Gotham season 2 starts monday, is Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) actually Harley Quinn?

Barbara_Kean_is_Harley_Quinn7Harley_eyesthat would certainly blow everyone’s mind. the facts, on Gotham, are Erin Richards’ character, Barbara Kean killed her parents, making her the true love of a psychopath (“The Ogre”) and that, in Gotham season 2, (trailers etc) Barbara Gordon is in Arkham Asylum , wearing the black & whites of an inmate and talks with Jerome Cicero, the future Joker, does she fall in love Joker at Arkham, like she does in the comics? or will it be a crime spree that sparks her affections? will Jerome, the Joker, twist her mind even further? also, Barbara Kean and Harley Quinn are both blonde, coincidence? that’s not a whole lot to go on, but with Gotham always trying to keep audiences guessing, it actually makes perfect sense. in a more recent DC comic book story of James Gordon, Barabara Gordon, the future Batgirl, was actually adopted, or in yet another version, Barbara Gordon is Jim Gordon’s niece. so Erin Richards, Barbara Kean on Gotham, doesn’t actually have to be the mother of Barbara Gordon / Batgirl. if you knew your ex-girlfriend was a psychopath, would you go back to her and have children with her? obviously “no,” but then again, Harley Quinn is adorable..


also worthy of note, do you remember the A.R.G.U.S. end of episode scene, of ‘Arrow’ season 1, where we saw the back of a blond inmate with “Quinn” printed on the back of her prison uniform? Marc Guggenheim said later, in an interview, that “the Harley Quinn property was being used elsewhere and would not appear on ‘Arrow.'” does that mean, “used elsewhere [on television]” like Fox? this Harley Quinn plot twist on Gotham is thin, but BREAKING NEWS like this has been based on less. Harley Quinn was actually created on the DC / Warner Bros 90s cartoon, ‘Batman: The Animated Series,’ who was so popular, she entered the world of comics and has been one of the most popular characters in the DC comic book universe.


Gotham season 2 premieres on Monday Sept 21 on Fox.

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