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Every TV cycle (season, half season, quarter season..) there is increasingly more geek tv options to watch. This is great for geeks. I remember a time when only one or two shows a week graced the geek genre and everything else was cop-lawyer-doctor drama. BUT..are there too many options? Nope. We have the agonizingly bad geek tv shows like the Shannara Chronicles-why are you making a season 2 Mtv? Is it another attempt to once again avoid airing music videos? We have shows like Supergirl, which I LOVE loved in season 1, but now has become more like Arrow once it crossed over to the CW; I still like it, but without the Kat Grant dynamic, it lacks the female empowering aspect and focuses more on Kara having to prove herself in a man’s world. Also, major plot errors and too many superheroes? Did I just say that? I wish it was less like Arrow, with flashy gimmicks, and focused more on a better story.

riverdale-poster1TV Shows I LOVE love this season are RIVERDALE (it’s just beautiful to watch; maybe the cinematography will wear off & be less appealing, but after 3 episodes, I love it), and THE MAGICIANS (you just keep getting pulled deeper into the plot, with no signs of slowing down). Although the Santa Clarita Diet (netflix) was similar to iZombie, it was enjoyable to watch and VERY FUNNY. I enjoyed Legion, but not as much as Fox advertised I would. I will continue to watch it of course, and hope more New Mutants besides Canonball grace the screen, like Magik, but we may have to wait until the spinoff tv series, now proposed movie, New Mutants, promised in 2018. Yes, Fox still owns the broadcast rights to Marvel’s mutants; this is why Marvel has introduced The Inhumans on Agents of SHIELD.

magicians_trioAnd don’t forget about Geek TV on streaming networks, like Netflix, Crackle and Amazon; ok, mostly just Netflix, but SuperMansion is one of the funniest things online or television (I would have added Rick and Morty season3, but no one knows its air date:/


Moon Knight may be coming to Netflix Marvel original series! Will Moon Knight be replacing Iron Fist on The Defenders?


Moon Knight may get an original Marvel series on Netflix! (rumor not confirmed, but 82% accurate). this immediately begs the question, is this why Iron Fist will (most likely) not be getting an original Marvel Netflix series? will Moon Knight be part of The Defenders instead of Iron Fist? Moon Knight is based in New York, so this switch, could, in theory, take place. Moon Knight has teamed up with other New York based Marvel superheroes and teams before, including the Avengers.


Moon Knight, Marc Spector, was a mercenary in north Africa, who stood up to his ruthless commander, Bushman, in order to save an archeologist’s daughter. Marc Spector, nearly killed by Bushman, wandered the desert and found himself in the Tomb of Pharaoh Seti, where he died under the statue of an Egyptian moon god, called Khonshu: The Taker of Vengeance. Marc Spector’s heart began to beat again, but now with the knowledge of Khonshu and thus began his path of vengeance as Moon Knight. Moon Knight moved to New York, with his Mercenary friend and helicopter pilot, Frenchy and the archeologist’s daughter, Marlene. Moon Knight then becomes a millionaire (because it’s this easy in comics), assumes several different aliases and continues a path of vengeance on anyone whom the police can’t handle, with Frenchy’s new moon-shaped stealth helicopter.


Moon Knight was hinted at in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but top sources did say that was just a tease, there was no plan for Moon Knight, at that point, to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Moon Knight will be getting a new comic book series releasing winter 2016, where Marc Spector wakes up to find himself in an asylum, wondering if all the aliases and Egyptian moon god Khonshu were all just made up, in his head. (more on this and Moon Knight here) the new. upcoming Moon Knight comic book series may tie in to the rumored upcoming Netflix series. I hope it does, Moon Knight is just awesome, and also dark, a perfect fit for Netflix.


The Flash season2 trailer! Jay Garrick and many Easter Eggs!

watch the Flash trailer here:

Flash_Jay_Garrick_0051who is Jay Garrick? he’s the first Flash. season 2 of The Flash will have 5 speedsters, including Jay Garrick, more here for The Flash family & The Flash season 2 speedsters. in the final episode of season 1 of The Flash, Barry Allen created a rift in the timeline and a gateway to alternate realities, “other world.” you may remember seeing Caitlin as Killer Frost.. Jay Garrick, past Flash, explains some of this to Barry, current Flash, and hints at other versions of The Flash, as villains from other worlds and times are unleashed upon Central City. The Flash season 2 premieres on Oct 6 2015. Geek Fall TV schedule here.

#FALL TV 2015 : What to watch & What to avoid : The Complete Guide to #Geek #Television (#SciFi & #Superhero #TV)

FALL TV 2015 what to watch what to avoid..

Aug 23  Sun

Fear The Walking Dead - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Key Art - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

fear-the-walking-dead-still-imageFear The Walking Dead  (AMC)

YES! WATCH! spinoff of ‘The Walking Dead,’ also by Robert Kirkman. ‘Fear..’ takes place in Los Angeles and is at the onset of the zombie, I mean, Walker, Apocalypse, during the time that Rick (‘The Walking Dead’ pilot episode) is in a coma. We’ll get to see the spread of the disease and how hospitals, the police and the military try to deal with it. The Walkers will be “fresh,” not decomposing, and not always recognizable as Dead. People will also not know what is going on or how to kill a Walker. ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ promises a different perspective and will be a scary, thrilling ride.

Aug 25  Tues

From Dusk Til Dawn  (El Rey Network)

SKIP! AVOID!! Burn your eyes. This show is a joke. Season 1 had Don Johnson who was great, but the best parts of the series were when the actors mimicked scenes from the movie. Beyond that, it was just really, REALLY bad. After episode 6, they renewed it for season 2. Why? Because Robert Rodriguez created the El Rey Network. after episode 6, the plot stopped culminating towards the climactic end and was really just filler so they could make a season 2. The movie itself was not that great of a movie. Everyone agrees the best part of the movie was the crime spree of George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino, before they made it mexico. They tried really hard with this series, but the last few episodes are laughable, AND now there’s another whole season..ugh.

Sept 9  Wed

The League  (FXX)  watch. even non-football fans find it hilarious.

Sept 11  Fri

continuum_detail_2560x1450_1280x725_200115267625Continuum  (SyFy).  watch. if you got hooked in the first 2 seasons, season 4 will offer more of the same.

Z Nation  (SyFy).  Nope. Skip this one. How did this get renewed? oh right, from the network that brought us Sharknado. If Z Nation was cheesy on purpose, I would watch it, but it’s trying too hard to be a real show. Attn SyFy, make it hilarious and people will watch, oh right, that’s a different show, called, ‘Ash vs The Evil Dead.’

Sept 19  Sat

DrWho1Dr Who  (BBC America).  Yes! Watch, if you are a Whovian.

Sept 21  Mon

 gotham-season-2gotham-season-2-cameron-monaghanGotham  (Fox).  YES! WATCH! more villains, more Nygma, more Joker and definitely more Cobblepot..

cc514bd2-9de1-4af6-840e-5dc07bd07b54The Big Bang Theory  (CBS).  YES! WATCH!

Minority Report  (Fox).  watch. maybe. (may not make it to season 2) It’s really boring. It takes place after the movie “Minority Report,’ where Pre-Crime has been abolished. One of the psychic twins teams up with a cop and together they try to stop crime before they are committed. It is very similar to iZombie and is yet another cop show with little sci-fi ..

Sept 22  Tues

Limitless  (CBS).  watch maybe. (just like the movie. watch if nothing else is on)

The Muppets  (ABC).  watch maybe.  (the last Muppets reboot on television, ‘Muppets Tonight’ was a disaster. this new one will be ok, but nothing will ever bring back the magic of Jim Henson).

Sept 24  Thur

Heroes Rebored (NBC).  skip. just like The Mutant Registration Act from the X-Men comics and a little like The 4400. NBC has not shown me ‘Heroes Reborn’ is any different then the last season of ‘Heroes;’ I am already disappointed before it has even begun. You can watch ‘Heroes: Dark Matter’ found footage web series to see what I mean. If you’ve never forgiven them for the final season of ‘Heroes,’ skip this one, there are plenty more superhero shows airing this fall. If you really, REALLY loved ALL seasons of ‘Heroes,’ be honest, then go ahead, get sucked in and watch, but don’t blame me when there are too many shows to watch..

Sept 27  Sun

Once Upon a Time (ABC).  some people really love this show. for me, the idea is just like the Vertigo comic book ‘Fables’  and too Disney to watch, but if that’s your thing, go for it.

Sept 29

NE41K2ECLP0j77_2_bAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  (ABC).  Yes! Watch! Agent Coulson! Have you been eating your fish oils? The Inhumans are coming..

Oct 1  Thur

Sleepy Hollow  (Fox).  watch, only if you have watched all the previous seasons and somehow are still hooked.

Oct 6  Tues

the_flash_72003grodd2The Flash  (CW).  YES! WATCH! Barry destroyed the timeline, Who is speedster Wally West? Catelyn becomes Killer Frost and everything is different..

rose-mciveriZombie  (CW).  YES! WATCH!  “The universe of the mystical gets a little larger,” that may mean vampires or mummies, but it does mean “wereterriers,” not yet anyway. The iZombie comic universe has a huge array of mythical creatures, zombies are just one of them. will Gwen ever show in the series?. eat brains, solve crimes. Liv has made being a zombie adorable.

Oct 7  Wed

hqdefaultArrow  (CW).  watch. Season 3 was difficult and many viewers just stopped watching. There are more Batman villains promised in season 4, like Anarky, and many crossovers will happen with ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and ‘The Flash.’

Supernatural  (CW).  they just keep making episodes.. actually, seasons 1 thru 5 were great. skip season 6 and most of 7, season 8 is better (apparently) and I have no idea about seasons 9 and 10.. BREAKING: Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural has signed with Sony, who is launching their version of Netflix original shows on the Playstation Network (yes, that means you watch original tv shows on your game console, like last season’s ‘Powers.’). I can only assume this is the last season of Supernatural, hope it’s the best season yet.

Oct 8  Thur

the_vampire_diaries_season_6-is-the-vampire-diaries-season-7-really-in-danger-due-to-poor-ratings-jpeg-283121The Vampire Diaries  (CW)

The Originals  (CW).  Watch if you love The Vampire Diaries.

Oct 11  Sun

walkingdeadbannerThe Walking Dead  (AMC).  YES! WATCH!

Oct 26  Mon

supergirl-flying-cbs-3Supergirl  (CBS).  YES, Watch! see full review here.

Oct 30  Fri

Grimm  (NBC).  watch, only if you have watched all the previous seasons and somehow are still hooked.

Oct 31  Sat

NEGKuZUaIUUxLI_2_bAsh vs The Evil Dead  (Starz).  YES! WATCH! for the love of “Groovy” Bruce Campbell. a much needed zombie comedy.

Jessica JonesjessicaJones_KristinRitter2 jessicaJones_villain_RachelTaylor_as_TrishWalker_Hellcat Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 11.31.19 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 11.31.42 AMJessica Jones  (Netflix)  Nov 20 2015. YES! WATCH. ‘Jessica Jones,’ starring Krysten Ritter, is the second Netflix series set in Hell’s Kitchen, of the Daredevil universe, leading up to ‘The Defenders,’ which includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. In ‘AKA Jessica Jones,’ Jessica will not use her superpowers (at first) and will be trying to fit in as a private detective. Hellcat (Rachael Taylor) and villain, The Purple Man (Dr Who/ David Tenant) will accompany Jones in this New York superhero drama. Rumors say the release date will be November.

MidSeason Premieres 2016  (no dates yet)

Agent Carter. season 2.

Legends of Tomorrow. The Flash / Arrow spinoff with more DC superheroes!

The 100. season 3.

Lucifer. from the The Sandman comic book by Neil Gaiman.

The X-Files. Scully & Mulder are back!

Penny Dreadful. season 3.


Orphan Black. season 4.

Emerald City (Wizard of Oz)

Frankenstein Code

Titans (delayed. hope to premiere in spring 2016)

New Angeles (a virtual reality city, like The Matrix and also staring Keanu Reeves).


DareDevil gets a season2!


leaked image of season2 Daredevil suit (made by Melvin)

that’s all i have right now, but AWESOME, right? what? you haven’t finished watching season1? well get to it, start right now, it’s amazeballs. it’s dark, like literally too dark at times; they really needed to spring for more lights, because you can’t see what’s going on in some of those scenes. season one is the origin story of Daredevil, Kingpin, the evil band of nijas, called, ‘The Hand,’ and sets the stage for Hell’s Kitchen in general, and hints at the upcoming seasons and spinoff series’ yet to come. Netflix has promised 4 Marvel comic series and a miniseries: Daredevil, Jessica Jones (next), Luke Cage (2016), Iron Fist (2016) and a Defenders mini series (The Defenders are a superhero team in Hell’s Kitchen, consisting of Daredevil/ Matt Murdoch, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist). Daredevil is violent, r-rated, so not suitable for all children). and yes, they did hint at Elektra in season one, and she will be be appearing, in some form, in season 2. Daredevil, watch it today.