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Every TV cycle (season, half season, quarter season..) there is increasingly more geek tv options to watch. This is great for geeks. I remember a time when only one or two shows a week graced the geek genre and everything else was cop-lawyer-doctor drama. BUT..are there too many options? Nope. We have the agonizingly bad geek tv shows like the Shannara Chronicles-why are you making a season 2 Mtv? Is it another attempt to once again avoid airing music videos? We have shows like Supergirl, which I LOVE loved in season 1, but now has become more like Arrow once it crossed over to the CW; I still like it, but without the Kat Grant dynamic, it lacks the female empowering aspect and focuses more on Kara having to prove herself in a man’s world. Also, major plot errors and too many superheroes? Did I just say that? I wish it was less like Arrow, with flashy gimmicks, and focused more on a better story.

riverdale-poster1TV Shows I LOVE love this season are RIVERDALE (it’s just beautiful to watch; maybe the cinematography will wear off & be less appealing, but after 3 episodes, I love it), and THE MAGICIANS (you just keep getting pulled deeper into the plot, with no signs of slowing down). Although the Santa Clarita Diet (netflix) was similar to iZombie, it was enjoyable to watch and VERY FUNNY. I enjoyed Legion, but not as much as Fox advertised I would. I will continue to watch it of course, and hope more New Mutants besides Canonball grace the screen, like Magik, but we may have to wait until the spinoff tv series, now proposed movie, New Mutants, promised in 2018. Yes, Fox still owns the broadcast rights to Marvel’s mutants; this is why Marvel has introduced The Inhumans on Agents of SHIELD.

magicians_trioAnd don’t forget about Geek TV on streaming networks, like Netflix, Crackle and Amazon; ok, mostly just Netflix, but SuperMansion is one of the funniest things online or television (I would have added Rick and Morty season3, but no one knows its air date:/


#CEYLONS Invade #Marvel’s #AgentsofSHIELD with #LMD’s!

number_six_tricia_helferagents-of-s-h-i-e-l-d-third-arc-season-4-lmdYes, LMD’s (Life Model Decoy’s) were first, created by Marvel in the Nick Fury comic books, beginning in 1965, but the appearance of LMD’s on ABC’s Agents of SHIELD are too similar to the Ceylons replacing humans on Battlestar Galactica, (so says an online majority). Do viewers really care about origin or history? Or is it more about who made it first to television or movies? I think the latter is true, unfortunately. There is a lot of talk online about how Agents of SHIELD is “copying Battlestar Galactica” and how the Marvel television show is “unoriginal.” But these comments, I’m guessing are from those who are either too young to remember what came before or those new to geek culture. There was a time, in our not too distant past, when Marvel movies sucked, but it’s all we had, so we watched them anyway. I’m talking specifically about David Hasselhoff’s Nick Fury movie.


Yes, unfortunately, that was a real thing. Worse than the 1990 Captain America movie and Dolph Lundgren’s Punisher movie, David Hasselhoff brought LMD’s to small screen (it was a tv movie).

145216_1175-400x600Agents of SHIELD is bringing android copies of humans, with their original’s memories, back to tv, while the originals waste away in a Darkhold version of The Matrix. Even though these are redundant themes, the writing of the show is still pretty solid and interesting enough to race home to watch it live on tv. I can’t say that for every tv show of 2017, I’m talking to you CW.