Jared Leto Joker h8ers already :/

in response to the haters..

the Jared Leto pose in the photo clearly harkens back to the comic art image of the Joker, by Brian Bolland, in the ‘The Killing Joke’ comic book series (see featured image). and, although funny, the pose is not a homage to the Home Alone movie poster.

courtesy of Lindsay Ellis

courtesy of Lindsay Ellis

why so many or any tattoos?

so why does the Joker look like gang banger?

in several depictions of the Joker, in the comics, the Joker has tattoos, and in a couple, he has full body tattoos. that’s not a Cheshire Cat grin tatt on the Joker’s arm, but his own, Smilex inspired, creepy grin. the “hahahaha’s” tattoos are from the ‘Killing Joke’ image by Brian Bolland. the Joker is insane. this new version of the Joker is after he has been locked away in a looney bin, Arkham Asylum, for many years. the Joker is so crazy that he turns his psychologist, Harley Quinnzel, crazy after she falls in love with him; yes, that’s Harely Quinn. the tattoos are a way for him to deal with crazy in a cell over many years, even the “damaged,” tear drop and death joker tattoos. i believe this new version is modernizing the Joker, with less suits and coattails and more urban gang style look. does it work? it’s different from we have seen before. different is good, i certainly don’t want to see another jack nicholson or heath ledger version of the Joker. part of what made the Joker great was depicting him with an often formal, clown-like happy appearance and then twisting it into an almost psychotic evil. we don’t get that in this new look, but it’s a Joker that has been in prison and then released, but controlled through A.R.G.U.S., so a different attitude than the Joker we are used to, one that welcomes death and no longer wants to control Gotham.

the Suicide Squad is a violent comic and the upcoming movie may be rated r to include all the violence; the movie premieres on august 5, 2016.

btw, the Harley Quinn look (played by Margot Robbie) will most likely be that of the Arkham Knight video game, corssette and baseball bat.Harley-Quinn-batman-arkham-city-19841223-1500-844

The JOKER turns 75 today. 1st image of Jared Leto in upcoming superhero film ‘SUICIDE SQUAD’

The first image of Jared Leto as ‘The Joker’ was released today, in celebration of the ‘The Joker’s 75th anniversary. ‘The Joker’ and ‘Harley Quinn,’ played by Margot Robbie will featured in the upcoming superhero movie, ‘Suicide Squad,’ alongside Will Smith, as Deadshot and others. it is unfortunate that the first time we will see Harley Quinn in film, is in the ‘Suicide Squad,’ because that is the end of her story. perhaps the timeline will be far in the future so we can see Harley Quinn and Mr J in many upcoming DC / Warner Bros superhero films.

Jared Leto’s Joker is really creepy, like The Joker often is depicted in DC’ Batman and Gotham related comics.

the ‘Suicide Squad’ is a group of villains controlled by Amanda Waller and A.R.G.U.S. (yes, DC has those mega acronyms just like Marvel, aka, S.H.I.E.L.D., etc). each villain and supervillain is implanted with special explodey devices (‘explodey’ is official term), that A.R.G.U.S. can detonate at any time. this motivates the villainous ‘Suicide Squad’ to complete their black ops type missions, where survival may not always be possible.

The ‘Suicide Squad’ premieres on August 5th, 2016 and will be directed by David Ayer.

The Dark Knight : one of the best comic series of all time gets a threequel! comic book legend Frank Miller Returns to Batman for “The Dark Knight III : The Master Race”

batman__the_dark_knight_returns_wallpaper_by_pornomaniac-d5go69s in 1986, we witnessed one of the best comic book series of all time, “The Dark Knight Returns.” it is this very comic that Zack Snyder has based the upcoming superhero film, ‘Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice.’ as a fan, in no way, could i ever pick one comic book and label it as ‘the best of all time,’ but i can clearly remember how awesome it felt to read a great story, with amazing artwork, and ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ immediately comes to mind. three of my top 10 comic books are The Dark Knight Returns, Secret Invasion and Blackest Knight; (you will have to follow me for my complete list, and for a more comprehensive list, follow @Jaiwiin; the most knowledgeable comic book expert i have ever met). Tim Burton, a huge fan of Frank Miller’s comic book work, reinvented the screen depiction of Batman based on ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ with his first Dark Knight film, ‘Batman’ (1989). in ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ Frank Miller delivered such a great story & reinvented Batman into a grittier, darker version. this new version of Batman has influenced his comic role and even all superheroes. today, when a superhero in a comic book, tv show or movie is reinvention in a darker, grittier version, it is known as “Batman-ing;” eg, the ‘Batmaning’ of Arrow or ‘Daredevil.’ underneath every great comic book, tv show or movie, is a great story; Frank Miller has delivered that with the Dark Knight. in 2001, we saw a great sequel to this great series, “The Dark Knight Strikes Again,” and now, coming this fall, in 2015, we shall see the highly anticipated threequel, “The Dark Knight III : The Master Race.” Brian Azzarello (comic book writer for: Joker, Wonder Woman & 100 Bullets) will join Frank Miller for this Dark Knight series; a comicbook artist has not yet been announced.


“Batman remains my favorite comic book hero and a sequel to Dark Knight is going to be daunting,” said Miller, “but we’ll do our best.”


Sony ‘s Animated Spider-man Movie! & every animated Spider-man cartoon ever.

there have been many animated versions of Spider-man over the years..

the 60s cartoon

the 60s cartoon  (1967)

the 1981 Spider-man cartoon

the 1981 Spider-man cartoon and spinoff cartoon ‘Spider-man & Friends’the_friends

the 1994 Spider-man on Fox Kids

the 1994 Spider-man on Fox KidsPeter_Parker_&_Edward_Brock_(Earth-92131)

Spider-man Unlimited (alternate reality) 1999

Spider-man Unlimited (alternate reality) 1999spidermanunlimited01

the Mtv 3D animated cartoon,

the Mtv 3D animated cartoon, “Spider-man: the New Animated Series” 2003key_art_spider_man1


The Spectacular Spider-man 2008sm101c066Spectacular_Spider-man-_Persona


Ultimate Spider-man 2012ultimate-spider-man-nick-fu

Sony plans to make a full-length theatrical release of animated Spiderman, with the help of the lego movie creators Phil Lord & Chris Miller.Phil-Lord.-Chris-Miller.

if Sony’s recent Spider-man movie attempts were animated, then totally forgivable. no official word yet as to the rumors that Sony will test new plot lines & characters with audiences, like Black Cat, Carnage and Craven the Hunter. and yes, if successful, there will be many more animated Spidey films.

Marvel Universe Live : a superhero show FOR KIDS : tour dates below

Marvel Universe Live is a show, much like ‘Disney on Ice;’ it features familiar Marvel superheroes that have been featured in the movies, no obscure villains for people to wonder about, and is a live-action show, with stunts and explosions, much like you would see at Universal Studios Tour. the superhero show is designed for kids, but some adults may enjoy it as well.

watch this before you decide to go (remember, it’s FOR KIDS, so a little cheesy):


tour dates: http://www.marveluniverselive.com/tours-tickets.php


Galaxy Quest sets phasers for the small screen!

the hugely successful geek movie, Galaxy Quest, the Star Trek parody, will soon be on television. Paramount has hired the original writers, Robert Gordon and David Howard, and the creative team from Breaking Bad. rumors suggest the upcoming show will recast the main roles, but even more hilarity is promised.

“you are our last hope.” -Mathesar

DareDevil gets a season2!


leaked image of season2 Daredevil suit (made by Melvin)

that’s all i have right now, but AWESOME, right? what? you haven’t finished watching season1? well get to it, start right now, it’s amazeballs. it’s dark, like literally too dark at times; they really needed to spring for more lights, because you can’t see what’s going on in some of those scenes. season one is the origin story of Daredevil, Kingpin, the evil band of nijas, called, ‘The Hand,’ and sets the stage for Hell’s Kitchen in general, and hints at the upcoming seasons and spinoff series’ yet to come. Netflix has promised 4 Marvel comic series and a miniseries: Daredevil, Jessica Jones (next), Luke Cage (2016), Iron Fist (2016) and a Defenders mini series (The Defenders are a superhero team in Hell’s Kitchen, consisting of Daredevil/ Matt Murdoch, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist). Daredevil is violent, r-rated, so not suitable for all children). and yes, they did hint at Elektra in season one, and she will be be appearing, in some form, in season 2. Daredevil, watch it today.


Star Wars Dance Party!

didn’t get enough Star Wars during Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015? well now, there’s even more.. Das Bunker nightclub is having a STAR WARS Dance Party on Friday May 1st, 10pm – 3am.

Star Wars sets have been built for the event, including an Ewok Village. Star Wars themed drinks and events are planned.

3040 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca 90026


Batman v Superman : the official Trailer, not the iphone one

watch it again here:

Batman v Superman is based on the 1986 Frank Miller comic, ‘The Dark Knight Returns.’ in the comic, Superman has become a puppet of the US government and basically does whatever the government tells him to do. the government lies to Superman, for their own political agenda, Superman carries out their request without questioning, and civilians suffer the consequences. Superman’s moto, “..Justice for all,” is not fulfilled and Batman questions his actions and his current role. The US government deems Batman a threat and sends Superman to bring him in for questioning. conflict ensues in one of the greatest comic series of all time, including the Bat Battle Suit, a Bat Tank, and of course, Carrie Kelly as Robin.

the motivation for the conflict in the upcoming movie, ‘Batman v Superman,’ will be different, with the people praising Superman as a god, and then his downfall from that status. Lex Luthor will steal General Zod’s body and begin experimenting on it to find a weakness for the alien from Krypton, Kal-El, Superman. this experimentation, will cause the release of the Doomsday Genome, present in all Kryptonians, as their race was genetically altered long ago to prolong their life. the body of Zod will turn into the creature Doomsday, who killed Superman, in the ‘Death of Superman’ graphic novel that woke America from its geek slumber in 1992; even geek muggles began to pay attention.

warner bros. let down a lot of fans by releasing the official trailer the day after the leak. the official trailer release was to be monday april 20th; you could buy tickets to see it in theatres & get special merch for attending; it was a fan exclusive event. since the official trailer was released online, there was no special incentive for going to the theatre to see something everyone in the world had watched repeatedly on youtube for 4 days prior. next time fans wont be as eager to pay for a preview.

Batman v Superman is set to be released on March 25 2016.