How Will Marvel Bring The XMen, The Fantastic Four & The Silver Surfer into the MCU?

wallpaper-1199506Well, I have some thoughts..

Invisible Woman by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

Invisible Woman by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

The simplest explanation is not always the most fun. Yes, you could say a school of mutants has always existed in West Chester, NY, but chose not to engage in any of the world threatening struggles– boring, (and also, very unlike the X-Men to ignore such threats). And the Baxter Building has been in the Microverse the whole time? –not buying it.

Captain Marvel by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

Captain Marvel by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

You could solve it easily with time travel, via the Infinity Gauntlet, with Captain Marvel resetting the entire universe, but one of things is not like the others– enter the XMen in an end credit trailer to the deafening screams of Marvel fans (I would be one of them), as Stan Lee begins reading a copy of the Daily Bugle with Fantastic Four on the front page. This is certainly scifi plausible and would be acceptable, but I have another theory..


What if..

..during the final battle with Thanos, Scarlet Witch alters reality with her magic, destroying the Infinity Stones, ceasing Thanos to have ever existed, but also inadvertently alters the reality of the universe. The previously vaporized superheroes return and BOOM the XMen now exist, and have always existed according to everyone, except Wanda. Wolverine, Rogue and SpiderWoman (Jessica Drew) are standing beside their teammates, the Avengers, The Fantastic Four can be seen far away atop the Baxter Building, and far, far away, the Silver Surfer makes a deal with Galactus to save Zenn-la.


silver_surfer_2014_by_eamonodonoghue-d84o9fj me, my XMen..

UPDATE: (Woops-just a rumor): Fantastic Four may be going back to Marvel (with movie planned for 2020)

UPDATE: this was, so very, very unfortunately, just a rumor. origin: Den of the Geek, but is it any worse than Bleeding Cool “Breaking the News” that the Batmobile was stolen off the set of Batman v Superman? I wanted to believe it was true, like so many others; it should be true. 20th Century made a statement today that clearly denied this rumor in no uncertain terms, “the movie rights to the Fantastic Four and all of its properties are still owned by Fox.” sad, but true. the below is the original post. until next time geek friends..


Josh Trank’s horrible reboot did serve a purpose, now Marvel can make an awesome Fantastic Four movie, which is planned for year 2020, and now Marvel can incorporate the Fantastic Four into multiple movies along the way. more importantly, the movie rights to the Silver Surfer come along with the Fantastic Four. Marvel can FINALLY make an awesome Silver Surfer movie with Zenn-la, the Watchers, Galactus and so many other awesome deep space characters. and even more importantly, the movie rights to the SUPER SKRULLS come along with the Fantastic Four!! and yes, that means SECRET INVASION will happen!! Secret Invasion is one of the greatest comic book stories ever told and now Marvel can tell that story properly; (also Jemma Simmons / Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may already be a Super Skrull).


this rumor that Marvel has regained the movie rights to the Fantastic Four and other Marvel characters is courtesy of Den of the Geek, which explains was a deal between 20th Century Fox and Marvel, in exchange for Marvel allowing two new X-Men/ mutant related tv shows ‘Legion’ and ‘Hellfire,’ announced yesterday.

#FantasticFour final rant. with a 9% Rotten Tomatoes score and box office opening weekend earnings less than ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Green Hornet.’

although the new Fantastic Four reboot will never receive the “honor” to be named “the worst superhero movie of all time,” it will receive the title of “2nd worst superhero movie opening weekend,” (in modern history). the official numbers are in: 26.2 Million (according to Box Office Mojo). the only movie to do worse at the box office was the sequel to Ghost Rider, ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,’ with 22.1M; a movie you are better off not seeing. even the ‘Green Hornet’ did better than the ‘Fantastic Four,’ with 35M. ‘Daredevil’ even raked in 40.3M opening weekend. The 2005 Fantastic Four film made 56M it’s opening weekend and it’s sequel, ‘Rise of the Surfer,’ made a similar 58M. opening weekend box office results are really based on expectations; for example, ‘Superman3’ had a good opening weekend for 1983, but it was based on the expectations from Superman 1&2, and not Richard Prior. what even happened in that movie? evil dude was so rich he “never wore the same socks twice,” is all i got out of it. according to the movie studio, Superman3 did well, and Superman4 killed the franchise. actually, what really happened is no one trusted the Superman brand after Superman3;  (also Superman4 was even worse, like the writers didn’t care anymore). it’s too bad, as i loved Christopher Reeve as Superman/Clark Kent.

in today’s movie market, almost everyone loves superhero movies and are willing to see many of them every year, unlike in years past. we are in an era of geek dominated movies, (which is frikkin amazeballz!) akin to the cowboy movies of the 50s and 60s. we, geeks and muggles alike, are willing to see more than previous generations if we get to see the characters we love. this has made movie makers lazy and more reliant on CGI/special effects and less on a compelling story. Josh Trank, the director of the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot, has been blamed for his discouraging tweet the night before ‘The Fantastic Four’ hit theaters. it dissuaded some, but the real discouraging factor was the Rotten Tomatoes score of 9%. the rotten tomato score is a average based on all national critics. Josh Trank, who thinks he is great because of ‘Chronicle,’ and who will NOT, thank God, be directing Star Wars : Rogue One, tried to make himself look better by distancing himself from ‘Fantastic Four,’ and blaming the studio, 20th Century Fox, for the disaster. you’re not THAT good Trank, but you did have a different vision of the movie, which was a more modern, grittier sci-fi version, but was not at all related to the idea of the Fantastic Four and what they represent in the comics in any way. Josh Trank wanted to make a sci-fi film and use existing characters. unique is great, but forcing existing characters into a fixed idea is problematic. Fox wanted to use the standard formula for a superhero film here. there were many clashes between the two, but i post blame on the studio itself for rewriting scenes, last minutes changes and reshoots and even changing characters. one unanimous criticism from every reviewer is that the film lacks continuity and a story with clear direction; this is a clear result from studio conflicts and interference. would we have liked Josh Trank’s vision of the film? more so, yes, completely, no. also, the Fantastic Four sequel will not be happening. but remember when Bryan Singer did not do ‘X-Men3: Last Stand’ so he could steal Cyclops and make ‘Superman Returns?’ that was the worst X-Men movie ever, but they got Singer back eventually, on the creative team for X-Men: First Class’ and completely for X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ So there is hope for the Fantastic Four in movies. Bryan Singer could incorporate the Fantastic Four in future X-Men movies, as he previously hinted at, or 20th Century Fox could hire Fantastic Four writer Chris Claremont, Brian Michael Bendis or any writer who understands the characters and who can create a watchable story. Fox was obligated to make this Fantastic Four reboot; if they hadn’t, the movie rights would have reverted back to Marvel in 2017. will Fox let the Fantastic Four go back to Marvel now? nope, they will cling on as long as they legally can, which means X-Men movies most likely or another reboot in 8 years 😦 the planned Fantastic Four sequel premiere date July 14, 2017 has been replaced by Fox with a possible Deadpool sequel, even though Ryan Reynolds has said Deadpool will be his last superhero movie. this rebooted FF will not be in theatres on their own again, unless accompanied by mutants. (thank you twitter (& @SuperheroSteel) for expressing your Fantastic Four reboot angst this weekend, posts included here).FF_flashy_thingy

#FantasticFour Trank’s at the Box Office: Fox blames director Josh Trank’s discouraging tweet for latest superhero movie Fantastic Four tanking opening weekend

Josh_Trank_Fantastic_Four_tweeti wasn’t looking forward to Fantastic Four from the beginning; too soon for a reboot, but 20th Century Fox forced another movie because if they don’t keep producing Fantastic Four movies, then the cinema rights will revert back to Marvel. this movie is more of a power play than anything. but here’s what really went wrong: Josh Trank had an alternate vision for the reboot, different than the comics or what has come before in the previous Fantastic Four movies. Trank’s concept was more of a sci-fi film genre than a typical superhero film, even with thriller type scenes. nothing wrong with envisioning something new and giving us something to experience, in fact i encourage that. Trank chose a Fantastic Four reboot in the comics to draw from, ‘Ultimate Fantastic Four’ by Brian Michael Bendis. Trank’s vision, for the most part, was actually filmed, but that is not what we got this weekend. Fox studio execs meddled and reshot certain scenes, even renamed characters to make the film more like a generic superhero film, disparate from what Josh Trank had envisioned. what we were left with was 2 movies pieced together, with some strong story arcs and solid plot points, only to undermined by the next scene, taking the film temporarily in a new direction, and then back to it’s original scheme. in a lot of ways, the same thing happened to Ant-man. Edgar Wright’s vision was compromised and pieces were fit in to try to make Antman fit into a superhero movie scheme that studio execs like because they believe the standard makes money. unfortunately, they are right about the profit, but wrong about what makes a good movie. if it’s pg-13 with superheroes and humor, kids will love it; if it is original with an adult-centric, intellectually engaging plot, then grown ups will like it too. Ant-man was still a success, as the script was still mostly Edgar Wright’s vision, but not all that it could have been. The Fantastic Four, however, lacks clear direction and leaves audience members with an unsure feeling, like this one, “it had all the elements of other superhero movies, but i didn’t really like it and i can’t explain why; it was ok, i guess.” would Fox ever re-edit it more to Trank’s vision? will we ever see that version? i’m assuming that version will be better, but i can’t say for certain.

Character-Bannerthis Fantastic 4 reboot was intended to launch a series of films and begin integration between Fox’s owned X-Men movie franchise and the Fantastic Four. Fox even has a date for the Fantastic Four sequel. crossover plans are all but scrapped for now and no one knows for certain if Fox will continue on with the sequel. does this mean Fox will try to reboot the Fantastic Four again in 5 years just to hang on to the film rights? no one knows at this point.

635743760406688129-XXX-FANTASTIC-FOUR-JY-5626-72363214the concept of a superhero team was conceived by Stan Lee at Marvel in 1961 and was created largely by Jack Kirby. over the years, the writer of the X-Men comics, Chris Clarement wrote the “FF,” as he likes to call it. Chris Claremont has the written the script for the upcoming ‘Gambit’ movie for Fox. why not have Chris Clarement write the new Fantastic Four? or, 20th Century Fox, if you still want to green light a sequel, have comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis write it? it was his vision that created the comic that inspired this movie.

conclusion: wait for DVD / streaming, give Fox studio execs something to think about, but still see it.Josh-Trank-Fantastic-Four-Tweet_article_story_large

Fantastic Four teaser trailer explained review breakdown : with hidden easter eggs no one was ever expecting!

Fantastic Four teaser trailer explained review breakdown; the Fox reboot is based on the Marvel comic “Ultimate Fantastic Four,” and opens the door to the universe (and Multiverse) that is the Fantastic Four, not just a series of sequels, with potential X-Men crossovers. the Fantastic Four hits theatres Aug 7, 2015.

MV5BMjI4NTg1MTM1N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjQwMTAyNDE@._V1_Fantastic_Four_Logo_by_stanlydan (1)yeah, another reboot of Marvel characters not owned by Marvel; yep, too soon. i love how the trailer makes several points of stating, “from the studio that brought you ‘X-Men : Days of Future Past.'” yes, it was a good movie, but you left out the entire rogue sequence, and why wasn’t Storm the leader of the X-Men in the future? just because ‘Days of Future Past’ was a success, does not mean that we, the fans, have forgotten ‘X-Men : Last Stand,’ also known as, “the X-Men movie where they screwed of Phoenix,” or “the worst X-Men movie to date,” not including, ‘X-Men : Origins : Wolverine.’ yes, 20th Century Fox has screwed up a lot Marvel story lines and will not allow crossovers between Fox owned characters in Marvel movies, but i think they have finally listened to the angry fans; also, if the Fox owned Marvel characters, X-Men and Fantastic Four, are not successful in the movies, the studio would stop making movies and the rights would revert back to Marvel, so Fox does care a little of what the fans think, enough to keep their franchise moderately successful.

hidden easter egg!  type these numbers into url field ""

hidden easter egg! type these numbers into url field “”

that being said, the Fantastic Four trailer looks pretty good. it is always impossible to tell from a trailer, but it looks like there is a backstory, character development, discovery of super powers and an introduction to elements solely unique to the Fantastic Four. my two biggest complaints are the logo being square instead of the round one that has been used for 50 years, are they trying to fit a square peg reboot into a round hole expectations of what fans want? and that Reed Richards, “the smartest man alive,” is only 22; are they going to give him the traditional salt & pepper side burns? i understand Fox went with young actors so they could keep the cost down of paying for experienced actors, and also because Chris Evans, the first cinematic Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, is now Captain America, and getting the band back together would not have been possible. i felt that Ioan Gruffudd was the perfect Reed Richards; he really looked exactly like the comic book character. the new Reed Richards, Miles Teller, still looks like the party guy from ’21 & over,’ not the sometimes brooding, always thinking, genius that is Reed Richards. i know, acting, but the trailer did not disprove this for me. but if you read the Fantastic Four origin story, Ultimate Fantastic Four by Brian Michael Bendis, the Four do discover their powers as teenagers, while discovering the Multiverse, including the “N-Zone” (alternate of the “Negative Zone”), the Microverse, etc.



i’m excited about the plot though and hope i can put these things behind me when i see it. Fox is starting to copy Marvel movies and creating a complex and intriguing cinematic universe, not just a series of sequels and reboots. this is their first attempt at introducing the expansive universe that the Fantastic Four lives in. yes, we will see the Four get their powers, but we will also see them get theirs powers through the introduction of alternate universes as part of the Multiverse, possibly the N-Zone (or Negative Zone, depending on which comic book origin story you go by), that alternate dimension, that contains nothing but bad things (like Nihil (N-Zone) or Annilius (Negative Zone)) and in that discovery, unleashes constant havoc upon the world; thanks Reed. it looks like this discovery is also how the five get their powers. yes, five, Dr Doom of course. we see Dr Doom as a child with a young Reed Richards, experimenting on their first teleportation device, and later, on the military funded, human teleportation device. we also hear his ominous voice over. we may even see Dr Victor Domashev (or Dr Victor Von Doom, in the comics) go to Latvaria, Dr Doom’s home country in the comics, at the end of this film, hinting at the plot to the sequel. yes, the sequel already has a date; June 2, 2017, rather optimistic for Fox.

Reed Richards

Miles Teller as Reed Richards

Reed Richards as Mr Fantastic

Reed Richards as Mr Fantastic

a young Victor Domashev & Reed Richards

(Victor von Doom in the comics)

Toby Kebbell as Victor Domashev (Victor von Doom in the comics)

Dr Doom unleashing a can of whoopass

Reed Richards with Victor Domashev

Reed Richards with Victor Domashev

The Human Torch & The Invisible Woman

The Human Torch & The Invisible Woman

Johnny Storm "flame on" becoming the Human Torch

Johnny Storm “flame on” becoming the Human Torch

Johnny Storm full on Torch

Johnny Storm full on Torch

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 2.39.15 PM

Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm with a badass muscle car, is that a camero?

Susan Storm

Kate Mara as Susan Storm, aka, The Invisible Woman.

Ben Grimm (not related to Nick Burkhardt, a Grimm)

Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm (not related to Nick Burkhardt, a Grimm)

Ben Grimm becomes The Thing

Ben Grimm becomes The Thing

the military funded "teleporter"

the military funded “teleporter”



low budget "teleporter" in the Baxter Building?

low budget “teleporter” in the Baxter Building?

the N-Zone unleashing havoc

the N-Zone unleashing havoc

comic book reference:

the origin story : Ultimate Fantastic Four by Brian Michael Bendis   ( click here to view the comic )

the Fantastic Four premieres Aug 7, 2015.