Batman v Superman : the official Trailer, not the iphone one

watch it again here:

Batman v Superman is based on the 1986 Frank Miller comic, ‘The Dark Knight Returns.’ in the comic, Superman has become a puppet of the US government and basically does whatever the government tells him to do. the government lies to Superman, for their own political agenda, Superman carries out their request without questioning, and civilians suffer the consequences. Superman’s moto, “..Justice for all,” is not fulfilled and Batman questions his actions and his current role. The US government deems Batman a threat and sends Superman to bring him in for questioning. conflict ensues in one of the greatest comic series of all time, including the Bat Battle Suit, a Bat Tank, and of course, Carrie Kelly as Robin.

the motivation for the conflict in the upcoming movie, ‘Batman v Superman,’ will be different, with the people praising Superman as a god, and then his downfall from that status. Lex Luthor will steal General Zod’s body and begin experimenting on it to find a weakness for the alien from Krypton, Kal-El, Superman. this experimentation, will cause the release of the Doomsday Genome, present in all Kryptonians, as their race was genetically altered long ago to prolong their life. the body of Zod will turn into the creature Doomsday, who killed Superman, in the ‘Death of Superman’ graphic novel that woke America from its geek slumber in 1992; even geek muggles began to pay attention.

warner bros. let down a lot of fans by releasing the official trailer the day after the leak. the official trailer release was to be monday april 20th; you could buy tickets to see it in theatres & get special merch for attending; it was a fan exclusive event. since the official trailer was released online, there was no special incentive for going to the theatre to see something everyone in the world had watched repeatedly on youtube for 4 days prior. next time fans wont be as eager to pay for a preview.

Batman v Superman is set to be released on March 25 2016.

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