Arrow season 4 trailer is here! You wont believe who’s in it! so many reveals it’s amazacrazy!! Arrow season 4 trailer explained review / recap (contains spoilers)

Arrow_season4_Arrow_logowatch the Arrow season 4 trailer here:


Sarah Lives! the Lazarus Pit brings Sarah back to life, becoming White Canary, but she then migrates to CW’s new tv series ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ along with Ray Palmer, for 2016.


hoping Sarah retains all of her memories and good qualities, as she will have been dead for some time before being brought back. re: Jason Todd/ Robin, in the DC comics, was brought back, but his morals remained dead, becoming The Red Hood.


Caity Lotz as White Canary

White Canary vs Black Canary DC comics

White Canary vs Black Canary DC comics


Katie Cassidy as Black Canary / Laurel Lance.


yep, that’s Matt Ryan’s Constantine!


the new Ra’s Al Ghul, Malcom Merlin. on a good note, he brings Sarah Lance back to try to reconcile with Thea.




Jeri Ryan runs for Mayor. she’s got my vote.


it looks like Thea Queen / Speedy / Red Arrow (Mia Dearden) kills and Oliver is not too happy about it; they are seen fighting in the trailer. did the Lazarus Pit mess with her head? does she lose it like Red Arrow / Arsenal does in the comics after he loses his arm? most likely. hope she’ll be ok.Thea_Arrow_season4_trailer13


Stephen Amell in the new Arrow suit Felicity made for him. love the new look. how will they explain The Arrow returning, if everyone thinks Roy Harper was the Green Arrow and was killed in prison? Won’t this give Capt Lance legal precedent to re-accuse Oliver Queen of being The Arrow?

   Arrow_season4_Oliver_Queen_nu_look Diggle_new look Arrow_season4_Diggle_helmet


Diggle looking awesome fighting crime, but why does the case say, “Kord Indistries?” Ted Kord / Blue Beetle was supposed to be in Arrow season 3, but the CW didn’t have full license to use him, so the CW used Ray Palmer / The Atom instead. did the CW get Ted Kord / Blue Beetle for Arrow season 4?


Felicity is a Badass!



looks like Amanda Waller is back..


Felicity’s new assistant Curtis Holt (Michael Holt / Mr Terrific in the DC comics), juggling a “T Sphere.” Felicity is the new CEO of Palmer Industries after Ray’s disappearance / presumed death (Ray Palmer signed his company, Palmer Industries, over to Felicity at the end of Arrow season3). (Ray Palmer’s last words (in Arrow season 3 finale) were, “..breakthrough in nanotech through anti-viral dissemination..nanotech can be applied to the suit for miniaturization..test number one..(blows up top floor of building).” spoiler: Ray Palmer is The Atom, from DC comics, who shrinks in size, much like Ant-Man, but no Antony.

spoilers & speculation: the main villain for season 4 will be Damien Darhk, from the ‘Teen Titans’ comics (odd, how he wont appear on TNT’s ‘Titans’) and his association with the criminal organization, H.I.V.E., as well as, Anarky (from the Batman universe, comics, comic books, a Batman animated series, ‘Beware the Batman,’ and the ever popular video game, ‘Batman : Arkham Knight’). will we see Manu Bennett again in season 4? in the DC comics, H.I.V.E. hires Slade Wilson / Deathestroke to eliminate the Teen Titans. could Slade be brought back by H.I.V.E. to eliminate Team Arrow? we may even get to see a softer side of Slade, his family. in the DC comics, Slade Wilson / Deathstroke’s son is turned into Raveger by H.I.V.E. sounds like good material for plot twists.

Damien Darhk:


Anarky & Damien Darhk


Damien DarhkDamien Darhk

H.I.V.E. was hinted at and name-dropped quite a few times in Arrow season 3; eg, hiring Lawton / Deadshot to kill Andy Diggle, John Diggle’s brother; Ra’s Al Ghul stating his rival successor to the League of Assassins was Damien Darhk, now associated with a similar organization, (Ra’s Al Ghul actually said, “Damien Darhk runs his own organization with a hive of agents;” but there will be a typ Arrow plot twist, revealing a H.I.V.E. Mother mid-season. Arrow season 4 could reveal the H.I.V.E. Mother to be Mayor-elect Jeri Ryan..).


The H.I.V.E. Mother shown here. in a typical Arrow plot twist, the H.I.V.E. Mother could be Mayoral candidate Jeri Ryan..


Anarky: Anarky_PE_011203131-anarky__modern  ANARKY arkhamorigins02


how many times have bad guys raided the Starling City Police Station? you would think they would have better defenses by now..


Team Arrow

Arrow season 4 looks like the best season yet. Arrow season 4 will premiere on the CW on Oct 7 2015.

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