Dr Strange movie update!

1261143-dr_strange_by_yamaoJoaquin Phoenix drops out of the upcoming Marvel movie, Dr Strange. reasons are stated that Joaquin Phoenix never actually signed a contract, and his “confirmed” role was merely a rumor. we may never know the actually truth, but are disappointed such a great actor will not be playing the ‘Sorcerer Supreme.’

before choosing Joaquin Phoenix, Marvel considered everyone’s, fan favorite pick, Benedict Cumberbatch, (Khan, from the new Star Trek 2 & Sherlock); we hope Benedict Cumberbatch will be on board. he loves the fans almost as much as they adore him. Cumberbatch is a great actor and would make an excellent Dr Strange.

Jared Leto (from the sci-fi movie Mr. Nobody)was also considered. Tom Hardy (Bane, from ‘Dark Knight Rises’) was considered for the role of Dr Strange as well. he would not be the first actor to cross the Marvel – DC movie boundary (Ryan Reynolds: Deadpool/Wade Wilson, Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern). just to clear things up Dr Strange is not to be confused with DC comics Batman super villain Hugo Strange, who is also a doctor. Dr Strange is Dr Stephen Vincent Strange, a neurosurgeon, who discovers he has “the sight” and through circumstances i wont go into right now, becomes a sorcerer.

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