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thanosSeriously, #spoilers ahead..

First of all, you knew this was coming. If you didn’t, you weren’t paying attention. Even in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor had a vision, in The Cave, where Thanos killed all the Avengers.

doctor_strange_featured_imageLet’s just take a look at several things Dr Stephen Strange said during the film. “I’ve examined 14million plus possibilities..” “How many of those do we win?” “Only one.” Later, he says, “There really was no other way.”


If you put these together, Dr Strange saw the only possibility in which they won and let it play out, knowing there really was only one way to defeat Thanos, even if it was defeat in the long term. And by long term, I mean, the next Avengers movie, picking up where Guardians of the Galaxy 2 left off, “I name him ‘Adam.'” Yes, Adam Warlock, in the comics defeats Thanos, with the help of others, but it is Adam who wields the Infinity Gauntlet to defeat Thanos, also Squirrel Girl defeats Thanos, but that is another story. This also explains why Dr Strange never used The Time Stone in his fight against Thanos, like he did in his fight against Dormammu. He played the long game, the one where Thanos will be defeated for good.

4147294-jpegThis also explains why Dr Strange “allowed” Quill to get angry at Thanos, hitting him and waking him up 2 seconds too early, (Tony Stark in his Iron Man Nano Suit & Peter Parker Spider-man in his Iron Spider suit almost removed the Infinity Gauntlet, yes, they just needed 2 seconds more). So if they did succeed in removing The Gauntlet, would Thanos rise again at some later time, needing Squirrel Girl to defeat him? (again, another story..). I believe Marvel is saying Thanos would rise again and the only way to defeat Thanos for good is to let him destroy half the life of all the universe… and come back later to defeat Thanos for good.

brie-larson-captain-marvel-mar-vell-comicbookcom-1078504Captain Marvel will play a pivotal role in defeating Thanos, and removing the Gauntlet. Adam Warlock can wield it and reset the universe to how it was before Thanos, even restoring all of Asgard and Nidavellir, (the realm of the dwarves).

tumblr_np82sfbER01s88ss5o1_1280Once this happens, Wanda, the Scarlet Witch, can destroy several of the Infinity Stones and have the Avengers protect the rest. I would have Wanda destroy the Power Stone & the Reality Stone, as they are too powerful to have lying around, even The Collector could  not protect these Infinity Stones. Give the Time Stone back to Dr Strange for safe keeping and as a great defense against threats to Earth. Give the Mind Stone back to Vision, so he can become Vision again, unless Shuri can reconnect neurons and make Vision without the need for the Mind Stone. Let Thor use the Space Stone as the Tesseract again, because that was convenient, and as for the Soul Stone? I’m not sure. Definitely have Eitri melt down the Infinity Gauntlet so it can never be used again.

This is a response to all the angst on twitter right now.. (don’t worry, in two years, all the ones who disappeared at the end of the movie will be restored).

Also, Disney just used the word assh*le in a Marvel film, way to go MCU. It wasn’t even an emotional moment, just Banner in the.. Were they trying to top the last Avengers movie, with “language, Cap?”

Star Wars Episode VIII Secrets Revealed! George Lucas “I Never Planned to Kill (blank) in Star Wars episode VII” But Lucas Film plans to bring back (blank) in episode VIII! BREAKING NEWS!!


In another non-spoiler post about Star Wars The Force Awakens, Lucas Film LTD accidentally spilled the beans on Star Wars episode VIII. When commenting on a George Lucas comment about how a certain character, who shall not be named (until 2016, then all bets are off-spoilers allowed), would have been in all continuing Star Wars films, the third Star Wars trilogy, episodes VII, VIII and IX, Lucasfilm LTD, now owned and operated by Disney via a $4 billion dollar deal, to The Wrap, “All main Star Wars characters of ‘The Force Awakens,’ will return in episode VIII.” What-What?


But if a certain character died, then how–? We shall quote Kylo Ren, “perhaps the use of a clone army..” Yep, that is the major spoiler for episode VIII, more clones. Unoriginal perhaps, but Supreme Leader Snoke is deeply connected with clones, as we shall see in two years. The Sci Fi Elements has confirmed cloning will be a major plot thread in Star Wars episode VIII from an inside source, one that will lose his/her job if no longer anonymous. The cloning plot will be much more than a single character. Episode VIII will include an attempt to recreate the clones from The Clone Wars, with  Clone Troopers, from the Empire’s archives, as well as The Sith. Originally, Emperor Palpatine was a clone, but supposedly that is no longer Star Wars canon, meaning LucasFilm LTD has claimed that that will no longer be true in the future of Star Wars, in movies, comics and tv cartoons, but that could have been only diversion from the truth tactic, a means to throw off the scent of fan investigators.


clone scientist of Kamino


The Grand Inquisitor (possible identity of Supreme Leader Snoke)


Supreme Leader Snoke


Which Sith would you clone?

Star Wars: episode VIII‘ premieres May 26 2017.

#Supergirl crazy reveal #spoiler answers #WhoIsHankHenshaw? on #Supergirl

For weeks we have wondered Who Is Hank Henshaw on the most loved geek tv show of 2015, Supergirl. Well, tonight we found out in the craziest, most surprising tv reveal ever! Hank Henshaw is … J’onn J’onzz Martian Manhunter. J’onn J’onzz Martian Manhunter is one of the most beloved DC comic book heroes and was a founding member of the Justice League


Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onzz, in the DC comics, was created by writer Joseph Samachson and artist Joe Certa. Martian Manhunter was once a police officer on Mars before a mind plague killed the entire population. J’onn J’onzz was accidentally pulled through a time-teleportation portal, created by an Earth communication device, just moments before the Martian extinction took J’onn’s life as well. J’onn J’onzz Martian Manhunter has many powers including shape-shifting, telepathy, Martian Vision (x-ray or energy beams), flight, strength, with a weakness of fire.



Hank Henshaw mentioned, to Agent Alice Danvers, that only one other person Earth knew Hank Henshaw’s secret, that he was indeed, J’onn J’onzz Martian Manhunter. So who is this other person? Superman?

Super Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoiler no else knows. You wont even believe that this secret was in the trailers all along (and it’s not the one everyone’s talking about)

Star Wars fans, read no further, major spoilers revealed below..

For even more major ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ spoilers, click here: (previous sci fi elements blog post).


In Star Wars teaser trailer #2, we hear Luke’s voice utter the following:

“The Force is strong in my family,

my father has it,

I have it,

my sister has it,

you have that power too.”

Who was Luke talking to?


Yes, we only see Luke’s mechanical hand as he touches R2D2 after a battle, and Luke is never revealed in any of the other trailers, but the real point is, who was Luke talking to? In the one and only “official” full trailer, we see some startling footage that almost looks like Luke being converted to The Dark Side, but on a closer look, it’s really Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac, being converted to The Dark Side, becoming Sith. If it’s true (see fully detailed previous blog post here), that Luke has gone to The Dark Side, and Luke has been featured on the poster and in the trailers after all, but as Sith Kylo Ren, then the above voice over was really meant for ..(wait for it..) .. Luke’s son, Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac). Poe could also just be Luke’s nephew, Leia’s son. Before Sith Luke, I was hoping Rey (Daisy Ridley) would be Luke’s daughter and Luke would train her in the ways of The Force, but now Star Wars is a little darker.. When I first saw the teaser, I thought Luke’s voice over was talking to Finn (John Boyega), but Luke’s son makes so much more sense. So Luke converts his son to The Dark Side, or at least tries to, just like Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker tried to convert Luke. It runs in the family I guess..


Is this Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) being converted to the Dark Side?


watch the Star Wars teaser #2 (with Luke’s voice over) here:

The Flash : the CW TV pilot explained


The FLASH made it’s long awaited premiere last night on the CW. yay for more superheroes on TV. we even saw a brief scene with Oliver Queen, as ARROW. if you haven’t been watching ARROW, Barry Allen was introduced on the last season of ARROW, season 2, and appeared in several episodes. The CW FLASH pilot started off strong and didn’t waste time introducing super powers and villains. there were quite a few eater eggs and hints at where the season will take us. let’s explain The FLASH pilot through the eyes of the long history of FLASH comics.

first off, if you are familiar with the CW, then you know that they love to keep you guessing, especially when there is previous source material, in this case, comics. remember how in ARROW, they toyed with us for almost two seasons about who the Black Canary actually was? in the comics, the Black Canary is ‘Dinah Laurel Lance,’ on ARROW, we have ‘Laurel Lance,’ whose mother is ‘Dinah Lance,’ but Laurel’s sister was the first Black Canary (yes, spoiler, Laurel may become Black Canary in season 3 of ARROW). so right away, on The FLASH, we see a police detective by the named “Eddie Thawne.” that is very significant, because “Eobard Thawne” from The FLASH comics is The FLASH’s archenemy, “Professor Zoom,” also called “Reverse Flash,” and is often depicted wearing a costume of reverse colors, yellow with a red lightning bolt, instead of The FLASH’s red with a yellow lightning bolt. so is detective Eddie Thawne The FLASH’s main archenemy on CW’s The FLASH? nope. to explain why, we need to go deeper.

the CW is mixing several story arcs together from the comics ( Flashpoint, Infinte Crisis, Born to Run, and most likely pieces from the Cobalt Blue story arc) mostly to confuse us. The FLASH comics have been around since 1940 and there is a wealth of information to choose from, as well as many varying reimaginings of The FLASH. in the Flashpoint comic story arc, we learn that Eobard Thawne, aka “Professor Zoom” or “Reverse Flash” needed to bring Barry Allen, The FLASH (there is more than one FLASH in the comics) into the future to reconfigure his molecules so that Barry Allen FLASH would not be constrained by timelines. only after this, can Zoom kill Barry Allen. if Zoom were to kill Barry Allen in the FLASH’s own time period or at any point along the FLASH’s normal timeline, Zoom would be killed as well, because the FLASH was instrumental in the creation of Zoom; if the Flash never existed, neither would Zoom. yes, it all gets very confusing, especially since this story arc and Zoom’s origins vary as it has been rebooted several times.

also important to mention from the comics, is that Barry Allen The FLASH goes back in time to save his mother from being killed. this creates a time distortion ripple effect and changes the future. spoiler alert: in the CW The FLASH, we see a flashback of a young Barry Allen surrounded by yellow and red “flashes” or streaks of light before is mother is killed. what is actually happening is the red streaks are Barry Allen, The FLASH, from the not-too-distant present future traveling back in time to save his mother from being killed on that fateful night. this creates an alternate timeline future. in the comics, the Justice League is never formed. Wonder Woman invades the UK while Aquaman destroys europe with massive tsunamis. it is a bleak future, one that must be corrected. Barry Allen appears in this new timeline, but remembers the original timeline. the yellow streaks, from that fateful night on the CW’s The FLASH, are Zoom fighting Barry Allen The FLASH. if Barry Allen resets this new timeline (it takes a while for the timeline changes to become permanent), then Zoom will never exist. Zoom needs Barry Allen to become the FLASH so that he can become Zoom. until the next chapter, when Barry Allen goes into the future and Zoom resets his molecules so he can be killed without timeline consequences. confused? but wait, there’s more.. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: in the FLASH comics, Bruce Wayne was killed on his own fateful night, instead of his parents. Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne become Batman and helps defeat Zoom in this alternate timeline. Barry Allen The FLASH from this alternate future timeline, now goes back in time again to prevent himself from reseting the timeline in the first place. how does he do this? he vibrates himself so fast that he merges with his alternate self trying to save his mother, becoming one FLASH. the combing of the two FLASH’s give Barry Allen enough power to defeat Zoom on that fateful night. time stands still long enough for Barry Allen to say goodbye to his mom, but then time resets to its original timeline. that is quite a bit for the CW to handle in one season. we shall see how much they will attempt to cover. also of note, in the comics, The FLASH uses a “cosmic treadmill” to travel back and forth in time. we will most get a hint of this device at S.T.A.R. Labs in this first season of the FLASH.

it is most likely, on the CW’s The FLASH, that Harrison Wells, the scientist in the wheelchair, is Zoom from the future and is a descendant of police detective Eddie Thawne. in the comics, the grudge match between the Thawnes and the Allens last more than a thousand years. evidence for this is: we know Harrison Wells is not crippled, the name ‘Wells’ hints at “H.G Wells,” the creator of time travel with his book titled “Time Machine,” from 1895, Wells is instrumental in creation of The FLASH, (the particle accelerator, knowing how to treat Barry Allen when he was in a coma, and his willingness to train Barry in the arts of super speed), Wells has advanced tech that is most likely from the future, and that secret room, in the final scene, we see a newspaper from the future. which by the way, has Queen Consolidated merging with Wayne Enterprises. geeking-out? sorry, Batman / Bruce Wayne will not be appearing on the CW, his character is licensed for television to Fox’s GOTHAM.

an important note to mention that will most likely be introduced in the CW’s The Flash, is, in one comic story arc, Barry Allen had a twin brother, but was switch/stolen at birth and raised by the Thawnes. when Barry Allen’s twin realizes this he the uses magic of ‘Cobalt Blue,’ also his name, to steal Barry Allen’s super speed powers. this is a very likely CW drama twist. i’m sure we will see police detective Eddie Thawne become a rival of Barry Allen’s, especially since they both love the same girl, Iris. (In the comics, Iris becomes Barry’s wife, Iris West, and for a brief time Iris has Barry’s super speed abilities).

the villains on the CW The FLASH will be all the Rogues from the comics, including Girder, Captain Cold, Weather Wizard (obviously, because he appeared in episode 1), and hopefully Mirror Master & Trickster (if only Mark Hamill could play the Trickster, as he voice acted the character so well from the animated series; make it happen CW). FLASH villain Captain Boomerang will be appearing on ARROW, as part of the Suicide Squad. the Suicide Squad is licensed for television to the CW, and consists of DC villains Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and even Harley Quinn (YES! Harley Quinn from the Batman / Gotham City comics will be appearing on ARROW in season 3). did you see the Gorilla Grodd reference? an open cage in S.T.A.R. Labs that could easily hold a gorilla, hinting that there was some sort genetic enhancements / testing going on. in the comics, Gorilla Grodd was subjected to a crashed alien space craft/radioactive meteor that gave him his superior to human intellect. we will probably have to wait until season for Grodd.

the CW will probably gives us a new villain of the week scenario, created from the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator accident “anomalies,” until we get an established plot going. i look forward to more episodes of The FLASH.