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Every TV cycle (season, half season, quarter season..) there is increasingly more geek tv options to watch. This is great for geeks. I remember a time when only one or two shows a week graced the geek genre and everything else was cop-lawyer-doctor drama. BUT..are there too many options? Nope. We have the agonizingly bad geek tv shows like the Shannara Chronicles-why are you making a season 2 Mtv? Is it another attempt to once again avoid airing music videos? We have shows like Supergirl, which I LOVE loved in season 1, but now has become more like Arrow once it crossed over to the CW; I still like it, but without the Kat Grant dynamic, it lacks the female empowering aspect and focuses more on Kara having to prove herself in a man’s world. Also, major plot errors and too many superheroes? Did I just say that? I wish it was less like Arrow, with flashy gimmicks, and focused more on a better story.

riverdale-poster1TV Shows I LOVE love this season are RIVERDALE (it’s just beautiful to watch; maybe the cinematography will wear off & be less appealing, but after 3 episodes, I love it), and THE MAGICIANS (you just keep getting pulled deeper into the plot, with no signs of slowing down). Although the Santa Clarita Diet (netflix) was similar to iZombie, it was enjoyable to watch and VERY FUNNY. I enjoyed Legion, but not as much as Fox advertised I would. I will continue to watch it of course, and hope more New Mutants besides Canonball grace the screen, like Magik, but we may have to wait until the spinoff tv series, now proposed movie, New Mutants, promised in 2018. Yes, Fox still owns the broadcast rights to Marvel’s mutants; this is why Marvel has introduced The Inhumans on Agents of SHIELD.

magicians_trioAnd don’t forget about Geek TV on streaming networks, like Netflix, Crackle and Amazon; ok, mostly just Netflix, but SuperMansion is one of the funniest things online or television (I would have added Rick and Morty season3, but no one knows its air date:/


Who is #DanielWest ? #TheFlash season3 villain REVEALED!! #BlackFlash #BlackRacer


The Flash season 3 villain has been revealed, Danny West (from DC Comics). With the ending season 2 of The Flash, DC Comics superhero television show on the CW,  we saw two very important things setting the stage for season3, the mention of Earth3, and Flashpoint (also Black Flash, but we’ll get to that later). Earth 3 deserves a mention, as it is the Earth where the good guys are bad, the Justice League is now the Crime Syndicate, with The Flash as Johnny Quick. In The Flash season3 finale, we learn the true identity of The Man in the Iron Mask is actually a new speedster, the real Jay Garrick, who is from Earth3. No doubt we will see more of Earth 3 in season 3 of The Flash. The last few minutes of The Flash season2 finale, we see Barry Allen, using the Speed Force, to go back in time and save his mother from being killed by Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne, who then wore the face of Harrison Wells and set in motion the plot for the first two seasons. In the DC comics realm, when Barry Allen goes back in time to save his mother, Barry inadvertantly reconfigures the events and characters of the entire world, to where Batman is now Thomas Wayne (Bruce & Martha were killed in that alley by Joe Chill, instead of Thomas & Martha Wayne), Wonder Woman and The Amazons have invaded Europe and Aquaman and The Atlanteans have waged war on humanity and begin an invasion of Europe (It was Reverse Flash’s (Professor Zoom in the comics) plan all along. (warning, spoiler alert if you haven’t read the comics. ‘Flashpoint’ is one of the top 10 DC comics series of all time, so read it, if you haven’t already). We, of course, wont see all that in The Flash season 3, but we will see Barry, The Flash, navigating an alternate timeline of events and characters, struggling to reset the timeline, even if it means allowing his mother and father to be killed. We saw some of that conflict in season 1, where Barry resolves not to reset the past, but I guess The Flash writers just borrowed from Arrow character’s flip-flop motivations.


As we see, in the set photo above, by Canadagraphs, The Flash villain costume looks just like Daniel West. Who is Danny West? During an accident with The SpeedForce monorail, Iris West’s brother, and/or cousin, gains speedster powers. Daniel West adds fragments of the Speed Force Monorail to his costume, acting as armor and giving him additional powers. Daniel West, as Iris’ brother version, is responsible for paralyzing their father. This alienates Iris, which Daniel laments, as he attempts to go back in time to kill their father, in hopes (weird) to win the heart of his sister(no, not Jaime-Cersi weird, just sibling caring). Later, in DC comics fashion, Daniel West is rebooted, via the New 52, as just another story arc for Wally West.


In true CW storyline style, The Flash season 3 will change the comics enough to keep the viewers guessing, like rebooting the Central City timeline with Eddie still alive, Iris putting Barry back in the friend zone and combining Black Flash and Black Racer (see below) in varied ways. Consider the above for The Flash season3 plot spoilers, as well as adding Earth3 “heroes,” actually villains (does that include the true Jay Garrick from Earth 3? probably) into the mix, and don’t forget Jesse Quick, Harrison Wells’ daughter, now equipped with Speed Force powers, and you have an exciting nest season of The Flash. If you are not caught up on season 1 & 2 of The Flash, Netflix made a recent deal with The CW for exclusive viewing of CW television shows, where geek meets television.


Season 3 of The Flash will also introduce villain/character with a similar costumed superhero suit, The Black Flash. The Black Flash appears when a speedster is about to die and reclaims their Speed Force. We saw a glimpse of Black Flash, when Hunter Zoloman Zoom was attacked by the Time Wraiths (those ghosts, like Harry Potter Dementors, that reclaim individuals who abuse the time travel using the Speed Force. Yes, Barry Allen did that, but it was just really convenient, plot-wise, for the Time Wraiths to only attack Zoom). As the Time Wraiths attack and grab Zoom, his costume and face change. Many viewers thought it was just a disintegration of human flesh as a consequence from being touched by the Time Wraiths, but really it is the appearance of Black Flash reclaiming the Speed Force as Hunter Zoloman dies. Yes, we will see more of Black Flash in season 3 of The Flash.


The Black Flash is an amalgam of Black Racer and The Flash. After Jack Kirby left Marvel, due to a superhero character rights dispute with Stan Lee, he went to DC Comics and went on to create many prime characters in the DC Universe. One of these character was Black Racer, a paraplegic Vietnam vet, named Willie Walker (odd choice of names don’t you think?), who became merged with Death itself, equipped with cosmic skis and ski poles; yes Black Racer is very similar to the Silver Surfer, whom Jack Kirby also created. Modern depictions of Black Racer have him wearing cooler cosmic boots & staves, instead of skis and ski poles. Also to note that Darkseid was the first to merge Black Racer with a corporal form. The Black Racer has had many hosts, including Mr Miracle. Much later, The Anti-Monitor merged Black Racer with Barry Allen / The Flash as a successful attempt to kill Darkseid. Black Flash remained and now reclaims the Speed Force whenever a Speedster dies, like a superhero version of the Law of Conservation. We will most likely see Black Racer posses Wally West in The Flash season 3.



I’m still expecting to see Barry Allen’s twin brother Cobalt Blue, Malcome Thawne, separated at birth and raised by the vindictive, future enemy of The Flash, Eobard Thawne, but we may have to wait for a season 3 finale plot twist for that. I keep tweeting The Flash writers and producers with this story arc, so it may still happen. The Flash writers are uber secretive, but they have inadvertently revealed that they have mapped out story arcs for future seasons. Looking forward to more Team Flash.


GEEK TV Schedule: What to watch, what to avoid..Spring 2016


Geek TV Schedule: What to Watch, What to Avoid, What to wait to watch and what to watch when you’re bored.

Mondays:   Supergirl, The X-files (new), Gotham, The Magicians (Syfy),

Tuesdays:   The Flash, iZombie, Agent Carter / Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Expanse (Syfy),

Wednesdays:   Arrow,

Thursdays:   Legends of Tomorrow, The 100, The Big Bang Theory,

Secondary TV shows of interest:

The Shannara Chronicles (Great set design. Hot teen actors with the backdrop of Adventure Time; it’s Mtv :/ I watch it, but not live, that’s what DVRs are for.

Dr Who (you either crazy love it or you don’t)

The Vampire Diaries (they keep making new episodes :/

Supernatural (watch seasons 1-5)

Man Seeking Woman

Orphan Black (watch season 1-2)

Extant (watch season 1. on Amazon Prime)


Other shows:

ShadowHunters (the average quality movie is actually better, ‘The Mortal Instruments.’ this show is not going to last, you may want to skip it all together)

Grimm (watch seasons 1-2)

Sleepy Hollow (watch season1, but full of bad history)

The Originals (if you like The Vampire Diaries, then there’s this other show..there’s a crossover coming soon)


Other Other Geek related TV shows: The Frankenstein Chronicles (ITV), Heroes Re-Bored (NBC), Beowulf (ITV), Teen Wolf (Mtv), Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (BBC America), Into the Badlands (AMC), The Last Kingdom (BBC America), ..


Funny, Hysterical and animated:

Gravity Falls (last episode on Feb 15 2016 😦

Adventure Time (season 7 new episodes)

Rick and Morty (new season Fall 2016)

SuperMansion (on Crackle. voted “Funniest Show on TV” by the NYThymes)

Vixen (serious animated DC superheroine set in the ‘Arrow’ / ‘The Flash’ universe. This animated series serves as the backstory for when Vixen will appear in live-action form on ‘Arrow.’)


The Walking Dead (mid-season premiere Feb 14 2016)

Daredevil season 2 (featuring Punisher & Elektra) (Mar 18 2016)

Fear The Walking Dead (April 10 2016)

Game of Thrones season 6 (April 22 2016)

Powers season 2 (May/June 2016)

Penny Dreadful season 3 (Fall 2016)

#Marvel #superheroes #NewMutants’ #Legion & #Xmen’s #Hellfire Club coming to #TV on #Fox (confirmed)

932002-new_mutantsLast year we learned that Fox was bringing the New Mutants to television and now, today, the addition of X-Men’s Hellfire club as a separate tv series will be joining the superhero ranks on television. 20th Century Fox is following Marvel’s lead, as DC and others have, and are creating their cinematic / television universe. it is rumored that the tv mutant superheroes will tie in to the movies as do Marvel heroes, and not like DC superheroes, which will remain separate with no tie-ins.


Legion‘ will be based on the ‘New Mutants’ comic book series created by all-star comic book creator Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewcz. Legion is one of the most powerful mutants that exists in the Marvel universe. it does state, in the New Mutants comics, that Legion is THE most powerful, but I disagree. Legion absorbs other mutants into his consciousness, consuming their personality, as well as their mutant powers. his powers are similar to Rogue’s and Apcalypse’s, and in this respect, Legion is hugely powerful. Legion also influenced ‘Sylar’ from ‘Heroes.’ the first 2014 rumors hinted that this mutant tv series was to be ‘X-Force.’ which excited me to no end; sad we wont see Domino on the small screen, but hopes remain, as rumored ‘X-Men: X-Force’ movie with Deadpool & Cable may premiere in 2018. rumors a year ago hinted this Fox tv series would fashioned after Marvel’s ‘X-Factor‘ comics. now we have two confirmed Fox superhero tv shows based on Marvel X-Men superheroes.

hellfire-club (1) hellfire-club-x-men-series

Hellfire‘ will be a television series based on the ‘Hellfire Club’ from the ‘X-men: First Class’ movie, led by Sebastian Shaw, who was played by Kevin Bacon in the movie and timeline wise, set in the 60s and before the plot of the ‘X-Men: First Class’ movie begins. the ‘Hellfire’ tv show’s hero will be a “secret agent” (CIA, like Moria MacTaggert?) who tries to thwart ” a woman supervillain” (Emma Frost? way cool awesome if true) of a secret organization [The Hellfire Club] with evil plans of world domination, funded by the world’s wealthiest. sounds like a 60s Ian Flemming’s James Bond film, but with superpowers, in other words, cool.


expect these two new and upcoming superpowered tv shows fall 2016. I’m looking forward to both Fox/ Marvel tv shows; just don’t be like the final season of ‘Heroes’ or ‘Generation X’ from 1996. Bryan Singer will producing so great things are expected..

Iron Fist may not happen at all on Netflix :(

Iron_Fist_The_Living_Weapon_Vol_1_2_TextlessWhy? Kevin Feige is no longer in charge of Marvel, but reports directly to Disney; Isaac Perlmutter is now charge of Marvel and has different ideas of Marvel tv and movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU. The overall Netflix – Marvel plan was to introduce each of the four Defenders, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in their own solo series first, then have them team up against an impossible foe to save New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, but now, (still a rumor, but a confirmed rumor), The Defenders may have to be formed without Iron Fist. to be fair, Iron Fist may be too esoteric for many viewers. Iron Fist gets his powers from the Mystical and fights robot zombies. perhaps a more down-to-earth approach to The Defenders is the plan for the Netflix Marvel superheroes. tv executives call it, “the more palatable approach,” like taking away Black Canary’s Canary Cry/ Sonic Scream in favor of an electronic device, on CW’s Arrow. hope may remain for Iron Fist in theatres, but that remains to be seen.


Jessica Jones tie-in to Iron Fist: Carrie Anne Moss’ character, Jeryn Hogarth, in the upcoming Netflix Jessica Jones series (Nov 20, 2015) is a direct link to Iron Fist, as lawyer Jeryn Hogarth, in the Marvel comic book series, works for the Wendall Rand Corporation, Daniel Rand/ Iron Fist’s father’s company. this, to me, made Iron Fist a sure thing, but apparently not in the Marvel world. what can we, as fans do? we can be relentless in our online assault, demanding Iron Fist. they actually do listen if there are enough voices. no need to be mean, just tweet, fb or whatever to Marvel & Netflix & say why we need to see Iron Fist on screen, be it the small screen or the big one.

also, the sad news continues.. we may never see the highly anticipated Inhumans Marvel movie. no Black Bolt nor Medusa in theatres; we may have to be satisfied with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Inhumans. Marvel’s plan was to bring the Inhumans to theatres because 20th Century Fox owns the movie rights to the X-Men and anything “mutant in nature.”

#CourtofOwls from #Batman #comics coming to #Gotham season2!

super excited about this #BREAKINGNEWS!! The Court of Owls is a secret society in #GothamCity, whose members include the rich and elite of #Gotham. they scheme and secretly run Gotham City, like insider trading on the city level. The Court of Owls has been around as long as Gotham City itself. The Court of Owls often uses it’s assassins, called, “Talons,” to do the will of the court beyond what can be controlled through negotiations. The Talons are a lot like Batman in many regards, only evil. This is one aspect of Fox’s tv series Gotham that actually makes perfect sense, unlike the other scenarios, where villains like The Joker have a role model they simply emulate in current times of the Batman timeline. the Talons will inspire Bruce Wayne to become Batman. obviously members of Wayne Industries, the ones Bruce’s father tried to oppose, are members of the Court of Owls. Bruce will again understand the need for vigilante justice and use The Talons as examples of how to achieve this, but for good.


#RedTornado cast in upcoming superhero television series #Supergirl!

redtornadoSupergirl tv series on CBS casts Iddo Goldberg in the role of Red Tornado, alias: Dr. T.O. Morrow., the most advanced sentient android, in the world, the DC comics world that is, (besides Professor Ivo’s Amazo, of course). In the DC comic books, T.O. Morrow is a supervillain who creates the android body, which becomes occupied by a self-aware, living tornado, The Tornado Champion. The Red Tornado storyline spans decades and parallel universes. basically, Red Tornado becomes more human in personality, assumes the name John Smith, travels to Earth One (the main or original recipe Earth), and with the help of the Justice League, defeats Dr T.O. Morrow, with many adventures that follow.. Supergirl premieres on CBS on Oct 26 2015 (previously Nov 1 2015).


#TheFlash season 2 gets a new #speedster: #JesseQuick!

ustv-violett-beaneViolett Beane will star as Jesse Quick, alias Jesse Chambers, on the CW’s ‘The Flash’ for season 2. Jesse Quick is a speedster who has the ability to speak the “Speed Formula” to gain all of the abilities of a speedster, like The Flash, no chemical-lightning accident needed. Jesse Quick, in the comics, is the daughter of speedster Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle. Jesse is fast like her father, Johnny Quick, and strong like her mother, Liberty Belle. in season 2 of The Flash, Jesse Quick will be a college student who will eventually help Barry Allen, but will only appear on several episodes. there will be a total of 5 speedsters in season 2 of The Flash; check out this post on ‘The Flash Family’ that explains which speedster is related to whom.  3961976-3504586737-18307jesse_chambers_saving_wally_westJesse_Quick_0007

Fall TV is almost here & we all need to know what to watch and what to avoid

this scifi reporter has had a glimpse a few pilots and will be reporter on them in the next few weeks. there are quite a few new shows this fall and many of them are sci-fi and superhero related, as well as many returning shows. last fall tv season, tuesday was tv night with Agent Carter/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Flash, iZombie, and Powers. also Gotham on mondays and Arrow on wednesdays and the occasional other show. to prepare for this massive tv season, clear out your dvrs, steady your itunes/amazon prime accounts, and secure a reasonable tv package. premieres will takes place over 3 months, from ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ premiering this sunday through Supergirl premiering as late as november. stay tuned for more..

‘Heroes Re-bored?’ #HeroesReborn #Heroes gets a reboot/sequel, but in a sea of #superhero everything & after their final season, that was slightly more riveting than regional golf championships, does anyone care?

so the trailer looks good, but is ‘Heroes Reborn’ just hype? as many geek fans know, nbc pays for free hotel-to-convention shuttle buses, 24/7 during SDCC Comic Con, so you know we will be overburdened with ‘Heroes Reborn’ advertising at Comic Con; it’s a justified, thankful service, but..

Heroes-Reborn-one-sheet is rebooting/ sequeling nbc’s ‘Heroes’ a good idea? ‘Heroes’ was launched off the success from usa’s emmy winning, people-with-powers tv series, ‘the 4400.’ (ironically, usa’s executives demanded the writers of ‘the 4400’ make the tv show more like ‘Heroes,’ with a darker feel. this went against the established characters, the overall story and the core of why fans loved the show. it was no surprise the change alienated audiences and ‘the 4400’ was canceled.).600full-the-4400-poster

i enjoyed the beginning of “Heroes;’ i even suffered through the entire second season during the writer’s strike, but the final season was just a catastrophe. the only people who watched it all the way through clearly have OCD and “must finish” to get some sort of conclusion and mental freedom. if you disagree, the first step to resolution is admitting you have a problem..;) at this point ‘Heroes’ would just rip off clearly defined characters in the Marvel and DC comic book universes and pretend that these “new Heroes” were original, even ones that already appeared on television or in movies. some were original, some had twists, but most were, when describing to someone new, like this DC hero, etc. ‘Heroes’ progressed into unoriginal territory with an increasingly bad story and just tried to compensate by making the series progressively darker. i still have a bad taste in my mouth. am i excited about a reboot/ sequel (i say reboot & sequel together, because timeline wise, “Heroes Reborn’ will take place after the original series ended, but the show itself is a reboot, with all new heores, except for Hiro, the lovable time travel guy.)? nooop, i am not excited at all. the trailer looks amazing, but do i want to watch a show that copies superheroes from Marvel and DC pretending that they are original? we already have the major superheroes on the big screen and we will have nearly 10 superhero tv shows airing on tv in 2015, do we need another superhero tv show that copies the cool, original heroes like a disney kids tv spot? nope. i just feel this is nbc trying to make money off of regurgitating content. can ‘Heroes Reborn’ be awesome? yes, yes it can and hope it will be. i will watch it with an open mind, but once they try something aforementioned– “FLAG ON THE PLAY!” switching channels, or whatever they say on sportsball tv.