Every Future Superhero movie ever : Upcoming Marvel & DC superhero movies thru 2020

Upcoming Marvel & DC superhero movies 2015 thru 2020 ( this is what we know so far..)  UPDATED: 15 Oct 2014.

Marvel has planned out superhero movies thru 2036, but hasn’t released the titles yet. DC is quickly catching up.

note that some of these dates have yet to be confirmed by the movie studios, or the date has been confirmed, but not the movie title for that specific, confirmed date. best-guesses for dates with confirmed dates have been used here, as noted,  based on clues from the movies studios or hints at comic cons. movie studios do change release dates, Batman v Superman & Shazam have both been changed. this list will be updated when more information becomes available. upcoming Star Wars, Harry Potter and other sci-fi related movies are not listed here, see corresponding blog posts.




may 1   Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron  (Marvel)

june 19   Fantastic Four  [reboot]  (Marvel heroes/ Sony)

july 17    Antman  (Marvel)



feb 12   DEADPOOL  (Marvel heroes/ Fox)


march 25   Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice  (DC / Warner Bros)

may 6     Captain America 3  (will include Iron Man)  (Marvel)

may 27    X-men : Age of Apocalypse  (Marvel heroes/ Fox)

july 8     Dr Strange  (Marvel)

august 5     Suicide Squad (may include Harley Quinn) [was the Shazam release date] (DC / Warner Bros)

oct 7     Gambit  (Marvel heroes/ Fox)

nov 11      Sinister Six  (Spider-man villains) (Marvel heroes/ Sony)

dec        Sandman  (DC / warner bros)  [this movie has now been canceled as of Oct 2014]




march 3      Wolverine 3  [may include Deadpool]  (Marvel heroes/ Fox)

may 5         Iron Man 4  [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but not for this particular confirmed movie]  (Marvel)

june 23      Wonder Woman    (DC / Warner Bros)

july 14       Fantastic Four 2  (Marvel heroes/ Sony)

july 28     Guardians of the Galaxy 2   [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but not for this particular confirmed movie]   (Marvel)

nov 3         Thor 3 [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but not for this particular confirmed movie]   (Marvel)

nov 10        Justice League, part1   (DC / Warner Bros)

fall/winter     Venom  [this movie has now been canceled as of oct 2014]  (Marvel heroes/ Sony)

fall/winter      Black Cat?   [unconfirmed]  (Marvel heroes/ Sony)




march 23    The Flash   [was ‘Flash & Green Lantern’]   (DC / warner bros)


may 4         Avengers 3  [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but not for this particular confirmed movie]   (Marvel)

may 4         Amazing spiderman 3 (Sony)

july 6         Black Panther  [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but not for this particular confirmed movie] (Marvel)

july 13       [unconfirmed superhero movie title]  (Fox)

july 27       Aquaman   [was: Man of Steel 2]   (DC / Warner Bros)

nov 2         Black Widow / Hawkeye [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but has not yet confirmed this title]




april 5       Shazam  [was Aug 5 2017]  (Warner Bros)

may 3        [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but not yet for a specific movie] (Marvel)

june 14      Justice League, part2  [hoping to see ultimate villain Darseid in this or future films] (DC / Warner Bros)




april 3         Cyborg   (DC / Warner Bros)

june 19     Green Lantern  (Reboot)   (DC / Warner Bros)

Marvel has confirmed the superhero movies of Iron Man 4, Thor 3, and Black Panther, but has not confirmed their release dates; most likely Thor 3 will be the year before Avengers 3, (Nov 3 2017) and Iron Man 4 will be released the same year as Avengers 3 (July 6 2018) and will continue the plot established in Avengers 3 and Captain America 3; yes Iron Man will be appearing in Captain America 3. major things will happen in Avengers 3, major things. not every hero will survive (the destructive path of Thanos). Avengers 3 will be the culmination of everything Marvel has been building in all of it’s movies to date, and in Marvel’s soon to be released movies leading up to Avengers 3. we will see even more plot threads and hints of what is to come; more than just more Infinity Stones. too bad Marvel couldn’t lease it’s other superheroes from Fox & Sony for this epic cinematic event. Marvel is developing a Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel movie, much to the fans wild approval. Captain Marvel, (formerly Ms Marvel), in the comics, is a role model for girls and women everywhere. a strong female lead superhero movie is a much needed, and long awaited arrival. DC / Warner Bros has been saying for years that a female lead superhero movie just wont work; just this week, they changed their minds, because of the fans, and green-lighted the Wonder Woman movie. Marvel is also developing a Black Widow movie, which may include Hawkeye and her time at Hydra. who will be first to release a strong female lead superhero movie? Marvel with Captain Marvel or Black Widow or DC / Warner Bros with Wonder Woman? Marvel is also developing several other superhero movies for the immediate future and is developing every Marvel superhero and every major comic book storyline for the years to come, through year 2036. yes, ‘Secret Invasion,’ and other favorites, will be in film, so start looking for clues leading up to and beyond Avengers 3. Ironman 4 and Black Panther have confirmed as movies.

Fox, who owns the cinematic rights to Marvel’s X-Men and Fantastic Four, has confirmed an X-Force movie, the X-Men spin-off. it has yet to be confirmed whether it will be X-Force or Uncanny X-Force from the comics, we the fans want to see Psylocke, Domino, X-23, Cable and Fantomex, and ArcAngel and Deadpool would be cool too. Unfortunately, Fox will not be returning X-Men or anything under the X-Men umbrella back to Marvel any time soon. Fox (and Sony) should at least strike a deal with Marvel to lease certain characters, so the Marvel movies can be more complete and true to the comics. for example, when an ominous foe threatens earth, every Marvel bands together to defeat them; ie, Thanos, Ultron, Kang the Conqueror, etc., instead of how it is now in the cinematic universe, where it seems like Spider-man was napping when Loki and the Chitauri almost conquered New York, as the X-Men watched it all on TV. sign the petition to free the X-Men.

Sony, who owns the movie rights to Marvel’s Spider-man and all of Spiderman’s villains and cohorts, will be creating its own Spidey cinematic universe. Sony plans to launch a Sinister Six movie soon and plans to launch other Spider-man related films, although “officially” both the Black Cat movie and the Venom movie have been shelved for now. it’s obvious Sony has rushed the Spider-man movies before. this was blatantly obvious with Spider-man 3, great characters, but poorly executed. Spider-man 3 was merely a pre-cursor to the horror that was to come; the Amazing Spider-man movie. it was way too soon to reboot the franchise Sony. although Amazing Spider-man 2 was better than Amazing Spider-man, it was clearly rushed, with no clear story arc; and why were there 3 villains? and why did the movie have 3 endings? Sony was trying to set up it’s Spidey universe, hinting at future films, but it was poorly executed. rumor: Sony may have struck a deal with Fox and future movies may see an X-men/ Fantastic Four/ Spider-man crossover of some sort. Sony has confirmed Amazing Spider-man 3 and Amazing Spider-man 4, but not Andrew Garfield for Amazing Spider-man 4. Sony could be planning on killing Peter Parker, like Marvel did in the comics, and passing the web slinger role to Miles Morales / Ultimate Spider-man. we shall see.. sign the petition to share Spider-man with Marvel.

DC / Warner Bros has confirmed a solo Batman movie and Man of Steel 2, but has not confirmed their release dates yet. this post will be updated as new release are confirmed.

note: Marvel & DC are not the only companies who produce superhero comics. other comic book companies will soon be launching their own superhero movies. Valiant comics is one of these companies. If you haven’t read Valiant, start with X-O Manowar, he will be the 1st of many Valiant movies. there have been other non-Marve-DC superhero movies in the past too, like the Phantom, from the 90s, with Billy Zane, which is one of my favorite superhero movies of all time (story is more important than visual effects).

Ghostbusters 3 : confirmed! Something Strange in the neighborhood ..


The all women cast of the the confirmed Ghostbusters reboot aint afraid of no ghosts. Too hot to handle, too cold to hold Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaids, says, “4 hilarious women’ will star in the new Ghostbusters reboot. Bill Murray, who will not appear in the reboot (as of yet), said the all female cast will probably have better [sexier] costumes. so sad writer and star of the original Ghostbusters, Harold Ramis died earlier this year.

the X-Force Movie


Fox says this movie is “still in development.” it is set to be released after the Deadpool movie & after X-Men : Apocalypse, which will both be released in 2016. we hope that means 2017 and not any later. Fox may be tying X-Force, Deadpool and X-Men movies into the upcoming X-Factor tv series on Fox. there have been many members of X-Force and Uncanny X-Force over the years. these are the members we hope will appear in the movie:









The Flash : the CW TV pilot explained


The FLASH made it’s long awaited premiere last night on the CW. yay for more superheroes on TV. we even saw a brief scene with Oliver Queen, as ARROW. if you haven’t been watching ARROW, Barry Allen was introduced on the last season of ARROW, season 2, and appeared in several episodes. The CW FLASH pilot started off strong and didn’t waste time introducing super powers and villains. there were quite a few eater eggs and hints at where the season will take us. let’s explain The FLASH pilot through the eyes of the long history of FLASH comics.

first off, if you are familiar with the CW, then you know that they love to keep you guessing, especially when there is previous source material, in this case, comics. remember how in ARROW, they toyed with us for almost two seasons about who the Black Canary actually was? in the comics, the Black Canary is ‘Dinah Laurel Lance,’ on ARROW, we have ‘Laurel Lance,’ whose mother is ‘Dinah Lance,’ but Laurel’s sister was the first Black Canary (yes, spoiler, Laurel may become Black Canary in season 3 of ARROW). so right away, on The FLASH, we see a police detective by the named “Eddie Thawne.” that is very significant, because “Eobard Thawne” from The FLASH comics is The FLASH’s archenemy, “Professor Zoom,” also called “Reverse Flash,” and is often depicted wearing a costume of reverse colors, yellow with a red lightning bolt, instead of The FLASH’s red with a yellow lightning bolt. so is detective Eddie Thawne The FLASH’s main archenemy on CW’s The FLASH? nope. to explain why, we need to go deeper.

the CW is mixing several story arcs together from the comics ( Flashpoint, Infinte Crisis, Born to Run, and most likely pieces from the Cobalt Blue story arc) mostly to confuse us. The FLASH comics have been around since 1940 and there is a wealth of information to choose from, as well as many varying reimaginings of The FLASH. in the Flashpoint comic story arc, we learn that Eobard Thawne, aka “Professor Zoom” or “Reverse Flash” needed to bring Barry Allen, The FLASH (there is more than one FLASH in the comics) into the future to reconfigure his molecules so that Barry Allen FLASH would not be constrained by timelines. only after this, can Zoom kill Barry Allen. if Zoom were to kill Barry Allen in the FLASH’s own time period or at any point along the FLASH’s normal timeline, Zoom would be killed as well, because the FLASH was instrumental in the creation of Zoom; if the Flash never existed, neither would Zoom. yes, it all gets very confusing, especially since this story arc and Zoom’s origins vary as it has been rebooted several times.

also important to mention from the comics, is that Barry Allen The FLASH goes back in time to save his mother from being killed. this creates a time distortion ripple effect and changes the future. spoiler alert: in the CW The FLASH, we see a flashback of a young Barry Allen surrounded by yellow and red “flashes” or streaks of light before is mother is killed. what is actually happening is the red streaks are Barry Allen, The FLASH, from the not-too-distant present future traveling back in time to save his mother from being killed on that fateful night. this creates an alternate timeline future. in the comics, the Justice League is never formed. Wonder Woman invades the UK while Aquaman destroys europe with massive tsunamis. it is a bleak future, one that must be corrected. Barry Allen appears in this new timeline, but remembers the original timeline. the yellow streaks, from that fateful night on the CW’s The FLASH, are Zoom fighting Barry Allen The FLASH. if Barry Allen resets this new timeline (it takes a while for the timeline changes to become permanent), then Zoom will never exist. Zoom needs Barry Allen to become the FLASH so that he can become Zoom. until the next chapter, when Barry Allen goes into the future and Zoom resets his molecules so he can be killed without timeline consequences. confused? but wait, there’s more.. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: in the FLASH comics, Bruce Wayne was killed on his own fateful night, instead of his parents. Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne become Batman and helps defeat Zoom in this alternate timeline. Barry Allen The FLASH from this alternate future timeline, now goes back in time again to prevent himself from reseting the timeline in the first place. how does he do this? he vibrates himself so fast that he merges with his alternate self trying to save his mother, becoming one FLASH. the combing of the two FLASH’s give Barry Allen enough power to defeat Zoom on that fateful night. time stands still long enough for Barry Allen to say goodbye to his mom, but then time resets to its original timeline. that is quite a bit for the CW to handle in one season. we shall see how much they will attempt to cover. also of note, in the comics, The FLASH uses a “cosmic treadmill” to travel back and forth in time. we will most get a hint of this device at S.T.A.R. Labs in this first season of the FLASH.

it is most likely, on the CW’s The FLASH, that Harrison Wells, the scientist in the wheelchair, is Zoom from the future and is a descendant of police detective Eddie Thawne. in the comics, the grudge match between the Thawnes and the Allens last more than a thousand years. evidence for this is: we know Harrison Wells is not crippled, the name ‘Wells’ hints at “H.G Wells,” the creator of time travel with his book titled “Time Machine,” from 1895, Wells is instrumental in creation of The FLASH, (the particle accelerator, knowing how to treat Barry Allen when he was in a coma, and his willingness to train Barry in the arts of super speed), Wells has advanced tech that is most likely from the future, and that secret room, in the final scene, we see a newspaper from the future. which by the way, has Queen Consolidated merging with Wayne Enterprises. geeking-out? sorry, Batman / Bruce Wayne will not be appearing on the CW, his character is licensed for television to Fox’s GOTHAM.

an important note to mention that will most likely be introduced in the CW’s The Flash, is, in one comic story arc, Barry Allen had a twin brother, but was switch/stolen at birth and raised by the Thawnes. when Barry Allen’s twin realizes this he the uses magic of ‘Cobalt Blue,’ also his name, to steal Barry Allen’s super speed powers. this is a very likely CW drama twist. i’m sure we will see police detective Eddie Thawne become a rival of Barry Allen’s, especially since they both love the same girl, Iris. (In the comics, Iris becomes Barry’s wife, Iris West, and for a brief time Iris has Barry’s super speed abilities).

the villains on the CW The FLASH will be all the Rogues from the comics, including Girder, Captain Cold, Weather Wizard (obviously, because he appeared in episode 1), and hopefully Mirror Master & Trickster (if only Mark Hamill could play the Trickster, as he voice acted the character so well from the animated series; make it happen CW). FLASH villain Captain Boomerang will be appearing on ARROW, as part of the Suicide Squad. the Suicide Squad is licensed for television to the CW, and consists of DC villains Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and even Harley Quinn (YES! Harley Quinn from the Batman / Gotham City comics will be appearing on ARROW in season 3). did you see the Gorilla Grodd reference? an open cage in S.T.A.R. Labs that could easily hold a gorilla, hinting that there was some sort genetic enhancements / testing going on. in the comics, Gorilla Grodd was subjected to a crashed alien space craft/radioactive meteor that gave him his superior to human intellect. we will probably have to wait until season for Grodd.

the CW will probably gives us a new villain of the week scenario, created from the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator accident “anomalies,” until we get an established plot going. i look forward to more episodes of The FLASH.

Upcoming Superhero & Sci-Fi TV shows for 2015 and beyond ..

original post date : august 24, 2014



based a comic book from Image comics, 2004, it focuses on two detectives solving superhero related murders, in a world where super POWERS are part of every day life. releases Dec 2014.  Sony PlayStation Network (that’s a thing. it’s a streaming service like Netflix, but only accessible through a Sony Playstation).


marvel-tv-netflix-luke-cage-daredevil-iron-fist-jessica-jonesDareDevil. (also to include the other Defenders: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist.  Deborah Ann Woll (‘Jessica’ from True Blood), will star as Karen Page, Matt Murdock’s/DareDevil’s girlfriend. Rosario Dawson to star as Elektra, Elektra in her villain phase. looking forward to this. it airs on Netflix so hopping we can binge watch just like House of Cards.) Netflix

Agent_Carter_Official_LogoAgent Carter.  (so..remember Captain America’s girlfriend from the first Captain America movie? well her name is Peggy Carter and she has her own comic book series, ‘Agent Carter.’ the reason she was featured in ‘Captain America: the Winter Soldier’ movie, was this series, airing winter 2015. did you ever see the 15min ‘Agent Carter’ short, called ‘Marvel One Shots,’ on the ‘Iron Man 3’ dvd? well that was essentially the pilot episode, so Zodiac is the villain. the series will cover the formation of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is why Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be taking a break mid season for this 8 episode run. the series will cover elements from the comic, have a female, empowered protagonist, Peggy Carter, important in today’s world, and supposedly will hint at Hydra surviving after the movie demise of Red Skull. Howard Stark, Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) father will also be a part of the cast.)  ABC

bjmcwpxlpxcuimntqcykOrphan Black  (YES! there will be a season 3)  BBC America

imagesiZombie  (based on the comic of the same name. she’s a zombie that needs to eat brains to survive, hence the job at the morgue, but after she feeds, she absorbs all the screaming memories of the deceased, like in ‘Warm Bodies,’ which she then uses to solve the victim’s murder; sound familiar? still looking forward to it.)  CW

12 monkeys. like the 1995 Bruce Willis, Madeline Stowe movie. January 2015. SyFy.


Upcoming for Sci-Fi television, still in development:

Minority Report: 10 years Later.  Fox

New Angeles   (a virtual reality world staring Keanu Reeves. so it’s the Matrix ? well.. not Wachowski Bros or Matrix franchise, but may be immersive like Existenz. make it action-style cool, not like Caprica’s ‘V World.’)

Titans (‘Teen Titans’ most likely to include: Beast Boy aka Changeling, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Nightwing, Kid Flash & Wonder Girl. still in development. hoping for 2015). TNT

Walking Dead Spin-off (not too many details have been released, not even the official name, but we do know it will cover different areas of the zombie apocalypse, giving us a larger picture of what happened & what is currently going on; similar to the book World War Z. the movie depicted Brad Pitt traveling the world trying to figure out what happened & the origin of the outbreak, but the book was a compilation of over 20 different stories, narrated by each individual, depicting their story & their attempts to find a cure; a great concept for story telling, but would not have translated into cinema. Robert Kirkman, the creator of the original Walking Dead comic & co-writer/influencer for the Walking Dead tv show and the writers for the Walking Dead will be helming the spin-off. releases in 2015). AMC

Supergirl (still in development, well Warner Bros is still trying to sell it to a network. the CW refused, so we’ll see. hoping it will air fall 2015) update: Supergirl will air on CBS.

X-Men (in “deep development”) according to sources at Bleeding Cool, Fox is considering an X-Men TV series! it is still “deep in development.” which probably means 2016. Since Fox still owns the rights to ‘X-Men’ and even the word ‘mutant,’ and considering their new superhero success with Gotham, it only seems fitting that they will bring X-Men to the small screen. the potential could be amazing, since Fox produces the X-Men movies. there could be all kinds of movie-tv crossovers just like what Marvel did with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America : the Winter Soldier. i’m really excited about this, make it happen Fox.

X-Men on TV!

X2_Kurt_Storm_Wolvie_Rogue_Ravenaccording to sources at Bleeding Cool, Fox is considering an X-Men TV series! it is still “deep in development.” which probably means 2016. Since Fox still owns the rights to ‘X-Men’ and even the word ‘mutant,’ and considering their new superhero success with Gotham, it only seems fitting that they will bring X-Men to the small screen. the potential could be amazing, since Fox produces the X-Men movies. there could be all kinds of movie-tv crossovers just like what Marvel did with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America : the Winter Soldier. i’m really excited about this, make it happen Fox.

UPDATE: This has been confirmed and the series will be ‘X-Factor’ from the Marvel X-Men comics.

picon X_Factor_Forever_and_Ever_by_urban_barbarian

Iron Man 4! confirmed!


Iron Man 4!  confirmed!

Robert Downey Jr denied claims and rumors, even last week, that there was going to be an Iron Man 4. we, the fans, have just got to learn that when a star denies claims, that means a contract is still in negotiations, just like Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool.

So now what? now we, the fans, go crazy on fabricating rumors of the plot will be for Iron Man 4. if you had a chance to watch the Iron Man 3 dvd extras, then you know that the Mandrin is still a real thing in the Iron Man cinematic universe. a follower of the Mandrin / 10 circles tries assassinate the actor, played by Ben Kingsley, for impersonating the Mandrin. best guess of the plot of Iron Man 4 is that it will lead up to the culmination of so many Marvel movies, building up to Avengers 3, in which we will see the showdown with Thanos. Avengers 3 will feature as many superheroes as Marvel can afford from past & upcoming Marvel movies such as Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Captain America and future Marvel films yet to be released.

everyone love Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark / Iron Man, no one could do it better. get ready for the rumor machine of Iron Man 4 plots this week..

Dr Strange movie update!

1261143-dr_strange_by_yamaoJoaquin Phoenix drops out of the upcoming Marvel movie, Dr Strange. reasons are stated that Joaquin Phoenix never actually signed a contract, and his “confirmed” role was merely a rumor. we may never know the actually truth, but are disappointed such a great actor will not be playing the ‘Sorcerer Supreme.’

before choosing Joaquin Phoenix, Marvel considered everyone’s, fan favorite pick, Benedict Cumberbatch, (Khan, from the new Star Trek 2 & Sherlock); we hope Benedict Cumberbatch will be on board. he loves the fans almost as much as they adore him. Cumberbatch is a great actor and would make an excellent Dr Strange.

Jared Leto (from the sci-fi movie Mr. Nobody)was also considered. Tom Hardy (Bane, from ‘Dark Knight Rises’) was considered for the role of Dr Strange as well. he would not be the first actor to cross the Marvel – DC movie boundary (Ryan Reynolds: Deadpool/Wade Wilson, Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern). just to clear things up Dr Strange is not to be confused with DC comics Batman super villain Hugo Strange, who is also a doctor. Dr Strange is Dr Stephen Vincent Strange, a neurosurgeon, who discovers he has “the sight” and through circumstances i wont go into right now, becomes a sorcerer.

Sci Fi TV for October! upcoming Fall TV Premieres of everything sci-fi

thur  Oct 2

cropped-vampire-diaries-season-5-promotonal-poster-2the Vampire Dairies  (there are guys who actually watch it)  CW

fri  Oct 3

0Star Wars Rebels movie  (rated at ‘better than the clone wars.’ takes place between episode iii & iv, so Anakin has already fallen to the dark side and become Darth Vader)  Disney TV

mon  Oct 6

the Originals  (if you watch the Vampire Dairies, then ..)  CW

tues  Oct 7


the Flash.  (it’s Flashpoint paradox. Weather Wizard, Girder, Gorilla Grod and others. it’s a spinoff from ARROW and there will be cross-overs between the two on both shows. they’ve teenaged the whole Flash Universe & the pilot covers Barry Allen getting his super speed powers, even getting his flash suit, but not contained in his ring. if you like ARROW, then you’ll like the next young justice character).  CW

Supernatural.  (the show ended quite a while ago, but they keep making episodes for some reason)  CW

wed  Oct 8

olARROW.  (“my name is Oliver Queen. for 5 years, i was stranded on a hellish island..” actually just 2 years, because last season we found out you left the island after 2 years & went to Honk Kong. season 3 will feature Oliver being trained by Katana. yes, ARROW has stolen all of the League of Assassins from Batman. this show is full of drama with characters never keeping secrets and always going on drama rants, then flipping to opposite extreme and another drama rant. the show features obvious goofs each episode, but there’s superheroes, & for the most part, it’s a good series, and of course, there’s  felicity  ❤   season 3 of Arrow will feature new superheroes, nope, no longer Ted Kord / Blue Beetle, but Firestorm, Atom and possibly Wildcat. the season2 dvd (release date: Sept 16) will feature a cut scene featuring Harley Quinn, as part of A.R.G.U.S.’s Suicide Squad. ARROW & Starling City (‘Star City’ from the comics) is becoming more & more like Gotham City).  CW

sun  Oct 12

Rick-and-Daryl-in-The-Walking-Deadthe Walking Dead   (OMG Terminus!)  AMC

mon  Oct 13

Star Wars Rebels .  (pilot series premiere)  Disney X D

oct 22

The 100 - New Promotional Poster2

the 100.  (global war destroys civilization. a few thousand people escape to space and survive on a rigged space station for 100 years, but that’s not the 100 from the title. 100 teenagers were jettisoned down to earth as a test to see if the earth was again inhabitable. it’s a post apocalyptic world with mad max warriors, yep, not all life was killed in the war. the verdict: it’s interesting, but the plot doesn’t advance that quickly. also it has the typical teen drama you’ve come to expect from the CW. funniest thing ever was the two-headed deer first episode. this show is good at creating mystery & suspense, but an episode later they dilute the concept or character with normalcy & blah blah, so it is easy to lose interst in this show. the first season aired in summer, with little competition, don’t think it has the right stuff to hold up to fall television.)  CW

fri  Oct 24

Constantine_Show-e1399833122634Constantine.  (if you think you’ve seen this, you haven’t. it’s not Keanu Reeves (the constantine movie), nor is it the leaked pilot. the pilot was reshot without the female lead. this series will be closer to the comic than the movie, but slower moving unfortunately, and spoiler: Dr Fate’s helmet appears in the pilot, so more involved than just John Constantine with the poorly designed business card, this show will introduce the realm of DC comics magic, who knows how far they will go.. i saw the original pilot and it was rather boring; hoping they will amp it up for the premiere.)  NBC

GRIMM.  (well if you made it this far, might as well continue to watch a little more.. i was severely disappointed with the beginning of season 3, after episode 7, it started to pick up again. they are just running out of material & ways to keep it interesting. the whole blindly trusting adeline because she now has a baby was just BS, & big surprise she turned back into her evil self again. bored on fri nights? then yes.)  NBC

Oct  30

Big Bang Theory.  moves to thursdays.

Nov  24

ascension_detail_2560x1450_1280x725_317194819537Ascension  (6 episodes. looks cool.)  SyFy

not mentioned: Revolution (‘cuz too much swash-bucking without any pirates), Falling Skies (‘cuz family drama with an alien/sci-fi landscape & bcuz of too many poor decisions every episode; not worth watching), Defiance (also family drama & very much like Terra Nova, which was so painful to watch). Bitten (season 2 will be on SyFy in 2015. Bitten is like a bad version of the Vampire Dairies, but plot twist, it’s werewolves, instead of vampires). you don’t have to watch bad television just because it’s sci-fi; we have other choices now. your time is valuable, especially to geeks, spend it tweeting about the proper positioning of Spider-Woman’s butt or getting the high score on Destiny; life is too short to waste it on bad television.

for the complete list of of sci-fi fall tv premieres, click here: sci-fi fall tv premieres

Tetris will soon be a movie?!

Tetris_2yes, i’m wondering how they will do that that as well.

maybe it’s just an hour and a half of watching someone play Tetris. or maybe, it’s “Welltris,” the 3D version that came out a few years later. i don’t know any of the details, because no knows any of the details.

video game movies have worked in the past, but there was at least some sort of plot to the game to carry the gamer from level to level. perhaps it will be like Battleship, the board game turned into a movie. when in doubt, add aliens or time travel; it usually works. i mean, Battleship was a horrible movie, but 12 year old boys couldn’t tell.

maybe the characters will be blocks, like in Minecraft, and …. no, still have no idea how they will make this movie..

left, left, RIGHT!