mass




aug 8-10


aug 9th 2014

la memorial sports arena

sherman oaks pop culture & comic book expo

aug 17

sherman oaks recreation center

la angeles comic book & sci fi con

aug 17

shrine auditorium expo center

700 w 32nd st la, ca 90007

anime california 2014

hyatt regency (orange county, garden grove)

aug 22, 2014

japan expo


aug 22-24

san mateo event center

comic bug comic book shop celebrates star wars expanded universe

after 23 years it will soon end

celebrate w authors & cosplay

sat aug 23, 1pm

manhattan beach,  la, ca

fan expo

toronto comic con

aug 28 -31

dragon con

hyatt regency

atlanta, ga

aug 29 – sept 1


salt lake comic con

sept 4 -6

sal lake city, ut

vampire dairies official convention 2014

sept 12 2014

rio hotel all suites & casino

las vegas, nv

C4 Central Coast Comic Con

Sep 12 – 14

ventura, ca

long beach comic con fall

sept 27 & 28

long beach, ca

(la area)

macross world convention 2014

oct 4, 2014

torrence, ca


new york comic con

oct 9 – 12

javits center


final fantasy festival 2014

oct 17 2014

rio hotel all suites & casino

las vegas, nv

hello kitty con 2014

Oct 30

Geffen Contemporary at MOCA



oct 31 – nov 2

la convention center


summoners con

nov 1 2014

la mariott burbank

bent con

nov 7 – 9

la burbank marriot conv center

(la area)


nov 7 – 9

lax hilton



nov 7 – 8

(sold out, but online tickets avail or just go outside for the incredible cosplay)


(la area)

los  con

thanksgiving weekend

lax mariott


salute to supernatural 2014

nov 14 2014

la mariott burbank

2015 :

ala anime la

jan 9 -11 2015

lax marriott


gallifrey one (dr who con)

feb 13 -15

lax marriot


xena con

feb 20 2015

la mariott burbank

long beach comic expo spring      LBCE

feb 28 – mar 1

long beach, ca

(la area)

anime conji

april 2015 (exact date not yet released)

(april 18 2014)

san diego sheraton hotel & marina

renaissance pleasure fair

april – may

la area

star wars celebration 2015

april 16, 2015


(la area)


april 3-5  2015


(la area)

pop stuff expo 2014

may 10, 2014

ventura county fairgrounds

califur 2015

june 5th 2015



jun 16-18 2015

la convention center

la cosplay con

jun 7

hyatt century city plaza


ninja con

exact 2015 date not yet released

(jun 8 2014)


ax  anime expo

july 2-5 2015

(always july 4th weekend)

los angeles convention center


SDCC San Diego Comic Con

san diego

july 8 -12 2015

D23 Disney Con

Aug 22 2015

Anaheim Convention Center

LA area

universal (major cons throughout the us) : sdcc, nycc, boston cc, toronto cc / fan expo, dragon con, salt Lake cc, Fanime, Emerald City CC, PAX. if you live near a big city, guaranteed there is a scifi/comic/anime con near you.

just dates for now, will update as more dates for 2015 become available.

Z Nation : review : zombie apocalypse on the syfy channel

i was almost really looking forward to this show, but feel all the different types of tales that can be told of a zombie apocalypse have already been told with the Walking Dead and all the various zombie movies over the years. iZombie, the CW tv show slated for release in 2015, based on comic book, however, offers a new perspective.

so the intro of this show, with loads of action and suspense, held my attention; it was like a mix of World War Z and an action version of the Walking Dead; i liked it. as the show progresses, you are shown pieces of the government clinging to structure and still trying to function as such. refugee camps do not need long narratives to explain their plight and how they’ve managed to function and survive; piggy-backing off the established commentary of the Walking Dead, that took many episodes to create. i appreciated Z Nation not needing to recreate the wheel here, they didn’t even pause at the name zombie, like some movies do. if the zombie apocalypse were to happen tomorrow, no one would be confused as to walk a zombie was or what name to call it; we know; thankfully Z Nation didn’t slow the episode by having to explain such things.

what you need to know: the zombies in Z Nation move fast, like as fast as a normal human would run, but not quite as fast as sprinting World War Z and 28 days later/28 weeks later zombies, and Z Nation zombies are very, very strong; they eventually can rip down steel bars. if a zombie bites you, you turn into a zombie very quickly, not 11 seconds, like in World War Z, but no waiting hours to turn either, like in the Walking Dead. it is hinted that if you die, you will turn into a zombie, without having to be bitten by a zombie to transfer the zombie virus, just like in the Walking Dead or the movie Fido. Z Nation zombies can successfully knock on doors, imitating humans, and intentionally play dead until prey, humans, approach. this indicates either they retain some sort of intelligence, instead of being just “a bunch of mindless zombies,” or it’s just bad writing.

the verdict: the show almost rushed through too much too fast, i had almost no connection with anyone before the turning point scene. if you haven’t had time to understand a character and their motivations, when a character is faced with an emotional decision, you almost don’t care. i’m talking, of course, about the zombie baby scene. they find a baby, other dude, suddenly has an emotional moment, you don’t know what to make of it, then somehow, not clear in the scene, the baby turns into a zombie. the baby wasn’t bit by the nearby zombie. was the baby just feigning to be like a human for an hour? we really don’t know, just boom, baby is now a zombie. next, rational, military guy suddenly has a heart and says it must be him that kills the baby, because, “they just can’t leave him that way.” why do you suddenly care? and why does one baby warrant locking & barring the door behind military dude? at this point it turns into a scene from Chucky, with creepy baby zombie laughs, which, after the third one, become hilarious, and cheesy searching under debris and beds, with low camera angles, just waiting for zombie baby Chucky to pop out and shock you. and surprise twist, baby zombie kills military dude as another zombie appears out of nowhere and joins in. you are left with one thing: why? why did he go in there in the first place? why did he go alone? and why am i watching this? then, everyone else enters the room (again, why didn’t they all go in before? oh yeah, one line of out-of-character dialog) and the group unloads about 200 rounds of firepower, all in typical slow-mo ‘epic’ action style, all just to kill 2 zombies and military dude, (to keep him from turning into a zombie). they’ve been fighting zombies for three years now, according to the lower third credits, and they’ve never learned to conserve ammo or to abandon zombies you don’t need to kill to survive? really? the next scene you see sniper guy, whom we’ve never met, but just know he exists because he snipered a zombie, abandoning his sniper rifle and walking down the road, without any explanation at all, other than to be asked to join the group, as they drive by-wat too plot convenient and why did you leave your weapon behind? it was just like a scene from Sharknado that makes no sense. i bring up Sharknado, because both Z Nation and Sharknado were spawned from the syfy network, but also, because syfy tweeted tonight that Z Nation “was the cure for the Walking Dead.” the context being, everything wrong with the Walking Dead is fixed with Z Nation. after the zombie baby scene, it was clear Z Nation is a comedy and is not to be taken seriously. this point is driven home further when the NSA radio operator, in the northern arctic, location unclear, turns into a global DJ, like Good Morning Vietnam, but for the apocalyptic world. attention syfy, if you’re going to make a comment like that, you better be damn sure you are actually better; since your show is inadequate at best and repugnant at worst, that comment is clearly just an insult, shame on you syfy, but Z Nation could have been worse, it could have been as bad as Helix.

Batmobile Stolen!!

batmobile_batmanvsupermanthey just released photos of the new Batmobile in it’s entirety 2 days ago, and now it’s been stolen! last reported location: the streets of Detroit. the news was leaked from a blog and Warner Bros has made no official statement yet. the Detroit Police Dept have no official report on the stolen Batmobile, but are investigating the claims, even as we speak. the new Batmobile will be used in the upcoming movie Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice, staring Ben Affleck “Batfleck” as Batman, to be directed by Zack Snyder, and set to be released march 25, 2016.

no word from Gotham PD or Batman himself. suspects include: Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin, Selena Kyle / Catwoman, Harley Quinn, the Red Hood and of course the Joker. Damien Wayne and other Robins have been questioned without any conclusive evidence. Katana has refused to comment and both Talia & Ra’s Al Ghul have sufficient alibis.

i’m curious as to how one would escape driving the Batmobile? it’s something everyone would notice anywhere, even follow it so they could get that trending photo on instagram. maybe the Detroit Police Dept should just check social media photos; probably better than GPS in this case.

local Detroit news agencies are investigating the reports and hope to have something concrete by tonight’s evening news broadcast, stay tuned..

Update: according to The Freep, at 8:53pm EDT, Sept 12, 2014, “‘The Batmobile is safe in the Batcave where it belongs,” says Sgt. Michael Woody,’ of the Detroit Police Dept.” this statement doesn’t actually mean it was NOT stolen or missing; it just means they have it back now. Warner Bros could have denied claims it was actually stolen to police, later recovered it & didn’t want anyone to know that it went missing, or the rumors could have just been exaggerated & took over social media today; we may never know the actual truth. Bleeding Cool broke this story & now has nothing to say about it. who did they talk to? who said the Batmobile was missing? ‘danielbane’ posted an instagram video of the new Batmobile doing “burnouts” friday morning. was this the criminals escaping? or just a joy ride? there didn’t seem to be any film related equipment nearby. perhaps this was the origin of the rumor that Bleeding Cool propagated. watch the Batmobile burnouts here

Batmobile revealed!

the new Batmobile from the upcoming movie #BatmanvSuperman has been revealed in its entirety. it’s also good to know that the #Batmobile can parallel park for those Gotham City errands and ever important Batshopping. this model comes passenger side airbags, Mr Freeze adaptive climate control air conditioning, surround sound with bass boost for BatTunes and is now a hybrid, allowing for full whisper stealth mode running solely on battery power.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 1.49.28 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 1.49.35 PMBncsTOSCYAAl99eBnhzak2CMAAmX8Z

the ever anticipated Batman v Superman movie is set to be released on March 25, 2016 and will feature Batman / Bruce Wayne played by Batfleck / Ben Affleck, Superman / Kal El (soon to take on his secret identity of Clark Kent in this film) played by Henry Calvill, Wonder Woman / Diana Prince played by Gal Gadot, the Flash / Barry Allen played by Scoot McNairy, and possibly Aquaman / Orin, King of Atlantis, played by the Khal Drogo guy from Game of Thrones.  Jesse Eisenberg will play villain Lex Luthor donning the Lex Battle Suit (no photo of the Battle Suit yet, but we do know Jesse is now bald..).

Sci Fi TV : Fall TV Premiere Schedule 2014 : What’s hot, what’s not

sci-fi tv series you should be watching right now:         original post date: august 2014.

Dr Who


the Strain

Sci Fi Fall TV Premiere Schedule 2014 : What you should be watching. What you need to avoid watching

fri  Sept 12


Z Nation  (there’s zombies. best guess review b4 watching: “boooo”) SyFy

mon  Sept 22

the-big-bang-theoryBig Bang Theory  (laughs & science. i know it’s rare, but CBS isn’t always ‘See B.S.’)(normal thur time slot in oct)  CBS

downloadGOTHAM  (intriguing but the concept may not carry over a full season. it’s like Young Justice/ Gotham City Kids, centered around a cop drama with detective James Gordon as the protagonist. so Catgirl, Lil’ Bruce Wayne before Batman, the Penguin as a henchmen, not a crime boss, a young Riddler and Poison Ivy too (although they changed her name to ‘Ivy Pepper’ from her true name of ‘Pamela Isley’ from the comics) and yes, they will hint at the joker mid-season (Fox said they wouldn’t but it was leaked that they will. i prefer the mystery of the Joker, not really ever knowing who was before becoming the Joker; it makes for a much more interesting character, especially reading/watching his made up origin rants. Tim Burton spoiled that by giving the Joker a name & a pre-history not covered in any of the comics, ‘Jack Napier.’). Netflix already bought the streaming rights & could possibly carry the series if Fox cancels it)  Fox

0902-sleepy-hollow-fox-3Sleepy Hollow  (i liked the first episodes, but lost interest after they kept getting their history wrong.)  Fox

tues  Sept 23

shield_plus7tiles_630x354px_1927tud-1927tuvMarvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  (this show really turned around mid-season, and a tie-in to the movie Captain America: the Winter Soldier was just awesome. the new season cover the rebuilding of S.H.I.E.L.D. and feature new Marvel heroes like Mockingbird. hoping they will explain Skye more, Object 0-8-4, this season. there will be a mid-season break to make room for 8 episodes of Agent Carter. more super powers are expected this season. lanyards for everyone.)  ABC

sun  Sept 28

ONCE upon a time  (‘gag’ it’s disney in the worst way, family programming. it’s just bad television monopolizing off the success of of disney fairy tale movies; a poorly written drama, like soap opera-y drama, using fairy tale characters to cover up the fact that the writing is so, so bad. soon Simba and Aladin will appear on the show driving talking cars. now if they added zombie Minions (from Despicable Me) i might be interested).  ABC

thur  Oct 2

cropped-vampire-diaries-season-5-promotonal-poster-2the Vampire Dairies  (there are guys who actually watch it)  CW

fri  Oct 3

0Star Wars Rebels movie  (rated at ‘better than the clone wars.’ takes place between episode iii & iv, so Anakin has already fallen to the dark side and become Darth Vader)  Disney TV

mon  Oct 6

the Originals  (if you watch the Vampire Dairies, then ..)  CW

tues  Oct 7


the Flash.  (it’s Flashpoint paradox. Weather Wizard, Girder, Gorilla Grod and others. it’s a spinoff from ARROW and there will be cross-overs between the two on both shows. they’ve teenaged the whole Flash Universe & the pilot covers Barry Allen getting his super speed powers, even getting his flash suit, but not contained in his ring. if you like ARROW, then you’ll like the next young justice character).  CW

Supernatural.  (the show ended quite a while ago, but they keep making episodes for some reason)  CW

wed  Oct 8

olARROW.  (“my name is Oliver Queen. for 5 years, i was stranded on a hellish island..” actually just 2 years, because last season we found out you left the island after 2 years & went to Honk Kong. season 3 will feature Oliver being trained by Katana. yes, ARROW has stolen all of the League of Assassins from Batman. this show is full of drama with characters never keeping secrets and always going on drama rants, then flipping to opposite extreme and another drama rant. the show features obvious goofs each episode, but there’s superheroes, & for the most part, it’s a good series, and of course, there’s  felicity  ❤   season 3 of Arrow will feature new superheroes, nope, no longer Ted Kord / Blue Beetle, but Firestorm, Atom and possibly Wildcat. the season2 dvd (release date: Sept 16) will feature a cut scene featuring Harley Quinn, as part of A.R.G.U.S.’s Suicide Squad. ARROW & Starling City (‘Star City’ from the comics) is becoming more & more like Gotham City).  CW

sun  Oct 12

Rick-and-Daryl-in-The-Walking-Deadthe Walking Dead   (OMG Terminus!)  AMC

mon  Oct 13

Star Wars Rebels .  (pilot series premiere)  Disney X D

oct 22

The 100 - New Promotional Poster2

the 100.  (global war destroys civilization. a few thousand people escape to space and survive on a rigged space station for 100 years, but that’s not the 100 from the title. 100 teenagers were jettisoned down to earth as a test to see if the earth was again inhabitable. it’s a post apocalyptic world with mad max warriors, yep, not all life was killed in the war. the verdict: it’s interesting, but the plot doesn’t advance that quickly. also it has the typical teen drama you’ve come to expect from the CW. funniest thing ever was the two-headed deer first episode. this show is good at creating mystery & suspense, but an episode later they dilute the concept or character with normalcy & blah blah, so it is easy to lose interst in this show. the first season aired in summer, with little competition, don’t think it has the right stuff to hold up to fall television.)  CW

fri  Oct 24

Constantine_Show-e1399833122634Constantine.  (if you think you’ve seen this, you haven’t. it’s not Keanu Reeves (the constantine movie), nor is it the leaked pilot. the pilot was reshot without the female lead. this series will be closer to the comic than the movie, but slower moving unfortunately, and spoiler: Dr Fate’s helmet appears in the pilot, so more involved than just John Constantine with the poorly designed business card, this show will introduce the realm of DC comics magic, who knows how far they will go.. i saw the original pilot and it was rather boring; hoping they will amp it up for the premiere.)  NBC

GRIMM.  (well if you made it this far, might as well continue to watch a little more.. i was severely disappointed with the beginning of season 3, after episode 7, it started to pick up again. they are just running out of material & ways to keep it interesting. the whole blindly trusting adeline because she now has a baby was just BS, & big surprise she turned back into her evil self again. bored on fri nights? then yes.)  NBC

Oct  30

Big Bang Theory.  moves to thursdays.

Nov  24

ascension_detail_2560x1450_1280x725_317194819537Ascension  (6 episodes. looks cool.)  SyFy

not mentioned: Revolution (‘cuz too much swash-bucking without any pirates), Falling Skies (‘cuz family drama with an alien/sci-fi landscape & bcuz of too many poor decisions every episode; not worth watching), Defiance (also family drama & very much like Terra Nova, which was so painful to watch). Bitten (season 2 will be on SyFy in 2015. Bitten is like a bad version of the Vampire Dairies, but plot twist, it’s werewolves, instead of vampires). you don’t have to watch bad television just because it’s sci-fi; we have other choices now. your time is valuable, especially to geeks, spend it tweeting about the proper positioning of Spider-Woman’s butt or getting the high score on Destiny; life is too short to waste it on bad television.



based a comic book from Image comics, 2004, it focuses on two detectives solving superhero related murders, in a world where super POWERS are part of every day life. releases Dec 2014.  Sony PlayStation Network (that’s a thing. it’s a streaming service like Netflix, but only accessible through a Sony Playstation).


marvel-tv-netflix-luke-cage-daredevil-iron-fist-jessica-jonesDareDevil. (also to include the other Defenders: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist.  Deborah Ann Woll (‘Jessica’ from True Blood), will star as Karen Page, Matt Murdock’s/DareDevil’s girlfriend. Rosario Dawson to star as Elektra, Elektra in her villain phase. looking forward to this. it airs on Netflix so hopping we can binge watch just like House of Cards.) Netflix

Agent_Carter_Official_LogoAgent Carter.  (so..remember Captain America’s girlfriend from the first Captain America movie? well her name is Peggy Carter and she has her own comic book series, ‘Agent Carter.’ the reason she was featured in ‘Captain America: the Winter Soldier’ movie, was this series, airing winter 2015. did you ever see the 15min ‘Agent Carter’ short, called ‘Marvel One Shots,’ on the ‘Iron Man 3’ dvd? well that was essentially the pilot episode, so Zodiac is the villain. the series will cover the formation of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is why Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be taking a break mid season for this 8 episode run. the series will cover elements from the comic, have a female, empowered protagonist, Peggy Carter, important in today’s world, and supposedly will hint at Hydra surviving after the movie demise of Red Skull. Howard Stark, Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) father will also be a part of the cast.)  ABC

bjmcwpxlpxcuimntqcykOrphan Black  (YES! there will be a season 3)  BBC America

imagesiZombie  (based on the comic of the same name. she’s a zombie that needs to eat brains to survive, hence the job at the morgue, but after she feeds, she absorbs all the screaming memories of the deceased, like in ‘Warm Bodies,’ which she then uses to solve the victim’s murder; sound familiar? still looking forward to it.)  CW

12 monkeys. like the 1995 Bruce Willis, Madeline Stowe movie. January 2015. SyFy.


Upcoming for Sci-Fi television, still in development:

Minority Report: 10 years Later.  Fox

New Angeles   (a virtual reality world staring Keanu Reeves. so it’s the Matrix ? well.. not Wachowski Bros or Matrix franchise, but may be immersive like Existenz. make it action-style cool, not like Caprica’s ‘V World.’)

Titans (‘Teen Titans’ most likely to include: Beast Boy aka Changeling, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Nightwing, Kid Flash & Wonder Girl. still in development. hoping for 2015). TNT

Walking Dead Spin-off (not too many details have been released, not even the official name, but we do know it will cover different areas of the zombie apocalypse, giving us a larger picture of what happened & what is currently going on; similar to the book World War Z. the movie depicted Brad Pitt traveling the world trying to figure out what happened & the origin of the outbreak, but the book was a compilation of over 20 different stories, narrated by each individual, depicting their story & their attempts to find a cure; a great concept for story telling, but would not have translated into cinema. Robert Kirkman, the creator of the original Walking Dead comic & co-writer/influencer for the Walking Dead tv show and the writers for the Walking Dead will be helming the spin-off. releases in 2015). AMC

Supergirl (still in development, well Warner Bros is still trying to sell it to a network. the CW refused, so we’ll see. hoping it will air fall 2015) update: Supergirl will air on CBS.

X-Men (in “deep development”) according to sources at Bleeding Cool, Fox is considering an X-Men TV series! it is still “deep in development.” which probably means 2016. Since Fox still owns the rights to ‘X-Men’ and even the word ‘mutant,’ and considering their new superhero success with Gotham, it only seems fitting that they will bring X-Men to the small screen. the potential could be amazing, since Fox produces the X-Men movies. there could be all kinds of movie-tv crossovers just like what Marvel did with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America : the Winter Soldier. i’m really excited about this, make it happen Fox.