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thanosSeriously, #spoilers ahead..

First of all, you knew this was coming. If you didn’t, you weren’t paying attention. Even in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor had a vision, in The Cave, where Thanos killed all the Avengers.

doctor_strange_featured_imageLet’s just take a look at several things Dr Stephen Strange said during the film. “I’ve examined 14million plus possibilities..” “How many of those do we win?” “Only one.” Later, he says, “There really was no other way.”


If you put these together, Dr Strange saw the only possibility in which they won and let it play out, knowing there really was only one way to defeat Thanos, even if it was defeat in the long term. And by long term, I mean, the next Avengers movie, picking up where Guardians of the Galaxy 2 left off, “I name him ‘Adam.'” Yes, Adam Warlock, in the comics defeats Thanos, with the help of others, but it is Adam who wields the Infinity Gauntlet to defeat Thanos, also Squirrel Girl defeats Thanos, but that is another story. This also explains why Dr Strange never used The Time Stone in his fight against Thanos, like he did in his fight against Dormammu. He played the long game, the one where Thanos will be defeated for good.

4147294-jpegThis also explains why Dr Strange “allowed” Quill to get angry at Thanos, hitting him and waking him up 2 seconds too early, (Tony Stark in his Iron Man Nano Suit & Peter Parker Spider-man in his Iron Spider suit almost removed the Infinity Gauntlet, yes, they just needed 2 seconds more). So if they did succeed in removing The Gauntlet, would Thanos rise again at some later time, needing Squirrel Girl to defeat him? (again, another story..). I believe Marvel is saying Thanos would rise again and the only way to defeat Thanos for good is to let him destroy half the life of all the universe… and come back later to defeat Thanos for good.

brie-larson-captain-marvel-mar-vell-comicbookcom-1078504Captain Marvel will play a pivotal role in defeating Thanos, and removing the Gauntlet. Adam Warlock can wield it and reset the universe to how it was before Thanos, even restoring all of Asgard and Nidavellir, (the realm of the dwarves).

tumblr_np82sfbER01s88ss5o1_1280Once this happens, Wanda, the Scarlet Witch, can destroy several of the Infinity Stones and have the Avengers protect the rest. I would have Wanda destroy the Power Stone & the Reality Stone, as they are too powerful to have lying around, even The Collector could  not protect these Infinity Stones. Give the Time Stone back to Dr Strange for safe keeping and as a great defense against threats to Earth. Give the Mind Stone back to Vision, so he can become Vision again, unless Shuri can reconnect neurons and make Vision without the need for the Mind Stone. Let Thor use the Space Stone as the Tesseract again, because that was convenient, and as for the Soul Stone? I’m not sure. Definitely have Eitri melt down the Infinity Gauntlet so it can never be used again.

This is a response to all the angst on twitter right now.. (don’t worry, in two years, all the ones who disappeared at the end of the movie will be restored).

Also, Disney just used the word assh*le in a Marvel film, way to go MCU. It wasn’t even an emotional moment, just Banner in the.. Were they trying to top the last Avengers movie, with “language, Cap?”

George Lucas a little upset with the direction Disney has gone with Star Wars franchise & with episode VII ‘The Force Awakens’

maxresdefault.jpgGeorge Lucas said he sold the franchise to “white slavers.” a little harsh, especially referring to Disney, but he has always referred to the characters he created in the Star Wars films, and the films themselves, as his children; he also got $4 billion for his children.. Hollywood predicts ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ to top $2billion worldwide in the coming months; “Star Wars: The force Awakens’ is already the 7th highest grossing film of all time and it’s only been two weeks. Also there are 5 more films in the next five years, easily surpassing the $4 billion expenditure, which also includes the Indiana Jones franchise, yes there will be many more Indiana Jones movies, but we all know the 4th film was too heavily influence by Steven Spielberg, aliens? Indiana a CIA agent? refrigerators can stop a nuclear blast? The danger is that Disney will do a Mighty Ducks with Indiana Jones and Star Wars, an endless amount of sequels until no one wants to watch them anymore. I hope that never happens.

George Lucas talks Star Wars with Charlie Rose in this interview; look for the “white slavers” segment at 50:19 in the interview, watch the full interview here.

future Star Wars films:

Star Wars Anthology films (meaning flashbacks) & continuing on the current timeline with episode VIII & IX:

Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One     Dec 16 2016.

Star Wars: episode VII    May 26 2017.

Star Wars Anthology: young Han Solo    May 25 2018.

Star Wars: episode IX    May 2019

Star Wars Anthology: young Boba Fett   May 2020

Superhero Movies 2016

Superhero movies for 2016 with release dates. These superhero films are both DC (Warner Bros) and Marvel (Marvel/Disney, 20th Century Fox & Sony). The Valiant comic book superhero movies (in association with Sony Pictures), will release in 2017. This superhero movie list are the main superhero movies, smaller budget or indie superhero films may release next year as well. This list is ordered by release date and offers no bias over favorite superhero characters or which films will be better. I suspect ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘X-Men: Age of Apocalypse’ will be the favorites this year.

watch the trailers here:

v7xEPV9.jpgDeadpool‘  (Ryan Reynolds. Marvel characters/ 20th Century Fox.)    Feb 12 2016.

DawnofJusticeBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’  (Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot. DC characters/ Warner Bros.)    Mar 25 2016.

CaptainAMERICA_IRONMAN_CIVILWAR.jpgCaptain America: Civil War’ (Chris Evans, Scarlet Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. Marvel characters/ Marvel/Disney Films.)    May 6 2016.

apolcalypse_w_skull.jpgX-Men: Age of Apocalypse‘ (Oscar Isaac, Olivia Munn, Michael Fassbender. Marvel characters/ 20th Century Fox.)    May 27 2016.

MV5BMjMzMTM4MzM1OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODAwMzE2NTE@._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpgSuicide Squad‘ (Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Will Smith. DC characters/ Warner Bros.)    Aug 5 2016.

Gambit (1).jpgGambit‘ (Chandler Tatum. Marvel characters/ 20th Century Fox.)    Oct 7 2016.

Doctor_Strange_Logo.jpgDr Strange‘ (Benedict Cumberbatch. Marvel characters/ Marvel/Disney Films.)    Nov 4 2016.

Sinister Six‘ (Spider-man villains. Marvel characters/ Sony Pictures)    (Intended premiere was Nov 11 2016. Current status on hold, not canceled. To be released after Amazing Spider-man 3 release with the new Peter Parker, Tom Holland).

‘Gravity Falls’ will be ending soon :(

Gravity-FallsEveryone’s favorite twins, Dipper & Mable, will finally meet their match. Not Bill, but the end of summer. Alex Hirsch, the creator of Gravity Falls, made a statement yesterday that the end of season 2 will be the end of the series. Alex Hirsch stated that it was a creative decision, not a network or Disney decision. Hirsch wanted to tell a complete story, with characters that he loved, and not have Gravity Falls drag on for many seasons without any story to tell.



Mable & Dipper

Gravity Falls is clearly the most adorable show on television and possibly the most loved. Unfortunately, for us, the fans, the end of season 2 will be the end of the series. There are just two episodes left in season 2, and the fate of Gravity Falls and Weirdmageddon are in the hands of our favorite twin duo, Dipper & Mable, with the help of Grunkle Stan, Grunkle Ford, Seus, or maybe it’s ‘Sus, Wendy, Blendin Blandin and the residents and mystical creatures of Gravity Falls, of course. With an ending upon us, adversary Bill Cypher could actually do some permanent damage.


Gravity Falls made me fall in love with cartoons again, especially the characters. It is so sad to see these characters go. They will forever be in my heart, thank you Alex Hirsch.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoilers Don’t click on this link! Ruin the movie, it will.. Secrets other blogs won’t tell you!


Luke Skywalker was absent from the Star Wars : The Force Awakens trailers, or was he?

Seriously, don’t read, this blog post contains way too many spoilers. Why even write a spoiler post for something as epic as Star Wars episode VII, the most anticipated movie in 30 years? Need to set the rumors straight. And sorry Episode One, we loved anticipating you, but we really wanted to see the next chapter in the Star Wars saga, specifically Leia as a Jedi.


Since the beginning, there have been many spinoff Star Wars novels, telling the continuing adventures of our favorite Star Wars characters. This later became known as the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Different authors chose to tell different stories of the same characters, which sometimes conflicted with each other. After George Lucas sold his film company, Lucas Arts to Disney, which contained the full rights to Star Wars (and Indiana Jones), the Star Wars Expanded Universe ended and literary rights were were no longer granted to any author, no matter how famous in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. A team at Disney and Lucas Arts went through the entire 30 years of expanded universe literature and decided what was to be Star Wars Canon and what was to be discarded. From this point, every comic book, cartoon, video game and upcoming movie would be based off the same history and universe. What was decided upon as Star Wars Canon is currently top secret, but we do know George Lucas was really upset with a major element Disney & J.J. Abrams accepted as canon. Was this element that Luke Skywalker turned to the Dark Side (like he did in one version in the Expanded Universe)?


Luke Skywalker, Sith Lord, from the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

It certainly is possible, as Jedi that have been trained at a late age seem to always go Dark, like Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader, Luke’s dad. But does this mean Leia will now go to the Dark Side as well (I’m still hoping to see her as a Jedi)? I guess those midi-chlorian cells just can’t be trained after being a teenager. Is there any proof that Luke has, indeed, turned to the Dark Side in any of the press and trailers seen so far? Well, maybe. Why was Luke almost completely absent from all the teasers, trailers and press? Is it because Luke is really Kylo Ren, the new Sith Lord? Is the lightsaber battle between Finn (John Boyega) and Kylo Ren a recruitment? As there can only be one master and one apprentice with the Sith.


a glimpse of Luke and R2D2


is this the same battle scene where Luke puts his hand on R2? was the attack driven by Sith Luke?

In the final battle in ‘Return of the Jedi,’ with Luke, Darth Vader and The Emperor, we see Luke’s emotions take over with aggression and hatred. He uses these emotions to overcome Darth Vader and cut off his hand. But was it too much? Did Luke actually go to the Dark Side in that moment? Is there any coming back from that? Did Luke taste the power of the Dark SIde, a taste he would later crave? Did Luke later justify further use of the Dark SIde, if it could be used for good purposes, like bringing down evil, like it did with Vader, but in so doing, slowly turn him to the Dark Side in the process? A path Luke may not have even realized he was on until it was too late.


Luke faces the Sith in ‘Return of the Jedi’

In that final battle in ‘Return of the Jedi,’ we see Luke stop his aggression and runaway emotions, and come back to his senses, turn off his light saber, ready to be struck down, rather than fully give in to the Dark Side. I had assumed Luke was just at the brink, had felt the Dark Side, but that Luke had come back and remained on the good side of The Force, but maybe there is no coming back, only a prolonging of the inevitable.. The Emperor, then, proceeds to zap Luke with Sith lightning, did that short circuit something inside Luke? Did The Emperor really win and turn Luke to The Dark SIde in those fateful moments? Or did The Emperor do a subtle Sith psychic trick that we missed, seeding the Dark Side within Luke, like when Emperor Palpatine killed Padme long distance? (No, Padme did not die of a broken heart) What really happened then, and the true events of Luke’s journey, we will soon find out (hopefully).


Luke gives in to aggression and feels the power of the Dark SIde..

The facts are that we don’t have enough information to go on. If Luke Skywalker is Sith in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ we will have to see a lot in flashbacks to justify Luke’s, now, evil motivation, like what happens to The Empire after ‘Return of the Jedi?’ Does Luke go on a killing spree, taking down the remainder of The Empire? The Empire had thousands of ships, bases and troops, what happened to them? Does Luke need to use the powers of the Dark Side to do defeat the remainder of the Empire? Is this the path that turns Luke to the Dark Side?


Han looks REALLY surprised, like he just found out Luke is a Sith.


Leia truly sad, like she just found out her Brother, Luke, is now a Sith.

The real spoiler is what is the origin of the Sith? Is it a long lost planet like in the Expanded Universe? Is there something on that planet that turns people into Sith? If midi-chlorians, a microscopic bacteria, that give the Jedi their powers, perhaps there is a similar “evil” bacteria or virus that gives Sith their powers and means to tap into the Dark SIde of The Force. Perhaps Luke found this planet and became infected? Or did he unleash some ancient Dark Energy on the Sith home world that overcame & possessed him? If so, a trip to the Sith home world and discovery of the source of the Sith, could provide the means for the Sith to be cloned, like the Clone Troopers, from the Star Wars prequel movies. Thus overcoming the need to only have one master and one apprentice. It’s a stretch, but there are clues. If the Sith can be cloned, there will be no hope for the Galaxy, an impossible foe, but maybe that is too much plot for one movie and will continue in Episode VIII ..


The SIth Home World


And what of Emperor Palpatine? Does The Emperor come back as a clone? Doubtful, but Emperor Palpatine could come back as a Force ghost, guiding the new Sith Kylo Ren / Luke Skywalker to the Sith home world and with other matters of the Sith. It was The Emperor’s idea to create Clone Troopers in the first place. It could be his idea to clone the Sith. In the opening credits of ‘Return of the Jedi,’ we learn that Luke has “completed his Jedi training,” (but how? from Yoda’s Force ghost?). Perhaps it is The Emperor’s Force ghost that completes Luke’s Sith training?


Emperor Palpatine’s Sith Force ghost (confirmed appearance in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ at D23 2015)


turning to the Dark Side.. (Does this scene depict Kylo Ren turning Oscar Isaac to the Dark SIde? One Master and One Apprentice, or is there more to it than that?)

If Luke is truly SIth in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ there better be a plausible reason why he is Sith. Otherwise, the fans will never forgive Disney and J.J. Abrams and will go on a hate campaign far worse than they did with Jar-Jar. If Luke turning to the Dark Side is not justified, no one will accept it, and even if it is, many fans, and moms especially, will be outraged. Add to this, the controversy of the possible death of Chewbacca, and that may be too much for fans, and kids especially, to deal with, let alone every grown up boy’s childhood idle, Luke Skywalker, now Sith Luke.


Is Rey crying here over the Death of Chewbacca? Did Kylo Ren / Sith Luke kill Chewbacca?

Watch the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ official full trailer here:

JJ Abrams waves hello at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015

J.J. Abrams stated that there will be no more Star Wars trailers, no more footage or clues of any kind; just a repurposing of the same footage we’ve already seen. (photo: JJ Abrams waves hello at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015)


Luke missing from the movie poster, or is he? (Kylo Ren)

I feel J.J. Abrams has done an amazing job with Star Wars : The Force Awakens, from what I’ve so far (PLEASE make Leia a Jedi!). I am really looking forward to seeing the next installment of Star Wars in theatres this December.

Discover the next chapter in the Star Wars saga on Dec 18 2015, buy your tickets now (it will be sold out).

really disappointed Captain Marvel movie is being pushed back ’til 2019 in favor of Antman sequel ‘Antman and The Wasp

The world needs more empowered women superheroes. Marvel comics is full of iconic empowered women, why would Marvel/Disney delay such a great opportunity? Is it because Kevin Feige is no longer in charge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is Disney just counting on guaranteed sequel money from Antman 2? Yes, audiences will watch a sequel to Antman in theatres, but take a chance Disney on an empowered woman superhero, who is actually quite amazing in her own right, in an awesome comic, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick. DC / Warner Brothers is bringing us Wonder Woman next year, with ‘Batman v Superman,’ and a ‘Wonder Woman’ solo film in 2017, why can’t Marvel / Disney bring us a ‘Captain Marvel’ film sooner than 2019?

#InsideOut #Pixar’s #PeteDocter talks how his 11 yr old daughter inspired the animated movie

Inside Out: Disney/ Pixar’s latest animated movie: Pete Docter talks the inspiration, creation & behind the scenes of this film.

#Pixar #InsideOut #PeteDocter & Jonas Rivera talk how 11 yr old girl inspired the animated movie & creation of entire #film from the #psychology of #emotions to the old school #animation techniques of #TexAvery & Golden Age of American animation.

Harrison Ford injury update : Star Wars : episode VII

ImagePrincess Leia: “This bucket of bolts’s never gonna get us past that blockade.” & “Would it help if I got out and pushed?” It’s no secret how Princess Leia Organa feels about the Millennium Falcon, expressing her concern for how Han Solo’s smuggling ship is falling apart in many scenes in Star Wars.

well that is exactly what happened on the set to the new Star Wars movie, ‘Star Wars : episode VII.” a hatch door fell on Harrison Ford, reprising his role of Han Solo. Harrison Ford recovered from surgery on wed, a normal procedure to facilitate his broken leg/ankle. Ford is in rehab now and will continue rehab for the next 8 weeks. Harrison Ford’s doctors ensures he will make a full recovery. Ford’s publicist confirms he will continue shooting after he has fully recovered. 

the Star Wars film project and Lucas Arts, now owned by Disney, requested earlier this year to push the project back a year in order to finalize the script. Disney exec’s refused, demanding the christmas 2015 release date. Harrison Ford’s injury may force a delay however. i would rather wait a year and the next gen Star Wars be awesome. take your time JJ Abrams, be true to the Force, & Disney, don’t c*ck it up.Image