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hulu#Bestof2017 What to watch on Hulu, end of 2017 year review:

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a streaming service not as cool as Netflix, with less selection and lesser quality original content, that requires a monthly fee for online access, AND has commercials? That’d be awesome, right?

Now there’s Hulu;

it’s everything you don’t want.

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Every TV cycle (season, half season, quarter season..) there is increasingly more geek tv options to watch. This is great for geeks. I remember a time when only one or two shows a week graced the geek genre and everything else was cop-lawyer-doctor drama. BUT..are there too many options? Nope. We have the agonizingly bad geek tv shows like the Shannara Chronicles-why are you making a season 2 Mtv? Is it another attempt to once again avoid airing music videos? We have shows like Supergirl, which I LOVE loved in season 1, but now has become more like Arrow once it crossed over to the CW; I still like it, but without the Kat Grant dynamic, it lacks the female empowering aspect and focuses more on Kara having to prove herself in a man’s world. Also, major plot errors and too many superheroes? Did I just say that? I wish it was less like Arrow, with flashy gimmicks, and focused more on a better story.

riverdale-poster1TV Shows I LOVE love this season are RIVERDALE (it’s just beautiful to watch; maybe the cinematography will wear off & be less appealing, but after 3 episodes, I love it), and THE MAGICIANS (you just keep getting pulled deeper into the plot, with no signs of slowing down). Although the Santa Clarita Diet (netflix) was similar to iZombie, it was enjoyable to watch and VERY FUNNY. I enjoyed Legion, but not as much as Fox advertised I would. I will continue to watch it of course, and hope more New Mutants besides Canonball grace the screen, like Magik, but we may have to wait until the spinoff tv series, now proposed movie, New Mutants, promised in 2018. Yes, Fox still owns the broadcast rights to Marvel’s mutants; this is why Marvel has introduced The Inhumans on Agents of SHIELD.

magicians_trioAnd don’t forget about Geek TV on streaming networks, like Netflix, Crackle and Amazon; ok, mostly just Netflix, but SuperMansion is one of the funniest things online or television (I would have added Rick and Morty season3, but no one knows its air date:/


DD: DareDevil season 2 teaser trailer Watch it here now! you won’t believe who’s in it..


Daredevil season 2 only on Netflix teaser trailer will blow your mind! same dark theme, with many of the continuing cast members. Check DareDevil’s new costume’ remember when Matt Murdock commissioned a new suit from Melvin Potter, similar to Wilson Fisk’s / Kingpin’s? well, it’s ready for action in season2. we see two glimpses of the Punisher too; well almost. from the back, in a hospital and Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) looking at an unusual x-ray. Daredevil season 2 looks amazing, can’t wait until winter 2016 for it on Netflix. also winter 2016 will be the next installment series in New York/ Hell’s Kitchen Marvel superhero universe: ‘Luke Cage.’ also, also, of course, ‘Jessica Jones‘ will air, all episodes at once, on Netflix on Nov 20 2015. coming soon will be Iron Fist and the entire Defenders will be assembled, almost..

guess who else will be appearing in season2? yep, Bullseye AND Elektra! (unfortunately Bullseye is not in this trailer, but stay tuned for more..)




‘Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat’ gets a new comic book series as well as being Jessica Jones’ sidekick in Netflix’ ‘A.K.A. Jessica Jones’

hellcatMarvel announced a new ‘Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat’ comic book series today. Hellcat is the sidekick of Jessica Jones and will also appear on Netflix’s online streaming tv series’AKA Jessica Jones,’ airing in november 2015 (no exact date has been released). Hellcat / Patsy Walker will be played by actress Rachael Taylor on the Netflix tv show ‘AKA jEssica Jones.’


also, upcoming on Netflix, will be more Marvel superheroes, also within the same universe, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, both of whom will have cameo roles / be introduced in november’s ‘AKA Jessica Jones.’ eventually, on Netflix, all four superheroes, Jessica Jones, Daredevil/ Matt Murdoch, Luke Cage & Iron Fist will form the superhero team, ‘The Defenders’ as they did in the comics. Patsy Walker was first created for ‘Miss America’ comics in 1944, by Ruth Atkinson. Patsy first became Hellcat in 1976 and appeared with The Avengers, as well as, The Defenders. one of Patsy Walker’s more useful powers is the ability to summon her costume at will (i did not just make that up). Patsy was trained by Captain America, Hellcat’s costume has razor sharp claws, she can sense mystical energy and even force block with the same mystical energy. i’m looking forward to both the Netflix series and the comic book series.

730209-missamerica_14bb6833cdd056  3161259-patsy+walker+from+xmen+to+serve+and+protect+4c  background

Who’s ready for VIXEN, the animated spinoff series (set in CW’s The Flash / Arrow universe)?

maxresdefaultwatch episode one of ‘Vixen,’ the animated web series, starring the cast of ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash,’ on CW’s online platform (website or app), CW Seed :


why is ‘Vixen’ an ‘Arrow’ spinoff? Vixen is brought to you by the writers and producers of ‘Arrow,’ Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti, is set in the ‘Arrow’ & ‘The Flash’ universes, and even the actors of ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ voice their animated versions of the characters they play on ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow.’ each weekly episode of ‘Vixen’ is only 5min, in the original ‘Star Wars : Clone Wars’ style, so it will be great to binge re-watch the entire season. will Vixen make a live-appearance on Arrow? character_15950_fYES! but exactly when still remains a mystery; Marc Guggenheim is good at keeping secrets. Vixen is voiced by Megalyn Echikunwoke.

50e58549ff24e29b42daf98fb2e57782Who is Vixen? Vixen is Mari Jiwe McCabe, from the fictional African nation of Zambesi. Mari McCabe was raised by the village priest, Ricard Jiwe, after her mother was killed. Later, Mari became a model, which funded her crime fighting career.

Vixen_0018Vixen has the ability to connect with the Earth’s morphogenic field, called, “The Red,” to access and focus the power of any animal who has ever walked the earth, even focusing the power of extinct animals or more than one animal at the same time. Vixen wears an ancestral fox and tooth necklace, given to her by her mother, called the Tantu Totem, which was once thought to be the source of her power. The Tantu Totem actually helps clarify the connection to The Red, but may only be warn by those who protect the innocent. Vixen can communicate and control animals as well, but the longer she stays connected to The Red, the more she adapts the behavior of the animals she is connecting with. Vixen’s crime fighting costume includes claws which are magically enhanced that can cut through almost anything.images

#FantasticFour Trank’s at the Box Office: Fox blames director Josh Trank’s discouraging tweet for latest superhero movie Fantastic Four tanking opening weekend

Josh_Trank_Fantastic_Four_tweeti wasn’t looking forward to Fantastic Four from the beginning; too soon for a reboot, but 20th Century Fox forced another movie because if they don’t keep producing Fantastic Four movies, then the cinema rights will revert back to Marvel. this movie is more of a power play than anything. but here’s what really went wrong: Josh Trank had an alternate vision for the reboot, different than the comics or what has come before in the previous Fantastic Four movies. Trank’s concept was more of a sci-fi film genre than a typical superhero film, even with thriller type scenes. nothing wrong with envisioning something new and giving us something to experience, in fact i encourage that. Trank chose a Fantastic Four reboot in the comics to draw from, ‘Ultimate Fantastic Four’ by Brian Michael Bendis. Trank’s vision, for the most part, was actually filmed, but that is not what we got this weekend. Fox studio execs meddled and reshot certain scenes, even renamed characters to make the film more like a generic superhero film, disparate from what Josh Trank had envisioned. what we were left with was 2 movies pieced together, with some strong story arcs and solid plot points, only to undermined by the next scene, taking the film temporarily in a new direction, and then back to it’s original scheme. in a lot of ways, the same thing happened to Ant-man. Edgar Wright’s vision was compromised and pieces were fit in to try to make Antman fit into a superhero movie scheme that studio execs like because they believe the standard makes money. unfortunately, they are right about the profit, but wrong about what makes a good movie. if it’s pg-13 with superheroes and humor, kids will love it; if it is original with an adult-centric, intellectually engaging plot, then grown ups will like it too. Ant-man was still a success, as the script was still mostly Edgar Wright’s vision, but not all that it could have been. The Fantastic Four, however, lacks clear direction and leaves audience members with an unsure feeling, like this one, “it had all the elements of other superhero movies, but i didn’t really like it and i can’t explain why; it was ok, i guess.” would Fox ever re-edit it more to Trank’s vision? will we ever see that version? i’m assuming that version will be better, but i can’t say for certain.

Character-Bannerthis Fantastic 4 reboot was intended to launch a series of films and begin integration between Fox’s owned X-Men movie franchise and the Fantastic Four. Fox even has a date for the Fantastic Four sequel. crossover plans are all but scrapped for now and no one knows for certain if Fox will continue on with the sequel. does this mean Fox will try to reboot the Fantastic Four again in 5 years just to hang on to the film rights? no one knows at this point.

635743760406688129-XXX-FANTASTIC-FOUR-JY-5626-72363214the concept of a superhero team was conceived by Stan Lee at Marvel in 1961 and was created largely by Jack Kirby. over the years, the writer of the X-Men comics, Chris Clarement wrote the “FF,” as he likes to call it. Chris Claremont has the written the script for the upcoming ‘Gambit’ movie for Fox. why not have Chris Clarement write the new Fantastic Four? or, 20th Century Fox, if you still want to green light a sequel, have comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis write it? it was his vision that created the comic that inspired this movie.

conclusion: wait for DVD / streaming, give Fox studio execs something to think about, but still see it.Josh-Trank-Fantastic-Four-Tweet_article_story_large