Bruce Wayne gets Divorced! is it because of Robin? find out here: Exclusive! #Bennifer3.0?

did that headline get you to click here? VIctory Is Mine! haha, so do we care about celebrity gossip? not really my precious, but when it crosses paths with superheroes, we, at the sci fi elements, took notice. the original Bennifer, Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck, were building a church together to get married in, when Ben Affleck broke it off during the filming of ‘Daredevil’ to be Elektra, Jennifer Garner, becoming Bennifer 2.0. the scifielements couldn’t help, but wonder if portraying another superhero, Batman, in ‘Batman v Superman,’ had Ben Affleck seeking out another super heroine. is it Jena Malone, as the new Robin, Carrie Kelly? making that Bennifer 3.0 or “Bena?” or is it Gal Gadot, as the new Wonder Woman? making it “Bendot” or “Galffleck?” all of this is #Hype of course, sorry guys, but it makes for an interesting photo collage.

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