How Will Marvel Bring The XMen, The Fantastic Four & The Silver Surfer into the MCU?

wallpaper-1199506Well, I have some thoughts..

Invisible Woman by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

Invisible Woman by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

The simplest explanation is not always the most fun. Yes, you could say a school of mutants has always existed in West Chester, NY, but chose not to engage in any of the world threatening struggles– boring, (and also, very unlike the X-Men to ignore such threats). And the Baxter Building has been in the Microverse the whole time? –not buying it.

Captain Marvel by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

Captain Marvel by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

You could solve it easily with time travel, via the Infinity Gauntlet, with Captain Marvel resetting the entire universe, but one of things is not like the others– enter the XMen in an end credit trailer to the deafening screams of Marvel fans (I would be one of them), as Stan Lee begins reading a copy of the Daily Bugle with Fantastic Four on the front page. This is certainly scifi plausible and would be acceptable, but I have another theory..


What if..

..during the final battle with Thanos, Scarlet Witch alters reality with her magic, destroying the Infinity Stones, ceasing Thanos to have ever existed, but also inadvertently alters the reality of the universe. The previously vaporized superheroes return and BOOM the XMen now exist, and have always existed according to everyone, except Wanda. Wolverine, Rogue and SpiderWoman (Jessica Drew) are standing beside their teammates, the Avengers, The Fantastic Four can be seen far away atop the Baxter Building, and far, far away, the Silver Surfer makes a deal with Galactus to save Zenn-la.


silver_surfer_2014_by_eamonodonoghue-d84o9fj me, my XMen..

#XMen #AgeofApocalypse #trailer! Apocalypse is amazing! watch it here:

Apocalypse is one of the greatest villains in the Marvel universe and quite possibly the coolest mutant (but “best mutant” is a much heated debate).

So who are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? it appears from the trailer, that they are Storm, Archangel, Psylocke & Magneto.

more on ‘X-Men: Age of Apocalypse’ and Apocalypse soon, with a more extensive blog post.

‘X-Men: Age of Apocalypse’ premieres May 27, 2016.

X-Men : Days of Future Past : The men of new X-Men for Man-crush Mondays


here are the men mutants from X-Men : Days of Future Past, the epic X-Men movie you are about to see on “Mutant Friday.”

Beast / Hank McCoy ImageImage10-best-graduated-x-men-costumes-beast-300x450

Bishop / Lucas Bishop ImageImage

Colossus / Peter Rasputin ImageImage



Iceman / Bobby Drake ImageImage


Magneto / Erik Lehnsherr ImageImageImage


Professor X / Charles Xavier  ImageImageImage

Warpath / James Proudstar  ImageImage

Quicksilver / Pietro Maximoff Image2728119-tumblr_mdwb1i59px1qiknbco1_1280-950x1024Imageand who has a younger sister? that’s right, the highly anticipated Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch makes an appearance, hinting she’ll be in the X-Men vs Apocalypse movie of 2016. Peitro and Wanda are the children of Magneto, Eric Lehnsser.

Sunspot / Roberto DaCosta  ImageImageImage

Toad / Mortimer Toynbee  ImageToad

Havoc / Alex Summers Havok-x-men-24305693-300-425Image

Ink / Eric Gitter tumblr_inline_mxpuhnCqJK1sohq5p

Mutant Soldier Image

Cyclops / Scott Summers ImageImage


.. and a few non-mutant pivotal male characters..

William Stryker, Jr. Imageprevious versions of William Stryker ImageImage

Bolivar TraskImageImage