#CourtofOwls from #Batman #comics coming to #Gotham season2!

super excited about this #BREAKINGNEWS!! The Court of Owls is a secret society in #GothamCity, whose members include the rich and elite of #Gotham. they scheme and secretly run Gotham City, like insider trading on the city level. The Court of Owls has been around as long as Gotham City itself. The Court of Owls often uses it’s assassins, called, “Talons,” to do the will of the court beyond what can be controlled through negotiations. The Talons are a lot like Batman in many regards, only evil. This is one aspect of Fox’s tv series Gotham that actually makes perfect sense, unlike the other scenarios, where villains like The Joker have a role model they simply emulate in current times of the Batman timeline. the Talons will inspire Bruce Wayne to become Batman. obviously members of Wayne Industries, the ones Bruce’s father tried to oppose, are members of the Court of Owls. Bruce will again understand the need for vigilante justice and use The Talons as examples of how to achieve this, but for good.


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