Tetris will soon be a movie?!

Tetris_2yes, i’m wondering how they will do that that as well.

maybe it’s just an hour and a half of watching someone play Tetris. or maybe, it’s “Welltris,” the 3D version that came out a few years later. i don’t know any of the details, because no knows any of the details.

video game movies have worked in the past, but there was at least some sort of plot to the game to carry the gamer from level to level. perhaps it will be like Battleship, the board game turned into a movie. when in doubt, add aliens or time travel; it usually works. i mean, Battleship was a horrible movie, but 12 year old boys couldn’t tell.

maybe the characters will be blocks, like in Minecraft, and …. no, still have no idea how they will make this movie..

left, left, RIGHT!

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