‘AKA Jessica Jones’ : what we know so far..

Jessica Jones is a retired superhero, now private investigator with super powers, in New York and often works with DareDevil on the Defenders superhero team. (in the comic she is married to Luke Cage).

Krysten Ritter (Vamps) is currently cast as Jessica Jones.

David Tenant (Dr Who) will playing villain Kilgrave / Purple Man.

Carrie-Anne Moss (Matrix, Fido) will play a character named ‘Harper.’

Rachael Taylor (Transformers, Man-Thing) has just been cast as Trish Walker (originally ‘Patsy Walker,’ 1944) / Hellcat.

13 episodes. airs on Netflix.

‘AKA Jessica Jones’ does not have a premiere date yet.

(DareDevil premieres April 10 2015 on Netflix).

[more on Jessica Jones here]

The Defenders

The Defenders

Fantastic Four teaser trailer explained review breakdown : with hidden easter eggs no one was ever expecting!

Fantastic Four teaser trailer explained review breakdown; the Fox reboot is based on the Marvel comic “Ultimate Fantastic Four,” and opens the door to the universe (and Multiverse) that is the Fantastic Four, not just a series of sequels, with potential X-Men crossovers. the Fantastic Four hits theatres Aug 7, 2015.

MV5BMjI4NTg1MTM1N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjQwMTAyNDE@._V1_Fantastic_Four_Logo_by_stanlydan (1)yeah, another reboot of Marvel characters not owned by Marvel; yep, too soon. i love how the trailer makes several points of stating, “from the studio that brought you ‘X-Men : Days of Future Past.'” yes, it was a good movie, but you left out the entire rogue sequence, and why wasn’t Storm the leader of the X-Men in the future? just because ‘Days of Future Past’ was a success, does not mean that we, the fans, have forgotten ‘X-Men : Last Stand,’ also known as, “the X-Men movie where they screwed of Phoenix,” or “the worst X-Men movie to date,” not including, ‘X-Men : Origins : Wolverine.’ yes, 20th Century Fox has screwed up a lot Marvel story lines and will not allow crossovers between Fox owned characters in Marvel movies, but i think they have finally listened to the angry fans; also, if the Fox owned Marvel characters, X-Men and Fantastic Four, are not successful in the movies, the studio would stop making movies and the rights would revert back to Marvel, so Fox does care a little of what the fans think, enough to keep their franchise moderately successful.

hidden easter egg!  type these numbers into url field ""

hidden easter egg! type these numbers into url field “”

that being said, the Fantastic Four trailer looks pretty good. it is always impossible to tell from a trailer, but it looks like there is a backstory, character development, discovery of super powers and an introduction to elements solely unique to the Fantastic Four. my two biggest complaints are the logo being square instead of the round one that has been used for 50 years, are they trying to fit a square peg reboot into a round hole expectations of what fans want? and that Reed Richards, “the smartest man alive,” is only 22; are they going to give him the traditional salt & pepper side burns? i understand Fox went with young actors so they could keep the cost down of paying for experienced actors, and also because Chris Evans, the first cinematic Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, is now Captain America, and getting the band back together would not have been possible. i felt that Ioan Gruffudd was the perfect Reed Richards; he really looked exactly like the comic book character. the new Reed Richards, Miles Teller, still looks like the party guy from ’21 & over,’ not the sometimes brooding, always thinking, genius that is Reed Richards. i know, acting, but the trailer did not disprove this for me. but if you read the Fantastic Four origin story, Ultimate Fantastic Four by Brian Michael Bendis, the Four do discover their powers as teenagers, while discovering the Multiverse, including the “N-Zone” (alternate of the “Negative Zone”), the Microverse, etc.



i’m excited about the plot though and hope i can put these things behind me when i see it. Fox is starting to copy Marvel movies and creating a complex and intriguing cinematic universe, not just a series of sequels and reboots. this is their first attempt at introducing the expansive universe that the Fantastic Four lives in. yes, we will see the Four get their powers, but we will also see them get theirs powers through the introduction of alternate universes as part of the Multiverse, possibly the N-Zone (or Negative Zone, depending on which comic book origin story you go by), that alternate dimension, that contains nothing but bad things (like Nihil (N-Zone) or Annilius (Negative Zone)) and in that discovery, unleashes constant havoc upon the world; thanks Reed. it looks like this discovery is also how the five get their powers. yes, five, Dr Doom of course. we see Dr Doom as a child with a young Reed Richards, experimenting on their first teleportation device, and later, on the military funded, human teleportation device. we also hear his ominous voice over. we may even see Dr Victor Domashev (or Dr Victor Von Doom, in the comics) go to Latvaria, Dr Doom’s home country in the comics, at the end of this film, hinting at the plot to the sequel. yes, the sequel already has a date; June 2, 2017, rather optimistic for Fox.

Reed Richards

Miles Teller as Reed Richards

Reed Richards as Mr Fantastic

Reed Richards as Mr Fantastic

a young Victor Domashev & Reed Richards

(Victor von Doom in the comics)

Toby Kebbell as Victor Domashev (Victor von Doom in the comics)

Dr Doom unleashing a can of whoopass

Reed Richards with Victor Domashev

Reed Richards with Victor Domashev

The Human Torch & The Invisible Woman

The Human Torch & The Invisible Woman

Johnny Storm "flame on" becoming the Human Torch

Johnny Storm “flame on” becoming the Human Torch

Johnny Storm full on Torch

Johnny Storm full on Torch

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.39.15 PM

Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm with a badass muscle car, is that a camero?

Susan Storm

Kate Mara as Susan Storm, aka, The Invisible Woman.

Ben Grimm (not related to Nick Burkhardt, a Grimm)

Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm (not related to Nick Burkhardt, a Grimm)

Ben Grimm becomes The Thing

Ben Grimm becomes The Thing

the military funded "teleporter"

the military funded “teleporter”



low budget "teleporter" in the Baxter Building?

low budget “teleporter” in the Baxter Building?

the N-Zone unleashing havoc

the N-Zone unleashing havoc

comic book reference:

the origin story : Ultimate Fantastic Four by Brian Michael Bendis   ( click here to view the comic )

the Fantastic Four premieres Aug 7, 2015.

‘Powers’ tv series premieres March 10th!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 1.06.59 AM a police detective drama in the world of superheroes. ‘Powers’ is a based on the year 2000 comic book written by Brian Michael Bendis; artwork by Michael Avon Oeming.  ‘Powers’ premieres on March 10 and will only be available for viewing on the PlayStation network, so find that friend or twitter buddy who has PlayStaion and plan to rock the premiere at their place.

12 Monkeys : review : on SyFy

12 Monkeys.

SyFy. a tv series based on the 1995 movie with Bruce Willis, Madelene Stowe and Brad Pitt. very not bad. they have a lot more time to tell the same compelling story, 12 Monkeys will be 10 episodes. there are a few plot holes, typical of the SyFy network, but it is of a much higher quality than Znation. it’s interesting, keep watching. (btw, “The Army of The 12 Monkeys” is akin to “The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse.”)

after watching the 2nd episode, i want to watch more. my suggestion is to wait and binge watch it over a long weekend; it’s interesting.

Sci-Fi Tv you may have missed : What to Watch when there’s nothing else on..

so what do i watch now? sci-fi related tv & movies

it has been almost a month since the mid-season finales and several weeks since everyone has caught up on all the great shows this past fall season from dvr or streaming services. all the holiday sci-fi theatre releases have been seen and all the holiday dvd releases rented. so what now? watch The Voice? or other dumbifying television? here’s a list of fall / summer sci-fi tv series and movies you may have missed and need to see (click the highlighted link).

if you are like me, you have grown to hate hulu and have therefore not watched any of their exclusive content. why pay for a service that has commercials? if you show me ads, in any way, before or during, then the content needs to be free. if you have to pay for it, then there needs to be absolutely no ads. i’ve never understood why online broadcasting companies have never understood that. when a steaming show pauses for an ad, the viewer then asks, “is this show really good enough to continuing watching?” everyone has a 100 shows (which should include ‘the 100’ btw), movies, youtubes, etc. in their recommended list, if what you’re watching isn’t that great, when the show pauses for an ad, it’s your opportunity to switch to another hopeful. will you ever go back to finish watching? the answer is most likely ‘noop,’ (unless you have OCD; poor souls just have to watch every episode for the story to conclude, uh-hum, Supernatural fans, and sorry to those who started watching Alphas-cliff hanger with no conclusion).

what to watch:


95ers : Time Runners. a low-budget sci-film with a great story and great special effects.

streaming. free. amazon prime.

Space Battleship Yamato

(the live-action movie from the Star Blazers anime (Japanese animated cartoon) from the 80’s. in Japan, the anime was never called ‘Star Blazers,” but ‘The Space Battleship Yamato’). this movie may still be remade for american audiences.

language: Japanese, english subtitles.

streaming. pay per view. amazon prime.

i, Frankenstein.

this movie was panned by critics upon it’s theatrical release, but it harkens very closely to the Underworld series, even including Bill Nighy as the main villain. it may seems like it’s a live-action version of the cartoon, “gargoyles,” but really, i, Frankenstein is based the comic book series of the same name. it features an on-going war between demons and gargoyles. i, Frankenstein was never trying to win oscars, just telling a story of good and evil, (the gargoyles may be ugly in stone form, but they are the good guys), with Frankenstein’s monster, a buff Aaron Eckhart, as an anomaly, sought after by both gargoyle and demon. yeah, you just have to get used to saying gargoyle, but it is an entertaining movie with killer effects. watch it today.

where to watch: amazon prime. free.

mini series:


i know what you’re thinking,


you may have missed:

12 Monkeys.

SyFy. a tv series based on the 1995 movie with Bruce Willis, Madelene Stowe and Brad Pitt. very not bad. they have a lot more time to tell the same compelling story, 12 Monkeys will be 10 episodes. there are the typical plot holes you’ve come to expect from the SyFy network, but it is of a much higher quality than Znation. it’s interesting, keep watching.

The 100.

CW. season 2 is much better than season1.


where to watch: amazon prime. free.

Penny Dreadful

what you should have missed:

the After.

what is this, you say? i never heard of it either. but amazon is trying to like every other online streaming service imitating Netflix, yep, amazon has original tv shows now. but if this show is any indication, they have a long, long LONG, way to go to achieve the same results. the After is a lot like ‘The Leftovers,’ from the ____ network. it’s the Apocalypse, but not a cool zombie or Mad Max like apocalypse, it’s the religious kind, so by default it makes you feel guilty and unsettled just watching it. the best depiction of the Rapture was clearly, without question, ‘Seth & Jay vs the Apocalypse,’ or its full length, theatrical version, ‘This is the End.’  the best depiction of the apocalypse, would, hopefully, be, Apocalypse, in X-Men : Age of Apocalypse, otherwise, The Walking Dead.  viewers will easily get bored with the dialog and circumstance of the seemingly disparate characters, and often question police procedure of one of the members of the group, and REALLY question why they all stick together. all this is followed by one dumb decision after another, especially by a cop and culminating in the most hilarious version of a demon ever seen on screen. he sort of looked like a tattooed, black and grey, hairless version of the Navi from Avatar, with stumpy uni-brow horns, doing a backwards crab walk of an ‘I Am Legend’ vampire/zombie (i was never really clear if they were fully vampire or not; they just looked more zombie than vampire). so, despite what amazon wants you to think, this series, yes there will be more episodes, is not on par with The Walking Dead or Gotham; it is a show that belongs to a category reserved for the syfy channel. i rate it above ‘Sharknado,’ and only slightly better than ‘Z Nation,’ but far below ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ in other words, only watch it if you are forced to. i suffer so you don’t have to.

from dusk ‘til dawn, the series

still undecided if i liked it :

the Strain

the first two episodes were almost riveting, but eventually my heart sank when i actually saw the head creature. he kind of looked like a green version of Sloth from Goonies, but with no nose, so hysterical looking. i swear, i just couldn’t keep a straight face when i saw him. the Strain is based on a comic book of the same name, by Guillermo del Toro. it centers around the deputy director of the CDC, “F” or Efraim, who doesn’t fully understand CDC procedure, has a seemingly on-going unreasonable, soon forgettable obsession for a glass of milk, and who is the protagonist during the systematic and highly implausible take over of New York. one not believable bad decision after another leads up to the point that no one else in the country or the world notices that New York is completely unreachable and off the grid. the story could have been so much better AND believable. it had a lot of potential, but did not deliver.

the beginning was horrible, but it got way better:


the last few episodes were really good, and cliff hanger from last fall season, which continues tonight! add more Justice league Dark members, add Dr Fate! it has a lot of potential. if you can stomach Matt Ryan as John Constantine, you might enjoy the later episodes.

what you should be watching:

The Walking Dead

season 5 is the best ever, the *best on television. every episode is like like watching a mini theatrical movie. the story is so incredibly done, the acting has moved to a whole new level, every episode just leaves you in awe. never has a series developed into to something this good. the pilot was arguably the best episode of the series, until season 5, episode came around.

Game of Thrones (returns April 12th)

i only mention it here, because i still some sci-fi / fantasy / geek fans who still don’t watch it. *best on television

Agent Carter

my favorite heroine on tv. almost too good to compete with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., sorry Agent Coulson.


Gotham is a prequel to Batman, taking place in Gotham City.  Gotham uses elements from the comic book series Gotham Central (the major crimes unit police partners), but instead centers around a young James Gordon and his sometimes corrupt new partner, Harvey Bullock.  spolier alert: the original Red Hood, not Jason Todd, will appear near the end of the season and will become The Joker.

The Flash

the next in the line of DC heroes on television, a spinoff from Arrow. a lot of thought and effort went into this series to not just be another cheesy spinoff that’s worse than the original and will only last half a season. in a lot of ways, it’s better than Arrow. The story arc has an overall theme and develops each episode, with a multi-level plot. they tried adding the typical CW / Arrow- brand uncharacteristic, unneeded drama, in one episode, but it just didn’t fit with Barry Allen’s comic character and the fans boo’d it out of existence. they may have jumped the gun by adding too many villains, but the but will team up, as the Rogues, and exact their revenge. it’s a great story, a lovable character, and soon will entertain us with time travel, get on that treadmill Barry before Zoom destroys the future.

what you will be watching:

(does not include fall 2015 tv of Supergirl, Titans, etc)


releases april 10, 2015.

Netflix original. you know what that means… yep, up all night binge watching. good thing april 10th is a friday. DareDevil is the first of four Marvel tv shows that will air on Netflix. DareDevil will reboot lawyer Matt Murdoch and cover the blind superhero more from the comic book perspective. fans are promised it will be nothing like the movie. i think that is obvious, as a 10 episode series can cover so much more than a single movie. Elektra will appear later in the series, but will not be a main character, unless it is successful for  a season 2. DareDevil will introduce the Defenders, DareDevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist and cover the area of New York, called Hell’s Kitchen. the other Defenders will have their planned spinoff series, releasing later this year.

it’s just a partial list, regular programming mostly begins again next week. the regular television season returns incrementally.

The Best & Worst Superhero Movies of All Time : including 10 superhero films you’ve never heard of

(and by “all time,” we mean, beginning in 1978, with Christopher Reeve’s ‘Superman.’)

All Theatrical Releases:

The Dark Knight

Captain America 2 : The Winter Soldier

Blade  (the 1st one)

The Avengers

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Phantom  (Billy Zane, 1996, amazing story)

X-Men : Days of Future Past

Iron Man 3

Spider-man  (the 1st one, Tobey Maguire, 2002)

X-Men  (the 1st one, 2000)

Thor 2: The Dark World


Iron Man

Superman  (Christopher Reeve, 1978)

The Dark Knight Rises

X2 : X-Men United

Batman Begins  (the 1st Christopher Nolan Batman film)

Batman  (the 1st Tim Burton Batman film, 1989)

Captain America : The First Avenger

The Incredible Hulk  (Edward Norton)

The Mask



Elektra  (watch it for the story)

Spider-man 2  (Tobey Maguire)


Iron Man 2

Batman Returns  (the 2nd Tim Burton Batman film, 1992)

The Crow (the first one, 1994)

X-Men : First Class

The Punisher  (Thomas Jane)

The Rocketeer

The Wolverine  (in Japan)

The Fantastic Four


Superman 2  (Christopher Reeve)

just ok:

(rated ok to ‘less than ok’):

Superman Returns  (directed by Bryan Singer. Brandon Routh as Superman. 2004)

Man of Steel  (Henry Cavill as Superman)

Dredd  (the reboot with Karl Urban)

The Green Hornet  (Seth Rogen)

The Fantastic Four 2 : The Rise of the Surfer


Hulk  (Eric Bana, directed by Ang Lee)

Dick Tracy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  (2014)

Kick-Ass 2



(best of):

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 1 & 2

Batman : Mask of the Phantasm

Batman : Under The Red Hood

The Flashpoint Paradox

The Invincible Iron Man

Wonder Woman

The Incredibles



worst superhero films of all time:

(rated worst to tolerable):

Superman 3  (Christopher Reeve, Richard Pryor)

Masters of the Universe  (1987)

Swamp Thing  (1982)

Superman 4 : The Quest for Peace  (Christopher Reeve)

Batman and Robin  (failure by Joel Schumacher. the worst of the series, George Clooney as Batman. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1997)

Judge Dredd  (Sylvester Stallone)


Sky High

The Amazing Spider-man  (Andrew Garfield)

X-Men : Last Stand

DareDevil  (Fox)

Batman Forever  (known as “not as bad as ‘Batman and Robin.'” Joel Schumacher. Val Kilmer as Batman. 1995)

Blade 3 : Trinity



Green Lantern  (Ryan Reynolds)

The Amazing Spider-man 2  (Andrew Garfield)

X-Men Origins : Wolverine

Punisher 2 : War Zone

Spider-man 3  (Tobey Maguire)

The Shadow  (Alec Baldwin)

Blade 2

Just ok:

direct to video / made for tv:

Captain America  (Red Skull, 1990)

Defendor  (Woody Harrelson)


direct to video / made for tv:

 (rated ‘worst’ to ‘less than tolerable’):

Generation X  (Fox)

Darkman  (2 & 3)

Super  (Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page)

The Punisher  (Dolph Lundgren, 1989)

The Phantom  (2009, mini-series)

Spider-man live-action tv series (1978-79)

The Incredible Hulk Returns  (Hulk & Thor, 1988, Bill Bixby)

The Trial of the Incredible Hulk  (Hulk & DareDevil, 1989, Bill Bixby)

Nick Fury  (David Hasslehoff, 1998)

The Crow (2, 3, & 4)

Man-Thing  (SyFy)

(this list does not include movies that were never released in the US, like The Justice League or The Fantastic Four or Spider-man, the Musical).

did we miss one? let us know in the comments below: