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Every TV cycle (season, half season, quarter season..) there is increasingly more geek tv options to watch. This is great for geeks. I remember a time when only one or two shows a week graced the geek genre and everything else was cop-lawyer-doctor drama. BUT..are there too many options? Nope. We have the agonizingly bad geek tv shows like the Shannara Chronicles-why are you making a season 2 Mtv? Is it another attempt to once again avoid airing music videos? We have shows like Supergirl, which I LOVE loved in season 1, but now has become more like Arrow once it crossed over to the CW; I still like it, but without the Kat Grant dynamic, it lacks the female empowering aspect and focuses more on Kara having to prove herself in a man’s world. Also, major plot errors and too many superheroes? Did I just say that? I wish it was less like Arrow, with flashy gimmicks, and focused more on a better story.

riverdale-poster1TV Shows I LOVE love this season are RIVERDALE (it’s just beautiful to watch; maybe the cinematography will wear off & be less appealing, but after 3 episodes, I love it), and THE MAGICIANS (you just keep getting pulled deeper into the plot, with no signs of slowing down). Although the Santa Clarita Diet (netflix) was similar to iZombie, it was enjoyable to watch and VERY FUNNY. I enjoyed Legion, but not as much as Fox advertised I would. I will continue to watch it of course, and hope more New Mutants besides Canonball grace the screen, like Magik, but we may have to wait until the spinoff tv series, now proposed movie, New Mutants, promised in 2018. Yes, Fox still owns the broadcast rights to Marvel’s mutants; this is why Marvel has introduced The Inhumans on Agents of SHIELD.

magicians_trioAnd don’t forget about Geek TV on streaming networks, like Netflix, Crackle and Amazon; ok, mostly just Netflix, but SuperMansion is one of the funniest things online or television (I would have added Rick and Morty season3, but no one knows its air date:/


XMen: Call the actual Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters !! X-Men: Apocalypse

x-men-james-mcavoy-michael-fassbenderX-Men : Apocalypse premieres today (officially tomorrow, but the film is in theaters today for the midnight showing at 7pm, #movielogic). As part of the promotion for the XMen movie, you can call the actual number for Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters, in West Chester, New York, featured in all the X-Men comics and previous XMen films, and even featured in this year’s Deadpool movie. What happens when you call the number? Who will answer? I wont be explaining all the mysteries of the universe on this blog, just call the number yourself, call it 10 times and share the number with friends!

800 312 9951



Superhero Movies 2016

Superhero movies for 2016 with release dates. These superhero films are both DC (Warner Bros) and Marvel (Marvel/Disney, 20th Century Fox & Sony). The Valiant comic book superhero movies (in association with Sony Pictures), will release in 2017. This superhero movie list are the main superhero movies, smaller budget or indie superhero films may release next year as well. This list is ordered by release date and offers no bias over favorite superhero characters or which films will be better. I suspect ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘X-Men: Age of Apocalypse’ will be the favorites this year.

watch the trailers here:

v7xEPV9.jpgDeadpool‘  (Ryan Reynolds. Marvel characters/ 20th Century Fox.)    Feb 12 2016.

DawnofJusticeBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’  (Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot. DC characters/ Warner Bros.)    Mar 25 2016.

CaptainAMERICA_IRONMAN_CIVILWAR.jpgCaptain America: Civil War’ (Chris Evans, Scarlet Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. Marvel characters/ Marvel/Disney Films.)    May 6 2016.

apolcalypse_w_skull.jpgX-Men: Age of Apocalypse‘ (Oscar Isaac, Olivia Munn, Michael Fassbender. Marvel characters/ 20th Century Fox.)    May 27 2016.

MV5BMjMzMTM4MzM1OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODAwMzE2NTE@._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpgSuicide Squad‘ (Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Will Smith. DC characters/ Warner Bros.)    Aug 5 2016.

Gambit (1).jpgGambit‘ (Chandler Tatum. Marvel characters/ 20th Century Fox.)    Oct 7 2016.

Doctor_Strange_Logo.jpgDr Strange‘ (Benedict Cumberbatch. Marvel characters/ Marvel/Disney Films.)    Nov 4 2016.

Sinister Six‘ (Spider-man villains. Marvel characters/ Sony Pictures)    (Intended premiere was Nov 11 2016. Current status on hold, not canceled. To be released after Amazing Spider-man 3 release with the new Peter Parker, Tom Holland).

UPDATE: (Woops-just a rumor): Fantastic Four may be going back to Marvel (with movie planned for 2020)

UPDATE: this was, so very, very unfortunately, just a rumor. origin: Den of the Geek, but is it any worse than Bleeding Cool “Breaking the News” that the Batmobile was stolen off the set of Batman v Superman? I wanted to believe it was true, like so many others; it should be true. 20th Century made a statement today that clearly denied this rumor in no uncertain terms, “the movie rights to the Fantastic Four and all of its properties are still owned by Fox.” sad, but true. the below is the original post. until next time geek friends..


Josh Trank’s horrible reboot did serve a purpose, now Marvel can make an awesome Fantastic Four movie, which is planned for year 2020, and now Marvel can incorporate the Fantastic Four into multiple movies along the way. more importantly, the movie rights to the Silver Surfer come along with the Fantastic Four. Marvel can FINALLY make an awesome Silver Surfer movie with Zenn-la, the Watchers, Galactus and so many other awesome deep space characters. and even more importantly, the movie rights to the SUPER SKRULLS come along with the Fantastic Four!! and yes, that means SECRET INVASION will happen!! Secret Invasion is one of the greatest comic book stories ever told and now Marvel can tell that story properly; (also Jemma Simmons / Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may already be a Super Skrull).


this rumor that Marvel has regained the movie rights to the Fantastic Four and other Marvel characters is courtesy of Den of the Geek, which explains was a deal between 20th Century Fox and Marvel, in exchange for Marvel allowing two new X-Men/ mutant related tv shows ‘Legion’ and ‘Hellfire,’ announced yesterday.

#Marvel #superheroes #NewMutants’ #Legion & #Xmen’s #Hellfire Club coming to #TV on #Fox (confirmed)

932002-new_mutantsLast year we learned that Fox was bringing the New Mutants to television and now, today, the addition of X-Men’s Hellfire club as a separate tv series will be joining the superhero ranks on television. 20th Century Fox is following Marvel’s lead, as DC and others have, and are creating their cinematic / television universe. it is rumored that the tv mutant superheroes will tie in to the movies as do Marvel heroes, and not like DC superheroes, which will remain separate with no tie-ins.


Legion‘ will be based on the ‘New Mutants’ comic book series created by all-star comic book creator Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewcz. Legion is one of the most powerful mutants that exists in the Marvel universe. it does state, in the New Mutants comics, that Legion is THE most powerful, but I disagree. Legion absorbs other mutants into his consciousness, consuming their personality, as well as their mutant powers. his powers are similar to Rogue’s and Apcalypse’s, and in this respect, Legion is hugely powerful. Legion also influenced ‘Sylar’ from ‘Heroes.’ the first 2014 rumors hinted that this mutant tv series was to be ‘X-Force.’ which excited me to no end; sad we wont see Domino on the small screen, but hopes remain, as rumored ‘X-Men: X-Force’ movie with Deadpool & Cable may premiere in 2018. rumors a year ago hinted this Fox tv series would fashioned after Marvel’s ‘X-Factor‘ comics. now we have two confirmed Fox superhero tv shows based on Marvel X-Men superheroes.

hellfire-club (1) hellfire-club-x-men-series

Hellfire‘ will be a television series based on the ‘Hellfire Club’ from the ‘X-men: First Class’ movie, led by Sebastian Shaw, who was played by Kevin Bacon in the movie and timeline wise, set in the 60s and before the plot of the ‘X-Men: First Class’ movie begins. the ‘Hellfire’ tv show’s hero will be a “secret agent” (CIA, like Moria MacTaggert?) who tries to thwart ” a woman supervillain” (Emma Frost? way cool awesome if true) of a secret organization [The Hellfire Club] with evil plans of world domination, funded by the world’s wealthiest. sounds like a 60s Ian Flemming’s James Bond film, but with superpowers, in other words, cool.


expect these two new and upcoming superpowered tv shows fall 2016. I’m looking forward to both Fox/ Marvel tv shows; just don’t be like the final season of ‘Heroes’ or ‘Generation X’ from 1996. Bryan Singer will producing so great things are expected..

#CourtofOwls from #Batman #comics coming to #Gotham season2!

super excited about this #BREAKINGNEWS!! The Court of Owls is a secret society in #GothamCity, whose members include the rich and elite of #Gotham. they scheme and secretly run Gotham City, like insider trading on the city level. The Court of Owls has been around as long as Gotham City itself. The Court of Owls often uses it’s assassins, called, “Talons,” to do the will of the court beyond what can be controlled through negotiations. The Talons are a lot like Batman in many regards, only evil. This is one aspect of Fox’s tv series Gotham that actually makes perfect sense, unlike the other scenarios, where villains like The Joker have a role model they simply emulate in current times of the Batman timeline. the Talons will inspire Bruce Wayne to become Batman. obviously members of Wayne Industries, the ones Bruce’s father tried to oppose, are members of the Court of Owls. Bruce will again understand the need for vigilante justice and use The Talons as examples of how to achieve this, but for good.


Gotham season 2 starts monday, is Barbara Kean (Erin Richards) actually Harley Quinn?

Barbara_Kean_is_Harley_Quinn7Harley_eyesthat would certainly blow everyone’s mind. the facts, on Gotham, are Erin Richards’ character, Barbara Kean killed her parents, making her the true love of a psychopath (“The Ogre”) and that, in Gotham season 2, (trailers etc) Barbara Gordon is in Arkham Asylum , wearing the black & whites of an inmate and talks with Jerome Cicero, the future Joker, does she fall in love Joker at Arkham, like she does in the comics? or will it be a crime spree that sparks her affections? will Jerome, the Joker, twist her mind even further? also, Barbara Kean and Harley Quinn are both blonde, coincidence? that’s not a whole lot to go on, but with Gotham always trying to keep audiences guessing, it actually makes perfect sense. in a more recent DC comic book story of James Gordon, Barabara Gordon, the future Batgirl, was actually adopted, or in yet another version, Barbara Gordon is Jim Gordon’s niece. so Erin Richards, Barbara Kean on Gotham, doesn’t actually have to be the mother of Barbara Gordon / Batgirl. if you knew your ex-girlfriend was a psychopath, would you go back to her and have children with her? obviously “no,” but then again, Harley Quinn is adorable..


also worthy of note, do you remember the A.R.G.U.S. end of episode scene, of ‘Arrow’ season 1, where we saw the back of a blond inmate with “Quinn” printed on the back of her prison uniform? Marc Guggenheim said later, in an interview, that “the Harley Quinn property was being used elsewhere and would not appear on ‘Arrow.'” does that mean, “used elsewhere [on television]” like Fox? this Harley Quinn plot twist on Gotham is thin, but BREAKING NEWS like this has been based on less. Harley Quinn was actually created on the DC / Warner Bros 90s cartoon, ‘Batman: The Animated Series,’ who was so popular, she entered the world of comics and has been one of the most popular characters in the DC comic book universe.


Gotham season 2 premieres on Monday Sept 21 on Fox.

Apocalypse “First” Look. from 2016’s ‘X-Men : Age of Apocalypse’ upcoming superhero movie


actual first look of Apocalypse with Psylocke (Olivia Munn), Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) & Magneto (Michael Fassbender)

(by first look, i mean, first look of Apocalypse in the actual movie). the look of Apocalypse from ‘X-Men : Age of Apocalypse‘ is amazing! someone, inside 20th Century Fox’s editing room uploaded this photo to internet this morning. Apocalypse isthe all powerful mutant from ancient Egypt. we saw a glimpse of him in ancient Egypt in the end credit scene for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ but this is Apocalypse in the modern era, with tech enhancements.


on set, Psylocke, Archangel and their stunt doubles

Bryan Singer (X-Men 1 & 2) is back with ‘X-Men: Age of Apocalypse,’ which will feature an updated X-Men cast and will also feature awesome mutants, hint Deadpool is rumored to make a cameo. ‘X-Men: Age of Apocalypse’ is set to premiere on May 27 2016; (don’t worry, Josh Trank, of the new Fantastic Four reboot, had nothing to do with this movie).


actual still from ‘X-Men :Age of Apocalypse’ movie. Storm (Alexandra Shipp), Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) and Psylocke (Olivia Munn). does this mean Psylocke and Storm are two Horsemen of Apocalypse? will Wolverine be a third?

Assassins Creed movie: 1st look at Michael Fassbender!

The Assassins Creed movie, starring Michael Fassbender (Magneto) is fashioned after the hugely popular Assassins Creed video game. Michael Fassbender will be playing Desmond Miles, in modern times, who relives the deeds of his ancestors of the Assassin Order, through a type of genetic virtual reality. so don’t worry, Ezio and Altair will be in the movie in flashbacks. Assassins Creed is being developed by 20th Century Fox and is set to premiere Dec 21, 2016.

#FantasticFour final rant. with a 9% Rotten Tomatoes score and box office opening weekend earnings less than ‘Daredevil’ and ‘Green Hornet.’

although the new Fantastic Four reboot will never receive the “honor” to be named “the worst superhero movie of all time,” it will receive the title of “2nd worst superhero movie opening weekend,” (in modern history). the official numbers are in: 26.2 Million (according to Box Office Mojo). the only movie to do worse at the box office was the sequel to Ghost Rider, ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,’ with 22.1M; a movie you are better off not seeing. even the ‘Green Hornet’ did better than the ‘Fantastic Four,’ with 35M. ‘Daredevil’ even raked in 40.3M opening weekend. The 2005 Fantastic Four film made 56M it’s opening weekend and it’s sequel, ‘Rise of the Surfer,’ made a similar 58M. opening weekend box office results are really based on expectations; for example, ‘Superman3’ had a good opening weekend for 1983, but it was based on the expectations from Superman 1&2, and not Richard Prior. what even happened in that movie? evil dude was so rich he “never wore the same socks twice,” is all i got out of it. according to the movie studio, Superman3 did well, and Superman4 killed the franchise. actually, what really happened is no one trusted the Superman brand after Superman3;  (also Superman4 was even worse, like the writers didn’t care anymore). it’s too bad, as i loved Christopher Reeve as Superman/Clark Kent.


in today’s movie market, almost everyone loves superhero movies and are willing to see many of them every year, unlike in years past. we are in an era of geek dominated movies, (which is frikkin amazeballz!) akin to the cowboy movies of the 50s and 60s. we, geeks and muggles alike, are willing to see more than previous generations if we get to see the characters we love. this has made movie makers lazy and more reliant on CGI/special effects and less on a compelling story. Josh Trank, the director of the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot, has been blamed for his discouraging tweet the night before ‘The Fantastic Four’ hit theaters. it dissuaded some, but the real discouraging factor was the Rotten Tomatoes score of 9%. the rotten tomato score is a average based on all national critics. Josh Trank, who thinks he is great because of ‘Chronicle,’ and who will NOT, thank God, be directing Star Wars : Rogue One, tried to make himself look better by distancing himself from ‘Fantastic Four,’ and blaming the studio, 20th Century Fox, for the disaster. you’re not THAT good Trank, but you did have a different vision of the movie, which was a more modern, grittier sci-fi version, but was not at all related to the idea of the Fantastic Four and what they represent in the comics in any way. Josh Trank wanted to make a sci-fi film and use existing characters. unique is great, but forcing existing characters into a fixed idea is problematic. Fox wanted to use the standard formula for a superhero film here. there were many clashes between the two, but i post blame on the studio itself for rewriting scenes, last minutes changes and reshoots and even changing characters. one unanimous criticism from every reviewer is that the film lacks continuity and a story with clear direction; this is a clear result from studio conflicts and interference. would we have liked Josh Trank’s vision of the film? more so, yes, completely, no. also, the Fantastic Four sequel will not be happening. but remember when Bryan Singer did not do ‘X-Men3: Last Stand’ so he could steal Cyclops and make ‘Superman Returns?’ that was the worst X-Men movie ever, but they got Singer back eventually, on the creative team for X-Men: First Class’ and completely for X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ So there is hope for the Fantastic Four in movies. Bryan Singer could incorporate the Fantastic Four in future X-Men movies, as he previously hinted at, or 20th Century Fox could hire Fantastic Four writer Chris Claremont, Brian Michael Bendis or any writer who understands the characters and who can create a watchable story. Fox was obligated to make this Fantastic Four reboot; if they hadn’t, the movie rights would have reverted back to Marvel in 2017. will Fox let the Fantastic Four go back to Marvel now? nope, they will cling on as long as they legally can, which means X-Men movies most likely or another reboot in 8 years 😦 the planned Fantastic Four sequel premiere date July 14, 2017 has been replaced by Fox with a possible Deadpool sequel, even though Ryan Reynolds has said Deadpool will be his last superhero movie. this rebooted FF will not be in theatres on their own again, unless accompanied by mutants. (thank you twitter (& @SuperheroSteel) for expressing your Fantastic Four reboot angst this weekend, posts included here).FF_flashy_thingy