You wont believe what happened on The Walking Dead tonight: Is Glenn really dead? season6 ep3 “Thank You” review recap spoilers (RIPGlenn just in case)


Today on AMC’s The Walking Dead, we saw the sad goodbye of one series’ most beloved characters, Glenn Rhee. But is Glenn really dead? Or is it just wishful thinking that Glenn is still alive? Maybe, but Glenn almost died in the season finale of season 5 of The Walking Dead. Remember when 3 Walkers were top of him and somehow he survived? By the way, that was also Nicholas’ fault. Nicholas, of course, is remembered most for panicking and directly causing the death of Noah in the revolving door scene of season 5. Glenn forgave him and tried to turn Nicholas into a better person, but fear of the Walking Dead (see what I did there?) overcame Nicholas and (spoiler alert) he shot himself on top of the dumpster taking Glenn down with him into the Walker heard below. Here we see a sad goodbye to a great man, Glenn Rhee, rest in peace my friend.


Apocalypse’s Best Power Couple Glenn and Maggie


Glenn survives .. in season 5

But is Glenn really dead? Facts: We saw a body being eaten and Glenn screaming, but you could say that it was Nicholas’ body that was eaten by Walkers on top of Glenn, especially because intestines seem to be coming out of Glenn’s shoulder, not the lower torso, where they should be located. Does AMC need an anatomy lesson? Or did Glenn somehow crawl underneath the dumpster to survive? Are we all just overly emotionally attached to our favorite characters, wishing that by some miracle they survive against all odds, refusing to accept the most likely scenario? Did Glenn survive? I don’t know, but a good question to tweet at Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comics, Outcast comic and co-writer of The Walking Dead series and Fear The Walking Dead. All the episode deaths could have avoided, including Glenn’s apparent death, if, in the pet store, where they killed two walkers, they just covered themselves in walker blood and just walked home.


Glenn_dies_from_above_the_walking_dead Did the walkers eat Glenn or Nicholas’ body on top of Glenn?

Also in this episode, Heath settles his differences with Michone, the start of a beautiful friendship? Other dude we don’t really know never gets back to his apocalyptic wife, (not wife before the apocalypse). Rick realizes his plan has been thwarted, but sticks to his guns to protect the community of Alexandria, and also kicks ass in hand to hand with two Wolves members, but damages the RV as he kills two more, because he’s Rick Mother F-ing Grimes. In the final scene, we see the swarm about to overtake the RV, now with a broken door. I’m also worried about Rick’s hand, is it a cut or a walker scratch?

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