#Lucifer new tv series : review / recap: yes, watch it, but..

this new television series is based on the Lucifer character from the Sandman comic book series created by Neil Gaiman and published by Vertigo comics, which later became its own spinoff comic series titled, ‘Lucifer.’ Neil Gaiman created the Lucifer character based upon David Bowie, which actor, Tom Ellis, has clearly embraced and portrayed. in the series, Lucifer, is bored with hell and decides to spend time on earth indulging in Earthly pleasures, and in this tv series, Lucifer does this, in part, by owning a night club. in the beginning of the television pilot episode, Lucifer’s friend is murdered in front of him. Lucifer is determined to find the man behind the gun and ends up investigating the murder with a woman detective, who is somehow immune to his supernatural powers of persuasion. it’s enjoyable to watch, but do we really need another cop show?



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