Bruce Wayne gets Divorced! is it because of Robin? find out here: Exclusive! #Bennifer3.0?

did that headline get you to click here? VIctory Is Mine! haha, so do we care about celebrity gossip? not really my precious, but when it crosses paths with superheroes, we, at the sci fi elements, took notice. the original Bennifer, Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck, were building a church together to get married in, when Ben Affleck broke it off during the filming of ‘Daredevil’ to be Elektra, Jennifer Garner, becoming Bennifer 2.0. the scifielements couldn’t help, but wonder if portraying another superhero, Batman, in ‘Batman v Superman,’ had Ben Affleck seeking out another super heroine. is it Jena Malone, as the new Robin, Carrie Kelly? making that Bennifer 3.0 or “Bena?” or is it Gal Gadot, as the new Wonder Woman? making it “Bendot” or “Galffleck?” all of this is #Hype of course, sorry guys, but it makes for an interesting photo collage.

Captain America : Civil War : 1st Glimpse Trailer revealed! Don’t tell Marvel

warning, this link will take you to facebook :/  look for Crossbones in the trailer, he’s the S.H.I.E.L.D. elite force agent that was really Hydra, but did not die at the end. he’s back and badass. in the comics Crossbones kills Captain America, but in Marvel Cinematic Universe, that is reserved Thanos (whooops, this post contains spoiler alerts).53f6487e293e1

this is the teaser trailer for Captain America 3: Civil War, where the Avengers, and every Marvel superhero and character, not owned by Fox, are forced to choose a side, when the U.S. government legislates ‘The Superhero Registration Act;’ a law designed to monitor and regulate all known superheroes, but also to have them act as a global police force under government supervision and command. Tony Stark/ Iron Man agrees, but Captain America opposes the new law, defending the freedom of superheroes. the rest of the Marvel universe chooses a side, but not the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, movie rights owned by Fox. Marvel miraculously negotiated a deal with Sony to have Spider-man appear in Captain America : Civil War and you know what that means… yep, Tony Stark builds an Iron Man suit for Peter Parker, Spider-man becomes, The Iron Spider, it’s freakin’ amazeballs!230507-152861-spider-man

Many peeps are confused, unsettled or totally against superheroes fighting against each other and have criticized Marvel for allowing this to be a movie, especially when having to explain it to children. Civil War is a major thread in Marcel comics in recent history and superheroes fighting each is nothing new, in fact the new WB/ DC movie, ‘Batman v Superman,’ based on Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ has a very similar theme, where Superman becomes a government puppet and Batman becomes a wildcard that the government must contain. incidentally, Batman v Superman was set to premiere on the same day as Captain America : Civil War, but WB/ DC moved it to march 25, 2016. guess 2016 is the year of unrest among the superpowerful.


Captain America : Civil War is set to premiere on may 6, 2016.

BREAKING NEWS: Stan Lee reported in the hospital. Eye Cancer and .. reports are sketchy at this point.

Stan Lee, 92, has just been reported in the hospital. We have confirmed reports that, a routine diagnosis, 3 months ago, revealed a minor form of eye cancer. We don’t know as of yet, if this is the reason he is currently in a hospital, or if there is another reason that brought our comic book mentor in. Stan “The Man” Lee has given us the greatest superheroes ever created, is the Patriarch of Marvel comics and has appeared, as a cameo role, in every Marvel film in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), not including several ’90s Marvel movies. Thank you Stan Lee for all you have given us and we wish him many more years of comic book awesomeness.


‘Heroes Re-bored?’ #HeroesReborn #Heroes gets a reboot/sequel, but in a sea of #superhero everything & after their final season, that was slightly more riveting than regional golf championships, does anyone care?

so the trailer looks good, but is ‘Heroes Reborn’ just hype? as many geek fans know, nbc pays for free hotel-to-convention shuttle buses, 24/7 during SDCC Comic Con, so you know we will be overburdened with ‘Heroes Reborn’ advertising at Comic Con; it’s a justified, thankful service, but..

Heroes-Reborn-one-sheet is rebooting/ sequeling nbc’s ‘Heroes’ a good idea? ‘Heroes’ was launched off the success from usa’s emmy winning, people-with-powers tv series, ‘the 4400.’ (ironically, usa’s executives demanded the writers of ‘the 4400’ make the tv show more like ‘Heroes,’ with a darker feel. this went against the established characters, the overall story and the core of why fans loved the show. it was no surprise the change alienated audiences and ‘the 4400’ was canceled.).600full-the-4400-poster

i enjoyed the beginning of “Heroes;’ i even suffered through the entire second season during the writer’s strike, but the final season was just a catastrophe. the only people who watched it all the way through clearly have OCD and “must finish” to get some sort of conclusion and mental freedom. if you disagree, the first step to resolution is admitting you have a problem..;) at this point ‘Heroes’ would just rip off clearly defined characters in the Marvel and DC comic book universes and pretend that these “new Heroes” were original, even ones that already appeared on television or in movies. some were original, some had twists, but most were, when describing to someone new, like this DC hero, etc. ‘Heroes’ progressed into unoriginal territory with an increasingly bad story and just tried to compensate by making the series progressively darker. i still have a bad taste in my mouth. am i excited about a reboot/ sequel (i say reboot & sequel together, because timeline wise, “Heroes Reborn’ will take place after the original series ended, but the show itself is a reboot, with all new heores, except for Hiro, the lovable time travel guy.)? nooop, i am not excited at all. the trailer looks amazing, but do i want to watch a show that copies superheroes from Marvel and DC pretending that they are original? we already have the major superheroes on the big screen and we will have nearly 10 superhero tv shows airing on tv in 2015, do we need another superhero tv show that copies the cool, original heroes like a disney kids tv spot? nope. i just feel this is nbc trying to make money off of regurgitating content. can ‘Heroes Reborn’ be awesome? yes, yes it can and hope it will be. i will watch it with an open mind, but once they try something aforementioned– “FLAG ON THE PLAY!” switching channels, or whatever they say on sportsball tv.


#Spiderman finds it’s #PeterParker! #Marvel #Sony have chosen #TomHolland as the new web slinger.

Tom Holland-MTO-007069

Tom Holland

Tom Holland has been chosen to be the next Peter Parker in Sony’s next installment of Spider-man. the film will be directed by Jon Watts.

558982863130dwith the recent agreement by Sony to allow Marvel to use Spider-man in Marvel films, we at the Sci Fi Elements, believe a new era of wall crawlers has been ushered in. also that Sony may be more influenced by Marvel for upcoming Spider-man universe films, with Marvel producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal. Sony’s last few Spider-man films have been lacking & we hope that future Spider-man films will incorporate a great story first and foremost, but also some great new characters we haven’t seen before, like Kraven, Mysterio, Chameleon, Venom again, but done right this time, and when will Peter Parker be cloned, ie Ben Riley? what about Madame Web and of course Spider-woman? however, it looks like Sony is still trying the Sinister SIx route. Sony already teased Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, the fans want to see her in a Spider-man movie, make it happen Sony. Sony’s overall Spider-man plan is to create a cinematic universe from Spider-man characters, similar to how Marvel has created a cinematic universe, with cross-over characters  between movies. Sony is planning several movies in the Spideyverse, starting with the Spider-man reboot; yes, it is too soon for Spider-man reboot, it was too soon for the last reboot. hopefully Sony & Marvel together will bring us one of the amazing Spidey stories and not a reboot where we have to watch the same scenes over again like a bad time travel movie. anyway..

3592497-superior_spider_man_ock_arms_markers_by_joeyvazquez-d739m2tTom Holland is the new Peter Parker and Amy Pascal, Marvel films producer, along with Kevin Feige, had the this to say, “Sony, Marvel, Kevin [Feige] and I all knew that for Peter Parker, we had to find a vibrant, talented, young actor capable of embodying one of the most well-known characters in the world. With Tom [Holland], we’ve found the perfect actor to bring Spider-man’s story into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Spider-Gwen_Vol_1_1_Textlessi would love to see a solo Spider Gwen movie. the Spider Gwen character was created after Marvel sold the movie rights to Sony, so, in theory, Marvel could make this happen and not conflict with Sony films. if you haven’t been reading the Spider Gwen comics, get one today.

the Spider-man reboot is set to premiere july 28, 2017.538cd3628a05e

#InsideOut #Pixar’s #PeteDocter talks how his 11 yr old daughter inspired the animated movie

Inside Out: Disney/ Pixar’s latest animated movie: Pete Docter talks the inspiration, creation & behind the scenes of this film.

#Pixar #InsideOut #PeteDocter & Jonas Rivera talk how 11 yr old girl inspired the animated movie & creation of entire #film from the #psychology of #emotions to the old school #animation techniques of #TexAvery & Golden Age of American animation.

#BlackPanther has a director! and it’s a woman! and she’s oscar worthy (Selma)! #Marvel #superhero #movies

Marvel has officially confirmed that Ava DuVernay (Selma) will direct the upcoming ‘Black Panther’ movie. it’s about time Marvel is hiring equally qualified women directors, and not just for the obvious choice of female lead superhero roles, like Captain Marvel.

Black_Panther_Vol_4_1_Textless T’Challa (Black Panther), the Prince of Wakanda will lead us on an incredible journey through, not just Africa, but also through the world of the Avengers and Captain America. Wakanda is a secret and advanced civilization, located in Africa, that has cured cancer and all disease, and has technology so advanced (as Jason Inman, “Jawiin,” puts it) “can build the Star Trek Enterprise tomorrow.” Wakanda is also the only source on earth for vibranium, as referenced to in the ‘Avengers : Age of Ultron’ film.

Ava DuVernay gave us Selma, a very powerful film. I can’t wait to see her take on T’Challa/ Black Panther.

‘Black Panther’ is set to premiere on November 3, 2017.


#MattDamon is #BourneAgain will return as #JasonBourne for #Bourne5. So pretend ‘Bourne 4: The Bourne Legacy’ with that other guy, never happened?



Matt Damon has signed on to be in the next Jason Bourne film. Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) will return as well and the other Bourne guy, Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) will not. ‘Bourne 5: The Super Ultra Ludicrous Speed Bourne Domination Into Oblivion’ (pretty sure that’s just a working title) is set to premiere July 29, 2016.



Jason Bourne & Nicky Parsons