Top 20 Best Zombie Movies & Top 5 TV Shows Recommended Watch Review List, for the Undead Apocalypse/ Zombies Fan

Even before the first zombie movie, ‘White Zombie,’ people have been obsessed with the undead; the once living, neighbors, friends, relatives, now reanimated and attempting to eat you alive. This concept may be overused in today’s culture, but it was once terrifying.

Creating a modern best of list is difficult, as “best,” to some, may mean scariest, but to others, it may mean cinematic, drama or even humorous. And to others still, it may mean general, quality movie standards of creative story telling and developed, transformative characters. This list will include all of the above and is a recommended watch list for anyone willing to see people eating other people.


TV, Top5  (– wait, are there more than 5?)

TWD2The Walking Dead‘ always deserves a mention in anything zombie, I mean, walkers, sorry Robert Kirkman. The first episode is still one of the best, created by Hollywood cinematographer, David Tatersall, and set the tone for the entire series. I wish AMC never fired him; the end of season 1 and the entirety of season could have been good. It got better, of course, and some of those episodes in season 5 and 6 were truly amazing. I personally feel, mid-Negan, the show has gone down hill and lost its appeal to many; (hoping it gets better). I spoke with Robert Kirkman, mid-season 6; he explained that ‘The Walking Dead’ is still in its first act of storytelling. Not sure how that will play out with Andrew Lincoln, ‘Rick,’ leaving the show. AMC will hang on to this show as long as possible, so maybe the overall plan is to realize the big picture story with additional spin-off series like the underwhelming ‘Fear The Walking Dead;’ just make a show about the beginning of the apocalypse, not ‘West Coast Walking Dead,’ it’s not CSI. I did, however, enjoy the brief ‘Flight 462,’ for the mere fact that you cannot escape walkers on a plane.

‘Z Nation’ is just not worth mentioning, aw crap, I mean besides now. Zombie baby, #noop.

izombie-4-sezon-ne-zaman-baslayacakCW’s ‘iZombie‘ is a happy-go-lucky tv series that is all fun and will get you to anticipate each entree Liv Moore creates in every episode. The moral of the series is don’t chase drugs with energy drinks. Or maybe it’s the living and the undead should never date?  Anyway, it’s nothing like the comic.

santa-clarita-diet-season-3-netflix-scheduleSanta Clarita Diet‘ is hysterical all the way through. (if you’re reading this from a time capsule, there are only 2 seasons so far, so I can’t speak for future seasons). What happens when a realtor, or real-a-tor, from the ‘burbs starts to crave human flesh? Does she eat her misogynistic neighbor?



Let’s get the comedy out of the way first..

220px-Life_After_Beth_poster   ‘Life After Beth.’ Aubry Plaza makes this film fun to watch. Unexplained zombie outbreak in suburbia.

Fido  Fido is like ‘Leave It To Beaver’ 50s style television, but with zombies, you’ll love it!

zombieland  Zombieland is a how-to guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse, with great rules to live by. Not only is it entertaining, but it’s a good film as well. I truly loved this movie.

shaun-dead.0.0  ‘Shaun of the Dead‘ is a masterful modern classic, with comedy only Edgar Wright can deliver, and overall, it’s a really good movie. Pulling the blind down to ignore the zombies was a classic scene. Also, setting the stage in the beginning, with people zoning out on the bus before the outbreak is genius. Watch and re-watch.

Drama, action, suspense & horror:

warmbodies   ‘Warm Bodies.’ If you can handle a “zo-mance,” where zombies fall in love and retain human-like qualities, with a happy ending, then this may be for you.

200px-Dodsno    ‘Dead Snow‘ (Norwegian, subtitles). Nazi zombies unearthed in Norway cause havoc. Gory action, with humor.

resident-evil-the-final-chapter-2560x1440-resident-evil-the-final-chapter-6270  ‘Resident Evil.’ The first one was clearly the best in the Milla Jovovich series, but every one is entertaining & promises the Umbrella Corporation, so cool in that regard. Yes, the game is better, but the movies will be rebooted soon and promise more Umbrella Corp, so I’ll be watching.

Rezort-Poster-27x39-copy2-Copy  ‘The Rezort.’  (I still believe ‘Last Rezort’ would have been a better title). A solid movie, with a concise a story, but rather generic. After the zombie outbreak, zombies were defeated, but not eradicated, just put on an island to shoot for recreation. It’s like Jurassic Park, but with zombies, what could go wrong?

HereAlone  ‘Here Alone.’ An indie zombie film. A woman accustomed to isolation in the woods, has her routine upended when she encounters a father and daughter. I liked how you heard the zombies throughout the film, knowing their presence was nearby, but only saw the creatures at the end.

World-war-z-poster03  ‘World War Z.’ Once bitten, you have 11 seconds before you turn. You can’t outrun the turned. If you do manage to escape into a large building, they’ll just pile themselves up a hundred feet high until they breach the building. I’m not spoiling anything am I? I feel like the plot was a little muddled, and it felt like the ending didn’t fit the rest of the film, but it did have some great scenes.

Cargo-Movie-poster  ‘Cargo‘ was a nice film about a man protecting his family. I feel like they traveled in circles the entire film. I enjoyed it, with great performances, but they didn’t follow their own zombie rules at the end.

‘I Am Legend.’ Nope, they were vampires. Yes, it was an apocalyptic movie, like ‘Stakeland,’ but, again, vampires, not zombies. The book had both ravenous zombie-like, flesh-eating vampires, as well as, civilized, societal vampires.

Maggie-review   ‘Maggie.’ Clearly the best acting performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career. His daughter has been bitten and slowly turns. He comforts and connects with her and gradually lets go of his child, knowing there is nothing he can do to stop the change.

TheHorde_movieposterThe Horde‘ (Belgian, subtitles). A good film, despite its flaws. A zombie outbreak occurs during a police raid on a notorious criminal gang; they must team up in order to survive.

28weekslaterPSTER066-film-28-weeks-later-2-1000x1000  ‘28 Weeks Later.’ A good sequel to a great film.

Rammbock_movieposter  ‘Rammbock‘ (German, subtitles). The true spirit of a zombie horror flick; it’s suspenseful, scary and has cinematography that enhances the scenes.

thebattery  ‘The Battery.’ A true low-budget indie film, and one of the best on this list. It tells a story, a good story, of two former minor league baseball players, hence the bats, dealing with the end of civilization, loneliness and the need to connect with other human beings, in an apocalyptic landscape.

Ravenous_220px-Les_Affamés_film_poster  ‘Ravenous‘ (2017, there are many movie titles by this name). (French, subtitles). Really good! This movie brings suspense back to zombie films, a must-watch.

REC  Scariest, for me, on this list would go to ‘[REC]‘ (Spanish, subtitles). Other titles on this list have scary moments and overall creepiness, but this found footage horror movie is edge-of-your-seat thrilling. The American remake, ‘Quarantine,’ and both of [REC]’s sequels were not very good.

  ‘Dawn of the Dead.’ George Romero’s 1968 ‘Night of the Living Dead’ created the zombie film genre, and his 1978 ‘Dawn of the Dead’ perfected it. This original recipe, classic horror film sets the stage for everything zombie to follow.  The 2004 Zack Snyder ‘Dawn of the Dead’ reboot is a non-stop action film, quite different from the original; a must-watch for any zombie fan.

28-days-later-2002-poster  ‘28 Days Later.’ Danny Boyle completely changed the zombie rules, which revitalized the genre with this suspenseful film. ’28 Days’ is the first movie to depict zombies as mad, crazed-sprinters; run for your life! These zombies created so much more tension as a result. Also just one drop of infected blood can turn someone in an instant.  However, I felt the last portion of this movie was little uninteresting, compared to its thrilling beginning.

train-to-busan-commentary  ‘Train to Busan‘ is my favorite on this list. It’s a Chinese, action-thriller that is suspenseful from beginning to end. It’s everything a zombie film should be. Just watch it.


If I missed a zombie movie title that you loved, by all means, scream at me in the comments. I mean, you may get blocked, but I would love to hear your opinion, not really, but I would like to know if there is a good film that I missed or haven’t seen.

GEEK TV Schedule: What to watch, what to avoid..Spring 2016


Geek TV Schedule: What to Watch, What to Avoid, What to wait to watch and what to watch when you’re bored.

Mondays:   Supergirl, The X-files (new), Gotham, The Magicians (Syfy),

Tuesdays:   The Flash, iZombie, Agent Carter / Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Expanse (Syfy),

Wednesdays:   Arrow,

Thursdays:   Legends of Tomorrow, The 100, The Big Bang Theory,

Secondary TV shows of interest:

The Shannara Chronicles (Great set design. Hot teen actors with the backdrop of Adventure Time; it’s Mtv :/ I watch it, but not live, that’s what DVRs are for.

Dr Who (you either crazy love it or you don’t)

The Vampire Diaries (they keep making new episodes :/

Supernatural (watch seasons 1-5)

Man Seeking Woman

Orphan Black (watch season 1-2)

Extant (watch season 1. on Amazon Prime)


Other shows:

ShadowHunters (the average quality movie is actually better, ‘The Mortal Instruments.’ this show is not going to last, you may want to skip it all together)

Grimm (watch seasons 1-2)

Sleepy Hollow (watch season1, but full of bad history)

The Originals (if you like The Vampire Diaries, then there’s this other show..there’s a crossover coming soon)


Other Other Geek related TV shows: The Frankenstein Chronicles (ITV), Heroes Re-Bored (NBC), Beowulf (ITV), Teen Wolf (Mtv), Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (BBC America), Into the Badlands (AMC), The Last Kingdom (BBC America), ..


Funny, Hysterical and animated:

Gravity Falls (last episode on Feb 15 2016 😦

Adventure Time (season 7 new episodes)

Rick and Morty (new season Fall 2016)

SuperMansion (on Crackle. voted “Funniest Show on TV” by the NYThymes)

Vixen (serious animated DC superheroine set in the ‘Arrow’ / ‘The Flash’ universe. This animated series serves as the backstory for when Vixen will appear in live-action form on ‘Arrow.’)


The Walking Dead (mid-season premiere Feb 14 2016)

Daredevil season 2 (featuring Punisher & Elektra) (Mar 18 2016)

Fear The Walking Dead (April 10 2016)

Game of Thrones season 6 (April 22 2016)

Powers season 2 (May/June 2016)

Penny Dreadful season 3 (Fall 2016)

You wont believe what happened on The Walking Dead tonight: Is Glenn really dead? season6 ep3 “Thank You” review recap spoilers (RIPGlenn just in case)


Today on AMC’s The Walking Dead, we saw the sad goodbye of one series’ most beloved characters, Glenn Rhee. But is Glenn really dead? Or is it just wishful thinking that Glenn is still alive? Maybe, but Glenn almost died in the season finale of season 5 of The Walking Dead. Remember when 3 Walkers were top of him and somehow he survived? By the way, that was also Nicholas’ fault. Nicholas, of course, is remembered most for panicking and directly causing the death of Noah in the revolving door scene of season 5. Glenn forgave him and tried to turn Nicholas into a better person, but fear of the Walking Dead (see what I did there?) overcame Nicholas and (spoiler alert) he shot himself on top of the dumpster taking Glenn down with him into the Walker heard below. Here we see a sad goodbye to a great man, Glenn Rhee, rest in peace my friend.


Apocalypse’s Best Power Couple Glenn and Maggie


Glenn survives .. in season 5

But is Glenn really dead? Facts: We saw a body being eaten and Glenn screaming, but you could say that it was Nicholas’ body that was eaten by Walkers on top of Glenn, especially because intestines seem to be coming out of Glenn’s shoulder, not the lower torso, where they should be located. Does AMC need an anatomy lesson? Or did Glenn somehow crawl underneath the dumpster to survive? Are we all just overly emotionally attached to our favorite characters, wishing that by some miracle they survive against all odds, refusing to accept the most likely scenario? Did Glenn survive? I don’t know, but a good question to tweet at Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comics, Outcast comic and co-writer of The Walking Dead series and Fear The Walking Dead. All the episode deaths could have avoided, including Glenn’s apparent death, if, in the pet store, where they killed two walkers, they just covered themselves in walker blood and just walked home.


Glenn_dies_from_above_the_walking_dead Did the walkers eat Glenn or Nicholas’ body on top of Glenn?

Also in this episode, Heath settles his differences with Michone, the start of a beautiful friendship? Other dude we don’t really know never gets back to his apocalyptic wife, (not wife before the apocalypse). Rick realizes his plan has been thwarted, but sticks to his guns to protect the community of Alexandria, and also kicks ass in hand to hand with two Wolves members, but damages the RV as he kills two more, because he’s Rick Mother F-ing Grimes. In the final scene, we see the swarm about to overtake the RV, now with a broken door. I’m also worried about Rick’s hand, is it a cut or a walker scratch?

Flight 462 ep2 Fear The Walking Dead


while you’re waiting for episode 3 of The Walking Dead, get caught up on Flight 462 Fear The Walking Dead. Walkers on a plane? No knowledge, no weapons, no escape.

The Fear The Walking Dead companion show, spinoff series to The Walking Dead, takes place on a plane, where no one knows anything about walkers or how to deal with them. What will happen when there is no where to run, no tools or weapons to defend oneself? Will anyone survive? I know the episodes are short and are only released every 2 weeks, but still a must-see for any Walking Dead fan.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ jumped right into the impending apocalypse, but did it jump too quickly? premiere episode review / recap


‘Fear The Walking Dead’ : Fear Begins Here.. Does it?

in ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ I was expecting a different story, origin of the outbreak, the slow spread and eventual downfall of civilization. the pilot episode of “Fear The Walking Dead’ seemed rushed, like let’s hurry up to catch up with Rick’s team in Georgia/DC. Take your time, you have 2 seasons to get there (yep, AMC issued 2 seasons before the pilot even aired. a gamble? well not really, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ received 10.1 million viewers, making it the most highly viewed pilot ever). If you get there too soon, all you will have is ‘The Walking Dead’ in California. Make “Fear..” different enough so we will want to watch it in a different way. Robert Kirkman, the creator of ‘The Walking Dead’ comics and tv series, said, in an interview, that telling the origin of the outbreak was not interesting to him. well it’s interesting to us Robert! perhaps dangling that question keeps us glued to each episode (although there is a slight reveal in the comics). it just seemed like the premiere episode of ‘Fear..’ should have been episode 3. take your time, let’s explore the spread of the ..virus? is it even a virus? maybe it’s a pathogen or genetic alteration? I would rather see a slow unfolding of the spread and fall of society, rather than a hurried one.

fear-the-walking-dead-still-imagespoilers: in ‘Fear..’ we meet a Walker in the opening scene and the main characters later discover, through trial and error, that some people are no longer people and can’t be killed by running them over in cars. we also see the police and first responders try to deal with an outbreak from a car accident, as if they had never experienced it before, but in the hospital, we hear hospital staff utter, “another victim” as if the medical team knows something, as they rush a patient’s dead body to the basement. In class, we learn about the theme for the series, Jack London’s book, ‘To Build A fire,’ Man vs Nature and “Nature always wins..” perhaps that is all we will get about the origin, as if some single-sighted military plot, GMO food or medical research vaccine meddling goes awry and Nature corrects itself creating Walkers after death. also connected, Chaos Theory is being taught in another classroom, hinting that the balance of Life has somehow been tampered with.

29C9383600000578-3131821-image-m-62_1434735311384there is a certain amount of mystery when the protagonists don’t know what’s going on, and I love that, but I wanted more of that. ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ is great television and the character development is amazing. there’s action, but it’s not uber scary; (the scariest part was the title credits). I want more episodes already. the premiere of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ was not as epic as ‘The Walking Dead’s pilot episode, but more great things are coming. conclusion: YES, WATCH!


‘Fear The Walking Dead’ exhibit at SDCC

#FALL TV 2015 : What to watch & What to avoid : The Complete Guide to #Geek #Television (#SciFi & #Superhero #TV)

FALL TV 2015 what to watch what to avoid..

Aug 23  Sun

Fear The Walking Dead - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Key Art - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

fear-the-walking-dead-still-imageFear The Walking Dead  (AMC)

YES! WATCH! spinoff of ‘The Walking Dead,’ also by Robert Kirkman. ‘Fear..’ takes place in Los Angeles and is at the onset of the zombie, I mean, Walker, Apocalypse, during the time that Rick (‘The Walking Dead’ pilot episode) is in a coma. We’ll get to see the spread of the disease and how hospitals, the police and the military try to deal with it. The Walkers will be “fresh,” not decomposing, and not always recognizable as Dead. People will also not know what is going on or how to kill a Walker. ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ promises a different perspective and will be a scary, thrilling ride.

Aug 25  Tues

From Dusk Til Dawn  (El Rey Network)

SKIP! AVOID!! Burn your eyes. This show is a joke. Season 1 had Don Johnson who was great, but the best parts of the series were when the actors mimicked scenes from the movie. Beyond that, it was just really, REALLY bad. After episode 6, they renewed it for season 2. Why? Because Robert Rodriguez created the El Rey Network. after episode 6, the plot stopped culminating towards the climactic end and was really just filler so they could make a season 2. The movie itself was not that great of a movie. Everyone agrees the best part of the movie was the crime spree of George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino, before they made it mexico. They tried really hard with this series, but the last few episodes are laughable, AND now there’s another whole season..ugh.

Sept 9  Wed

The League  (FXX)  watch. even non-football fans find it hilarious.

Sept 11  Fri

continuum_detail_2560x1450_1280x725_200115267625Continuum  (SyFy).  watch. if you got hooked in the first 2 seasons, season 4 will offer more of the same.

Z Nation  (SyFy).  Nope. Skip this one. How did this get renewed? oh right, from the network that brought us Sharknado. If Z Nation was cheesy on purpose, I would watch it, but it’s trying too hard to be a real show. Attn SyFy, make it hilarious and people will watch, oh right, that’s a different show, called, ‘Ash vs The Evil Dead.’

Sept 19  Sat

DrWho1Dr Who  (BBC America).  Yes! Watch, if you are a Whovian.

Sept 21  Mon

 gotham-season-2gotham-season-2-cameron-monaghanGotham  (Fox).  YES! WATCH! more villains, more Nygma, more Joker and definitely more Cobblepot..

cc514bd2-9de1-4af6-840e-5dc07bd07b54The Big Bang Theory  (CBS).  YES! WATCH!

Minority Report  (Fox).  watch. maybe. (may not make it to season 2) It’s really boring. It takes place after the movie “Minority Report,’ where Pre-Crime has been abolished. One of the psychic twins teams up with a cop and together they try to stop crime before they are committed. It is very similar to iZombie and is yet another cop show with little sci-fi ..

Sept 22  Tues

Limitless  (CBS).  watch maybe. (just like the movie. watch if nothing else is on)

The Muppets  (ABC).  watch maybe.  (the last Muppets reboot on television, ‘Muppets Tonight’ was a disaster. this new one will be ok, but nothing will ever bring back the magic of Jim Henson).

Sept 24  Thur

Heroes Rebored (NBC).  skip. just like The Mutant Registration Act from the X-Men comics and a little like The 4400. NBC has not shown me ‘Heroes Reborn’ is any different then the last season of ‘Heroes;’ I am already disappointed before it has even begun. You can watch ‘Heroes: Dark Matter’ found footage web series to see what I mean. If you’ve never forgiven them for the final season of ‘Heroes,’ skip this one, there are plenty more superhero shows airing this fall. If you really, REALLY loved ALL seasons of ‘Heroes,’ be honest, then go ahead, get sucked in and watch, but don’t blame me when there are too many shows to watch..

Sept 27  Sun

Once Upon a Time (ABC).  some people really love this show. for me, the idea is just like the Vertigo comic book ‘Fables’  and too Disney to watch, but if that’s your thing, go for it.

Sept 29

NE41K2ECLP0j77_2_bAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  (ABC).  Yes! Watch! Agent Coulson! Have you been eating your fish oils? The Inhumans are coming..

Oct 1  Thur

Sleepy Hollow  (Fox).  watch, only if you have watched all the previous seasons and somehow are still hooked.

Oct 6  Tues

the_flash_72003grodd2The Flash  (CW).  YES! WATCH! Barry destroyed the timeline, Who is speedster Wally West? Catelyn becomes Killer Frost and everything is different..

rose-mciveriZombie  (CW).  YES! WATCH!  “The universe of the mystical gets a little larger,” that may mean vampires or mummies, but it does mean “wereterriers,” not yet anyway. The iZombie comic universe has a huge array of mythical creatures, zombies are just one of them. will Gwen ever show in the series?. eat brains, solve crimes. Liv has made being a zombie adorable.

Oct 7  Wed

hqdefaultArrow  (CW).  watch. Season 3 was difficult and many viewers just stopped watching. There are more Batman villains promised in season 4, like Anarky, and many crossovers will happen with ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and ‘The Flash.’

Supernatural  (CW).  they just keep making episodes.. actually, seasons 1 thru 5 were great. skip season 6 and most of 7, season 8 is better (apparently) and I have no idea about seasons 9 and 10.. BREAKING: Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural has signed with Sony, who is launching their version of Netflix original shows on the Playstation Network (yes, that means you watch original tv shows on your game console, like last season’s ‘Powers.’). I can only assume this is the last season of Supernatural, hope it’s the best season yet.

Oct 8  Thur

the_vampire_diaries_season_6-is-the-vampire-diaries-season-7-really-in-danger-due-to-poor-ratings-jpeg-283121The Vampire Diaries  (CW)

The Originals  (CW).  Watch if you love The Vampire Diaries.

Oct 11  Sun

walkingdeadbannerThe Walking Dead  (AMC).  YES! WATCH!

Oct 26  Mon

supergirl-flying-cbs-3Supergirl  (CBS).  YES, Watch! see full review here.

Oct 30  Fri

Grimm  (NBC).  watch, only if you have watched all the previous seasons and somehow are still hooked.

Oct 31  Sat

NEGKuZUaIUUxLI_2_bAsh vs The Evil Dead  (Starz).  YES! WATCH! for the love of “Groovy” Bruce Campbell. a much needed zombie comedy.

Jessica JonesjessicaJones_KristinRitter2 jessicaJones_villain_RachelTaylor_as_TrishWalker_Hellcat Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 11.31.19 AM Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 11.31.42 AMJessica Jones  (Netflix)  Nov 20 2015. YES! WATCH. ‘Jessica Jones,’ starring Krysten Ritter, is the second Netflix series set in Hell’s Kitchen, of the Daredevil universe, leading up to ‘The Defenders,’ which includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. In ‘AKA Jessica Jones,’ Jessica will not use her superpowers (at first) and will be trying to fit in as a private detective. Hellcat (Rachael Taylor) and villain, The Purple Man (Dr Who/ David Tenant) will accompany Jones in this New York superhero drama. Rumors say the release date will be November.

MidSeason Premieres 2016  (no dates yet)

Agent Carter. season 2.

Legends of Tomorrow. The Flash / Arrow spinoff with more DC superheroes!

The 100. season 3.

Lucifer. from the The Sandman comic book by Neil Gaiman.

The X-Files. Scully & Mulder are back!

Penny Dreadful. season 3.


Orphan Black. season 4.

Emerald City (Wizard of Oz)

Frankenstein Code

Titans (delayed. hope to premiere in spring 2016)

New Angeles (a virtual reality city, like The Matrix and also staring Keanu Reeves).


#FearTheWalkingDead : Watch the 1st 3min here of #TheWalkingDead spinoff tv series, premieres sun at 9pm on AMC

IMG_7734-620x400Fear becomes reality with the premiere of Fear The Walking Dead‬.
Watch the story of the unfolding (‪don’t use the word “zombie‬“) apocalypse. How did it start? (We may never know exactly “how” or “who” started the apocalypse (you have to read the comics for that ;), but we will see the origin of the outbreak and what the police, military, CDC and the government did to try and stop it Find out more during season 1 of The Walking Dead‬ spinoff series ‘Fear The Walking Dead.’ ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ takes place in Los Angeles, CA, contrasting the later events that take place in Georgia in “The Walking Dead,’ and will tell a different story, with different characters of the same impending apocalypse. There may be a crossover of ‘The Walking Dead’ characters, Robert Kirkman, the creator of ‘The Walking Dead’ comics and television series, has hinted, but not confirmed this to be true; it may only happen in season 2. ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ begins  during the time Rick is in a coma and the outbreak takes hold. In ‘The Walking Dead’ timeline, it takes about 5 weeks for the outbreak to bring down civilization and turn the world into a Walker (zombie) apocalypse. We will also have to wait impatiently as the characters figure out what’s going on, what a zombie/Walker is, how people turn into Walkers, how the disease is spread, how noise attracts Walkers, the whole Walkers smelling humans issue and, of course, how to permanently kill a Walker (head shot). It might be interesting to watch this unfold, although I may be yelling at my television, giving them pointers :/ The Walkers themselves will be freshly turned, not have decomposed over 5 seasons, and will be able to run (although, you may remember businessman Walker hoping a fence in season1 episode2..)  I really want to see this and hope they can continue this spinoff into many seasons.

here are some set photos, recreated for SDCC, San Diego Comic Con:

Punisher to appear in DareDevil season2! Shane from The Walking Dead is the new Frank Castle.


Frank Castle, The Punisher

Jon Bernthal has just been cast as Frank Castle, The Punisher, for DareDevil season2! you may remember actor Jon Bernthal as the guy from The Walking Dead, Shane, who was sleeping with Rick’s wife when Rick was presumed dead, and who survived a hopeless Walker situation by shooting his teammate in the leg so he could escape. moving from a spineless role to most “spineful” role there is, Bernthal, is now the new Punisher, alias of Frank Castle. criminals don’t stand a chance with The Punisher AND DareDevil both in Hell’s kitchen. season 2 of Daredevil premieres winter 2016, only on Netflix, and, as always, all episodes at once, so we can binge all night in geekiness.


Jon Bernthal, as “Shane” on The Walking Dead


Jon Bernthal, as “Shane” on The Walking Dead


Frank Castle, The Punisher.

Sci Fi TV : Fall TV Premiere Schedule 2014 : What’s hot, what’s not

sci-fi tv series you should be watching right now:         original post date: august 2014.

Dr Who


the Strain

Sci Fi Fall TV Premiere Schedule 2014 : What you should be watching. What you need to avoid watching

fri  Sept 12


Z Nation  (there’s zombies. best guess review b4 watching: “boooo”) SyFy

mon  Sept 22

the-big-bang-theoryBig Bang Theory  (laughs & science. i know it’s rare, but CBS isn’t always ‘See B.S.’)(normal thur time slot in oct)  CBS

downloadGOTHAM  (intriguing but the concept may not carry over a full season. it’s like Young Justice/ Gotham City Kids, centered around a cop drama with detective James Gordon as the protagonist. so Catgirl, Lil’ Bruce Wayne before Batman, the Penguin as a henchmen, not a crime boss, a young Riddler and Poison Ivy too (although they changed her name to ‘Ivy Pepper’ from her true name of ‘Pamela Isley’ from the comics) and yes, they will hint at the joker mid-season (Fox said they wouldn’t but it was leaked that they will. i prefer the mystery of the Joker, not really ever knowing who was before becoming the Joker; it makes for a much more interesting character, especially reading/watching his made up origin rants. Tim Burton spoiled that by giving the Joker a name & a pre-history not covered in any of the comics, ‘Jack Napier.’). Netflix already bought the streaming rights & could possibly carry the series if Fox cancels it)  Fox

0902-sleepy-hollow-fox-3Sleepy Hollow  (i liked the first episodes, but lost interest after they kept getting their history wrong.)  Fox

tues  Sept 23

shield_plus7tiles_630x354px_1927tud-1927tuvMarvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  (this show really turned around mid-season, and a tie-in to the movie Captain America: the Winter Soldier was just awesome. the new season cover the rebuilding of S.H.I.E.L.D. and feature new Marvel heroes like Mockingbird. hoping they will explain Skye more, Object 0-8-4, this season. there will be a mid-season break to make room for 8 episodes of Agent Carter. more super powers are expected this season. lanyards for everyone.)  ABC

sun  Sept 28

ONCE upon a time  (‘gag’ it’s disney in the worst way, family programming. it’s just bad television monopolizing off the success of of disney fairy tale movies; a poorly written drama, like soap opera-y drama, using fairy tale characters to cover up the fact that the writing is so, so bad. soon Simba and Aladin will appear on the show driving talking cars. now if they added zombie Minions (from Despicable Me) i might be interested).  ABC

thur  Oct 2

cropped-vampire-diaries-season-5-promotonal-poster-2the Vampire Dairies  (there are guys who actually watch it)  CW

fri  Oct 3

0Star Wars Rebels movie  (rated at ‘better than the clone wars.’ takes place between episode iii & iv, so Anakin has already fallen to the dark side and become Darth Vader)  Disney TV

mon  Oct 6

the Originals  (if you watch the Vampire Dairies, then ..)  CW

tues  Oct 7


the Flash.  (it’s Flashpoint paradox. Weather Wizard, Girder, Gorilla Grod and others. it’s a spinoff from ARROW and there will be cross-overs between the two on both shows. they’ve teenaged the whole Flash Universe & the pilot covers Barry Allen getting his super speed powers, even getting his flash suit, but not contained in his ring. if you like ARROW, then you’ll like the next young justice character).  CW

Supernatural.  (the show ended quite a while ago, but they keep making episodes for some reason)  CW

wed  Oct 8

olARROW.  (“my name is Oliver Queen. for 5 years, i was stranded on a hellish island..” actually just 2 years, because last season we found out you left the island after 2 years & went to Honk Kong. season 3 will feature Oliver being trained by Katana. yes, ARROW has stolen all of the League of Assassins from Batman. this show is full of drama with characters never keeping secrets and always going on drama rants, then flipping to opposite extreme and another drama rant. the show features obvious goofs each episode, but there’s superheroes, & for the most part, it’s a good series, and of course, there’s  felicity  ❤   season 3 of Arrow will feature new superheroes, nope, no longer Ted Kord / Blue Beetle, but Firestorm, Atom and possibly Wildcat. the season2 dvd (release date: Sept 16) will feature a cut scene featuring Harley Quinn, as part of A.R.G.U.S.’s Suicide Squad. ARROW & Starling City (‘Star City’ from the comics) is becoming more & more like Gotham City).  CW

sun  Oct 12

Rick-and-Daryl-in-The-Walking-Deadthe Walking Dead   (OMG Terminus!)  AMC

mon  Oct 13

Star Wars Rebels .  (pilot series premiere)  Disney X D

oct 22

The 100 - New Promotional Poster2

the 100.  (global war destroys civilization. a few thousand people escape to space and survive on a rigged space station for 100 years, but that’s not the 100 from the title. 100 teenagers were jettisoned down to earth as a test to see if the earth was again inhabitable. it’s a post apocalyptic world with mad max warriors, yep, not all life was killed in the war. the verdict: it’s interesting, but the plot doesn’t advance that quickly. also it has the typical teen drama you’ve come to expect from the CW. funniest thing ever was the two-headed deer first episode. this show is good at creating mystery & suspense, but an episode later they dilute the concept or character with normalcy & blah blah, so it is easy to lose interst in this show. the first season aired in summer, with little competition, don’t think it has the right stuff to hold up to fall television.)  CW

fri  Oct 24

Constantine_Show-e1399833122634Constantine.  (if you think you’ve seen this, you haven’t. it’s not Keanu Reeves (the constantine movie), nor is it the leaked pilot. the pilot was reshot without the female lead. this series will be closer to the comic than the movie, but slower moving unfortunately, and spoiler: Dr Fate’s helmet appears in the pilot, so more involved than just John Constantine with the poorly designed business card, this show will introduce the realm of DC comics magic, who knows how far they will go.. i saw the original pilot and it was rather boring; hoping they will amp it up for the premiere.)  NBC

GRIMM.  (well if you made it this far, might as well continue to watch a little more.. i was severely disappointed with the beginning of season 3, after episode 7, it started to pick up again. they are just running out of material & ways to keep it interesting. the whole blindly trusting adeline because she now has a baby was just BS, & big surprise she turned back into her evil self again. bored on fri nights? then yes.)  NBC

Oct  30

Big Bang Theory.  moves to thursdays.

Nov  24

ascension_detail_2560x1450_1280x725_317194819537Ascension  (6 episodes. looks cool.)  SyFy

not mentioned: Revolution (‘cuz too much swash-bucking without any pirates), Falling Skies (‘cuz family drama with an alien/sci-fi landscape & bcuz of too many poor decisions every episode; not worth watching), Defiance (also family drama & very much like Terra Nova, which was so painful to watch). Bitten (season 2 will be on SyFy in 2015. Bitten is like a bad version of the Vampire Dairies, but plot twist, it’s werewolves, instead of vampires). you don’t have to watch bad television just because it’s sci-fi; we have other choices now. your time is valuable, especially to geeks, spend it tweeting about the proper positioning of Spider-Woman’s butt or getting the high score on Destiny; life is too short to waste it on bad television.



based a comic book from Image comics, 2004, it focuses on two detectives solving superhero related murders, in a world where super POWERS are part of every day life. releases Dec 2014.  Sony PlayStation Network (that’s a thing. it’s a streaming service like Netflix, but only accessible through a Sony Playstation).


marvel-tv-netflix-luke-cage-daredevil-iron-fist-jessica-jonesDareDevil. (also to include the other Defenders: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist.  Deborah Ann Woll (‘Jessica’ from True Blood), will star as Karen Page, Matt Murdock’s/DareDevil’s girlfriend. Rosario Dawson to star as Elektra, Elektra in her villain phase. looking forward to this. it airs on Netflix so hopping we can binge watch just like House of Cards.) Netflix

Agent_Carter_Official_LogoAgent Carter.  (so..remember Captain America’s girlfriend from the first Captain America movie? well her name is Peggy Carter and she has her own comic book series, ‘Agent Carter.’ the reason she was featured in ‘Captain America: the Winter Soldier’ movie, was this series, airing winter 2015. did you ever see the 15min ‘Agent Carter’ short, called ‘Marvel One Shots,’ on the ‘Iron Man 3’ dvd? well that was essentially the pilot episode, so Zodiac is the villain. the series will cover the formation of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is why Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be taking a break mid season for this 8 episode run. the series will cover elements from the comic, have a female, empowered protagonist, Peggy Carter, important in today’s world, and supposedly will hint at Hydra surviving after the movie demise of Red Skull. Howard Stark, Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) father will also be a part of the cast.)  ABC

bjmcwpxlpxcuimntqcykOrphan Black  (YES! there will be a season 3)  BBC America

imagesiZombie  (based on the comic of the same name. she’s a zombie that needs to eat brains to survive, hence the job at the morgue, but after she feeds, she absorbs all the screaming memories of the deceased, like in ‘Warm Bodies,’ which she then uses to solve the victim’s murder; sound familiar? still looking forward to it.)  CW

12 monkeys. like the 1995 Bruce Willis, Madeline Stowe movie. January 2015. SyFy.


Upcoming for Sci-Fi television, still in development:

Minority Report: 10 years Later.  Fox

New Angeles   (a virtual reality world staring Keanu Reeves. so it’s the Matrix ? well.. not Wachowski Bros or Matrix franchise, but may be immersive like Existenz. make it action-style cool, not like Caprica’s ‘V World.’)

Titans (‘Teen Titans’ most likely to include: Beast Boy aka Changeling, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Nightwing, Kid Flash & Wonder Girl. still in development. hoping for 2015). TNT

Walking Dead Spin-off (not too many details have been released, not even the official name, but we do know it will cover different areas of the zombie apocalypse, giving us a larger picture of what happened & what is currently going on; similar to the book World War Z. the movie depicted Brad Pitt traveling the world trying to figure out what happened & the origin of the outbreak, but the book was a compilation of over 20 different stories, narrated by each individual, depicting their story & their attempts to find a cure; a great concept for story telling, but would not have translated into cinema. Robert Kirkman, the creator of the original Walking Dead comic & co-writer/influencer for the Walking Dead tv show and the writers for the Walking Dead will be helming the spin-off. releases in 2015). AMC

Supergirl (still in development, well Warner Bros is still trying to sell it to a network. the CW refused, so we’ll see. hoping it will air fall 2015) update: Supergirl will air on CBS.

X-Men (in “deep development”) according to sources at Bleeding Cool, Fox is considering an X-Men TV series! it is still “deep in development.” which probably means 2016. Since Fox still owns the rights to ‘X-Men’ and even the word ‘mutant,’ and considering their new superhero success with Gotham, it only seems fitting that they will bring X-Men to the small screen. the potential could be amazing, since Fox produces the X-Men movies. there could be all kinds of movie-tv crossovers just like what Marvel did with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America : the Winter Soldier. i’m really excited about this, make it happen Fox.