Iron Man 4! confirmed!


Iron Man 4!  confirmed!

Robert Downey Jr denied claims and rumors, even last week, that there was going to be an Iron Man 4. we, the fans, have just got to learn that when a star denies claims, that means a contract is still in negotiations, just like Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool.

So now what? now we, the fans, go crazy on fabricating rumors of the plot will be for Iron Man 4. if you had a chance to watch the Iron Man 3 dvd extras, then you know that the Mandrin is still a real thing in the Iron Man cinematic universe. a follower of the Mandrin / 10 circles tries assassinate the actor, played by Ben Kingsley, for impersonating the Mandrin. best guess of the plot of Iron Man 4 is that it will lead up to the culmination of so many Marvel movies, building up to Avengers 3, in which we will see the showdown with Thanos. Avengers 3 will feature as many superheroes as Marvel can afford from past & upcoming Marvel movies such as Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Captain America and future Marvel films yet to be released.

everyone love Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark / Iron Man, no one could do it better. get ready for the rumor machine of Iron Man 4 plots this week..

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