Happy Comic Con Badge Purchase Day! SDCC Badges (tickets/passes ) go on sale Sat 9am (Pacific)


The most important day in a geek’s life, the day it is decided that one is SDCC San Diego Comic Con worthy or not. Geeks who purchased badges last year qualified for an early badge purchase event (“pre-reg”), but were not guaranteed a badge. Those who were unable to acquire an early badge, or the general populace, have a chance to get Comic Con badges during “open reg,” (tomorrow).


STEP1: To getting a SDCC San Diego Comic Con Badge:

Get a Member ID (if you don’t have one now, you wont be able to get badges (tickets) this year, but get a Member ID now, so you can get badges next year). Member ID is free and fast, and relatively painless (just verify your email). Choose Member ID well, as you not ever EVER (EVER EVER, without exception) be able to change it (NOT ever). Choose a name like you would a twitter handle, something that means something to you, like “geek in seatle” or “Han shot first” (pretty sure that second one is taken). Follow this link to get a Member ID. Here is a tutorial on how to create a Member ID. (and another here).


STEP2: Badge Day : The Most epic Day in a Geek’s Life

Badge purchase begins every year on a Saturday at 9am (Pacific).

Be Ready.

Wake up early, reset your browser, close unnecessary applications, restart your computer, reset router and modem, anything you can do to increase connection speed and computer lag time.

Log in with Member ID (comic-con.org)

Click on the link.

You are now in the “Epic Waiting Room.” It is not epic in any way, but SDCC Comic Con sells their badges (tickets) through a third party service named, “epic.”

Once you are in the “epic waiting room,” you wait and wait and wait. (before 9am Pacific, you can relax, because no one gets badges (tickets) before 9am. After 9am, stress the F- out! Seriously, start stressing. Stare at your computer screen and don’t flinch. Don’t grab your phone and check out Twitter notifications or work on level 400 for Candy Crush. Eyes on the prize. At random, without any warning you may be selected to get to the next step. If you miss it, you miss it, no going back. Yes, have coffee, food, bathroom breaks beforehand, nothing else matters but the Golden Ticket to Geek Heaven.

If you make it to the next step, you will be given the opportunity to select the days you wish to buy badges for. If you’ve been waiting more than 20min, Fri & Sat may be sold out already. Select all the days that are available Wed (Preview Night” 5pm to 8pm), Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun. You can buy badges for up to 4 people; you must have the Member ID for every person you are buying tickets for.

The Tricky Part.  Don’t ever EVER EVER!! hit the back button on your browser (even if you change your mind about the badge selection). If you do hit the back button, you will be booted out of the system and you will NOT be going to SDCC Comic Con this year. (It happened to me :(.

Pay for your Golden Tickets / SDCC Comic Con Badges. You will receive a confirmation email. It is recommended that you print this out in July before you leave for SDCC Comic Con. If you can’t find the confirmation email, it’s ok, they can look it up using your MemberID or driver’s license.

Good Luck! And May The Force Be With You..

(Live Long and Prosper..)

Ghostbusters teaser trailer brief but more is coming..

Ghostbusters teaser trailer is not epic in any way and is a little confusing as to why Sony Pictures would event release such a less than inspiring teaser. The official trailer will premiere on March 3, 2016, and promises to be amazing and funny. The highly anticipated all-girl Ghostbusters team, a Paul Feig project (Bridesmaids), is called by many, “the best Ghostbusters installment yet.”


The new all-female cast ‘Ghostbusters’ re-make movie is set to premiere date, in theaters on July 15, 2016.

AX Anime Expo hotel discounts now available!

Jessica Nigri cosplayer in anime cosplay at AX, Anime Expo 2015

Jessica Nigri cosplayer in anime #cosplay at #AX AX2015 #AnimeExpo #AnimeExpo2015. photo by sci fi elements. book a photo session at a con in the studio @scifielements

Anime Expo or “AX” is one of the largest anime conventions, located in Los Angeles, CA around July 4 weekend. This year, 2016, July 4th is a Monday, so the four-day anime con will be from Friday July 1st through Monday July 4th. The best in the industry, and cosplayers alike, will be at AX Anime Expo. The Anime Expo anime convention will be held, as usual, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This link offers the hotel discounts:

If you live nearby, or are staying with friends, there is convention center parking, but you will need to arrive early, otherwise there is 10.00 all day parking a few blocks away.

Some of the best cosplay on earth make appearances at AX Anime Expo, join in the fun..


#Supergirl in latest episode of #TheFlash! also 1st pic of #JonahHex!

Supergirl appeared on ‘The Flash’ yesterday! many people missed it. When Barry Allen, The Flash, crossed over to Earth2 with Cisco, now the Metahuman, Vibe, and Earth2’s Dr Wells, we caught a glimpse of many teasers, including Supergirl, Jonah Hex and Arrow Earth2.


Arrow Earth 2


Gorilla Grod


Jonah Hex


Legion of Superheroes Ring (thanks Antonio Padilla!), “it allows its wearer to travel through time.”


Earth 2

Supergirl-The Flash crossover is real!! Thanks to Twitter & Greg Berlanti

CBS-Supergirl‘The Flash’ – ‘Supergirl’ crossover will actually happen, despite all the discounting from top CBS executives when the ‘Supergirl’ series was first announced and their continued downplay, even responding with statements like “That is ridiculous,” and “There will never be a crossover between the two shows, there aren’t even on the same network.”

the_flash_lightningThis is one case where Twitter shines. As soon as CBS announced it’s ‘Supergirl’ series, fans responded everywhere on social media, especially twitter, with inquiries and requests for a crossover. Some popular geek and comic book blogs even mapped out the possibilities: The Flash and Supergirl are obviously both in the DC comic universe and  Time -Warner owns both CBS and The CW networks, so in theory, it was always possible. Greg Berlanti, producer and co-creator of all things DC on television, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, listened to fans and the never ending tweets and started work on the crossover. Do you have any other thoughts of ideas for the DC comic book universe on television? tweet to Greg Berlanti @GBerlanti or to the writers of ‘The Flash,’ @FLASHtvwriters @CW_TheFlash, ‘Arrow,’ @CW_Arrow @ARROWwriters, ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ @LoTWritersRoom @TheCW_Legends or to ‘Supergirl’ @SupergirlStaff @supergirlcbs.

‘The Flash’ – ‘Supergirl’ crossover will take place on Monday March 28 on an episode on ‘Supergirl.’

GEEK TV Schedule: What to watch, what to avoid..Spring 2016


Geek TV Schedule: What to Watch, What to Avoid, What to wait to watch and what to watch when you’re bored.

Mondays:   Supergirl, The X-files (new), Gotham, The Magicians (Syfy),

Tuesdays:   The Flash, iZombie, Agent Carter / Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Expanse (Syfy),

Wednesdays:   Arrow,

Thursdays:   Legends of Tomorrow, The 100, The Big Bang Theory,

Secondary TV shows of interest:

The Shannara Chronicles (Great set design. Hot teen actors with the backdrop of Adventure Time; it’s Mtv :/ I watch it, but not live, that’s what DVRs are for.

Dr Who (you either crazy love it or you don’t)

The Vampire Diaries (they keep making new episodes :/

Supernatural (watch seasons 1-5)

Man Seeking Woman

Orphan Black (watch season 1-2)

Extant (watch season 1. on Amazon Prime)


Other shows:

ShadowHunters (the average quality movie is actually better, ‘The Mortal Instruments.’ this show is not going to last, you may want to skip it all together)

Grimm (watch seasons 1-2)

Sleepy Hollow (watch season1, but full of bad history)

The Originals (if you like The Vampire Diaries, then there’s this other show..there’s a crossover coming soon)


Other Other Geek related TV shows: The Frankenstein Chronicles (ITV), Heroes Re-Bored (NBC), Beowulf (ITV), Teen Wolf (Mtv), Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (BBC America), Into the Badlands (AMC), The Last Kingdom (BBC America), ..


Funny, Hysterical and animated:

Gravity Falls (last episode on Feb 15 2016 😦

Adventure Time (season 7 new episodes)

Rick and Morty (new season Fall 2016)

SuperMansion (on Crackle. voted “Funniest Show on TV” by the NYThymes)

Vixen (serious animated DC superheroine set in the ‘Arrow’ / ‘The Flash’ universe. This animated series serves as the backstory for when Vixen will appear in live-action form on ‘Arrow.’)


The Walking Dead (mid-season premiere Feb 14 2016)

Daredevil season 2 (featuring Punisher & Elektra) (Mar 18 2016)

Fear The Walking Dead (April 10 2016)

Game of Thrones season 6 (April 22 2016)

Powers season 2 (May/June 2016)

Penny Dreadful season 3 (Fall 2016)