‘TITANS’ now called ‘Blackbirds’ tv series gets a cast of heroes. TNT’s tv show is based on the ‘Teen Titans’ comic book

cf324c9eb7fd4063eaeb8464ae063e44-d57nit4Nightwing.  Robin splits from Batman and will become Nightwing during the series.

Hawk_and_Dove_New_Earth_001Hawk and Dove.



Oracle_0005Barbara Gordon. although not officially a part of Teen Titans. her role on this tv series will be computer hacker. timeline wise, after ‘Killing Joke’ when, Barbara Gordon, Batgirl, was shot by the Joker, after he discovered her true identity. now confined to a wheelchair, she reinvents herself, utilizes her many other skills, including computer hacking & online support for other superheroes; (the inspiration for tv’s ‘Arrow’s’ Felicity Smoak (Felicity existed in the comics, but was more of a hacker than the ‘eyes and ears’ of superheroes). although, for some reason TNT will not be calling Barbara Gordon Oracle, as was her title in the comics. Barabara Gordon is also romantically involved with Dick Grayson/ Robin/ Nightwing; whether that relationship is already established, we don’t yet know.

if the series is successful, Beast Boy may appear on the show, but no mention if he is even being considered at this time. Cyborg, however, may never appear, as he will be appearing in the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe ‘Batman v Superman,’ ‘Justice League’ and even the ‘Cyborg’ solo movie. rumors from Warner Bros. exec’s hint at not wanting to muddle the character with a different actor and possibly different origin stories and disparate character development. this is unconfirmed as of yet, but DC/Warner Bros. has confirmed DC’s top 3 will not be appearing in future television shows, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. speculation is already swarming as to whether ‘TITANS’ will have crossovers with upcoming CBS’s ‘Supergirl’ and CW’s ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ tv shows. also, ‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’ share a common creator, Berlanti. also, TNT, CBS and the CW are owned by parent company Warner Bros., so technically, it’s possible, but unlikely. CBS exec even directly refuted this rumor, stating CBS is an entirely different network than the CW and a crossover is unheard of. but that doesn’t mean we, the fans, have to sit idly by and let this crossover possibility pass us by. rise up comic book fans! get up, stand up and tweet the crap out of @TNT @CBS @CW_Arrow @CW_TheFlash  @GBerlanti (creator of ‘Arrow, ‘The Flash,’ and upcoming ‘Supergirl.’) @mguggenheim (writer of ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’) and demand a crossover. believe it or not, they actually do listen.

the hopeful airing of the ‘TITANS,’ now called “Blackbirds,’ tv series will be fall 2015. no actors have been cast yet and TNT has yet to approve the series, which they will do upon the completion of the pilot.

more to come..

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