The Cloverfield Paradox is a paradox unto itself. scifi netflix movie

‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ is an extremely well done scifi adventure movie, with amazing VFX / CGI and special FX. BUT the plot and the story could have been so SO much better; it just felt like they added unnecessary scenes to cover up the gaps in the story and major plot holes. The worst part of this movie was the plot trying to connect the previous films in this series, ‘Cloverfield’ and ’10 Cloverfield Lane.’

Cloverfield-ParadoxSPOILERS below:

‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ movie, surprised us all by dropping it on Netflix, immediately available after the Super Bowl, on the online streaming platform, skipping theatrical release. In ‘The Cloverfield Paradox,’ the time frame is set in the future to our present 2018 (mentioning this just in case someone from the future is reading this and archiving it to unravel the on-going Cloverfield Mystery). With only 5 years remaining of Earth’s oil reserve supply, a last minute, last ditch effort to save modern civilization, a particle accelerator on a massive space station is created, with the name ‘Cloverfield.’ If it really was humanity’s last chance, why did the ship have to be so big? It literally would have taken decades to build, which would present so many technological problems, including the original parts and design would have to be replaced after 10 years. The particle accelerator itself was not that big, which would be the only reason to have such a massive ship, as current particle accelerators are miles in length, (and circular). The ship design looked amazing, but the rotating elements were off-axis, which would not create the intended artificial gravity; also not necessary and adding to the size of the ship.


Perhaps “The Cloverfield Paradox” is that the use of alternative fuels would have negated the need for fossil fuels and deescalated any future “Oil Wars,” thus negating the need for this entire movie. Today, the military has prototype biofuel fighter jets that perform equally to fossil fuel jets. A biofuel commercial airline jet made its first transatlantic flight several years ago. Solar City solar panels, using Tesla batteries, powered an entire hospital last fall, as independent aid to Puerto Rico. Solar power plants already exist in the Nevada and Arizona deserts, not to mention countless wind farms around the world. I find it hard to believe, “humanity’s last hope” lies in an untested technological form of space particle accelerator energy generator, that feeds energy to the entire planet. And what was the plan to get the energy down to Earth? Beam it down like a satellite mobile phone signal? If so, would you have to wait for it to pass overhead to get power for your house or city? So many questions..



Back to the story.. and this is the worst part of this film, Donal Logue, an author, via tv broadcast, to the Cloverfield space ship bridge command center, explains the tie-ins to all the Cloverfield movies: “the particle accelerator could open a door to another dimension and bring demons or monsters to Earth.” WHAT?! Why would you take ALL the anticipation and suspense away from the entire film? Also, why were you watching television 30 seconds before testing the device, with only fuel for three more test attempts), THE most important thing in human history? Was it for your Instagram Story?


Well, now you know what’s going to happen and what will happen on Earth right after the accelerator fires up. Now it’s just wait and see as story unfolds, but wait, we’ll mislead you with scenes that distract from the main story like the arm scene didn’t need to be there. Unless Hamilton was going to use the arm to kill Mena at the climax of their fight scene; they even showed a close-up of the arm, eluding to it being used later in the fight scene, but it never was. Or, unless they were trying to say that that area in the ship was where the dimensions overlapped, but if so, there should have been more anomalies in that same area, like every anomaly, including the unexplained lake of water that appeared out of no where. If they were trying to say that “condensation” created the lake, then the weight of the mystery water would have thrown the station off balance long before the explosion of the magnetic/oxygen related  incident at the rotating gravity balancer. This magnetic anomaly would have made perfect sense if it was in the same location. The purpose of the oxygen scene was to get more energy to launch the particle accelerator, and was going to give them “just enough” energy to do that, but instead it just dropped the periscope thingy with blue lights, that, for some reason, needed to drop down to start the particle accelerator, instead of just being down all the time, it’s not like they needed the space, again, the ship was huge. And also somehow, the ship had tons of energy for the rest of the movie. They could have just had “weird stuff happens on the ship” and still have had it been cohesive in some way.


People freaked out on Twitter over the ending, but you knew there were going to be giant creatures beginning with Donal Logue’s tv broadcast scene. Also, when husband looks out the window and sees explosions and hears fighter jets flying to the scene (yes, this could be the start of the “Oil Wars” mentioned previously, but not after Donal Logue). And again, when you see the shadow of the monster in the smoke over the debris. And again Again, in the bomb shelter (where was this? who built it? and how did a random doctor know its location? Was it on Yelp? Hey Siri, is there an abandoned bomb shelter and or bunker near me left unlocked with plenty of supplies that also has great cell reception?), when you heard giant foot steps above; what else could have made those exact sounds? And finally, when husband actually says, “You’re having her come back here [to Earth] to these THINGS,” right before you see the giant creature at the end.



Through the use of the Sheppard Gyro Compass device, The Cloverfield space station, intending on creating unlimited energy, accidentally sends the crew to an alternate dimension. The scifi aspects hold up, sort of, when weird things happen and continue to happen without explanation, in a similar vein to ‘Event Horizon.’ I believe ‘Cloverfield Paradox’ was trying to say that when the original Cloverfield ship of original Earth jumped to a new dimension, the universe was trying to correct itself, with anomalies, because the ship did not belong to this new dimension. This wasn’t explained very well, in fact nothing was explained very well. So much so, that instead of establishing rules for the Cloverfield Universe, that were desperately needed (& were promised in promotional marketing), this movie basically says, “we did some stuff and now we can do whatever we want for future films, because none of it matters.” If you want people to become fans, set up rules so we have something to grasp to. As far as I can tell, the particle accelerator opened a dimensional gateway and let out giant monsters in every dimension, at different times. I can only assume that now, ‘Cloverfield’ and ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ took place in alternate dimensions and all future movies will have no tie-ins to previous films, and if they do, and a future sequel is not popular, they can simply hit command Z and undo the previous plot, citing that happened in another dimension, and has no relevance on a continuous plot line. ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ was originally called, ‘God Particle,’ after the Higgs-Boson particle discovered at the Cern particle accelerator. Scientists have claimed the Higgs-Boson can explain the universe. Maybe they, Paramount with JJ Abrams, originally named it “God Particle,” so they could play God with the plot and never be accountable for anything that doesn’t work.

Speaking of giant monsters.. In the original ‘Cloverfiled,’ many of the monsters were just larger than human size, 8-10 feet tall(?) With the giant, “end boss” monster, half the size of New York buildings, that somehow Michael Jordon-jumped up and knocked off the head of the Statue of Liberty. Why? Because it made a great movie poster. The monsters, at the end of ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ were similar to the ones in ‘Cloverfield,’ but more like aliens, with chemical weapons and the technology to build a mothership capable of invading other planets. OR, maybe the aliens driving the mother ship were creatures we haven’t seen yet, who traveled through the dimensional gateway and unleashed the creatures on Earth in every timeline (I’ll take a story credit for the next Cloverfield movie Paramount). When you finally see the giant Cloverfield monster, at the end of ‘Cloverfield Paradox,’ it is so huge, it’s head is above the cloud layer. That is way bigger than Godzilla, in fact, according to science, the cloud layer, as depicted in that scene, ranges anywhere from 6000 to 20,000 feet, and the clouds depicted in that scene, cirrus above cumulus, form at a minimum of 20,000 feet and usually much higher. The weight of such a creature would have easily crushed the underground bunker from the previous scene.


And in that same scene, did the giant Cloverfield monster eat the escape capsule, from Cloverfield space station, thus negating the entire struggle of every character, of the entire plot, of the entire movie? Maybe not, it was hard to tell, and maybe the creature missed the capsule and it was the same capsule that landed in that unexplained scene from the original ‘Cloverfield’ film, or maybe these two events happened in two different dimensions, and these scenes were just edited together, like Westworld timelines (which is another JJ Abrams project)? If the intention of this Paradox, a convoluted and unsupported plot line which was created merely to rub people the wrong way and get them to complain about this film online, generating enormous social media buzz, then, success.

This movie had a lot of potential. I love the actors, the acting, the incredible sets, the amazing cinematography, the flawless FX, but the story just had so many issues. I would have loved to have seen events in the future create events in the past, or something similar; just better scifi than the muddled story we were given.


Would I recommend ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ and should you watch it? It’s better than many other movies currently on Netflix, and is even better than many films released in the theaters, despite everything I’ve just mentioned. Also, ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ is better than anything currently on network television, so yes, I would recommend it, and yes, you should watch it (if you love scifi and don’t mind many, many unanswered questions, and major plot holes).


#LegendsofTomorrow #Trailer!

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The Legends of Tomorrow are an elite team put together by time traveler Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), yup he’s from the DC comics, as are the rest of the team, consisting of White Canary / Sarah Lance (Caty Lotz) from CW’s ‘Arrow,’ The Atom / Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) also from CW’s ‘Arrow,’ Captain Cold / Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) from CW’s ‘The Flash,’ Heat Wave / Mic Rory (Dominic Purcell) from CW’s ‘The Flash,’ Hawkgirl / Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee) also from CW’s ‘The Flash,’ Hawkman / Carter Hall (Falk Hentschel), FIRESTORM / Professor Martin Stein (Victor Garber) & Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh), also from CW’s ‘The Flash.’ Not sure why they need two fire guys and two hawk people. Why not get a Kryptonian, like Powergirl, a speedster, like Impulse, someone to deal with magic, like Dr Fate or Zantanna Zatara, and a Green Lantern, like John Stewart or Jade? Seems like that would be a much more powerful team, you know, if the fate of the world is at stake.

Quote from ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ trailer: “I’ve seen men of steel die..”-Rip Hunter (did he just say he saw the Death of Superman?).

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ premieres on the CW, on  Jan 21 2016.

The Flash : the CW TV pilot explained


The FLASH made it’s long awaited premiere last night on the CW. yay for more superheroes on TV. we even saw a brief scene with Oliver Queen, as ARROW. if you haven’t been watching ARROW, Barry Allen was introduced on the last season of ARROW, season 2, and appeared in several episodes. The CW FLASH pilot started off strong and didn’t waste time introducing super powers and villains. there were quite a few eater eggs and hints at where the season will take us. let’s explain The FLASH pilot through the eyes of the long history of FLASH comics.

first off, if you are familiar with the CW, then you know that they love to keep you guessing, especially when there is previous source material, in this case, comics. remember how in ARROW, they toyed with us for almost two seasons about who the Black Canary actually was? in the comics, the Black Canary is ‘Dinah Laurel Lance,’ on ARROW, we have ‘Laurel Lance,’ whose mother is ‘Dinah Lance,’ but Laurel’s sister was the first Black Canary (yes, spoiler, Laurel may become Black Canary in season 3 of ARROW). so right away, on The FLASH, we see a police detective by the named “Eddie Thawne.” that is very significant, because “Eobard Thawne” from The FLASH comics is The FLASH’s archenemy, “Professor Zoom,” also called “Reverse Flash,” and is often depicted wearing a costume of reverse colors, yellow with a red lightning bolt, instead of The FLASH’s red with a yellow lightning bolt. so is detective Eddie Thawne The FLASH’s main archenemy on CW’s The FLASH? nope. to explain why, we need to go deeper.

the CW is mixing several story arcs together from the comics ( Flashpoint, Infinte Crisis, Born to Run, and most likely pieces from the Cobalt Blue story arc) mostly to confuse us. The FLASH comics have been around since 1940 and there is a wealth of information to choose from, as well as many varying reimaginings of The FLASH. in the Flashpoint comic story arc, we learn that Eobard Thawne, aka “Professor Zoom” or “Reverse Flash” needed to bring Barry Allen, The FLASH (there is more than one FLASH in the comics) into the future to reconfigure his molecules so that Barry Allen FLASH would not be constrained by timelines. only after this, can Zoom kill Barry Allen. if Zoom were to kill Barry Allen in the FLASH’s own time period or at any point along the FLASH’s normal timeline, Zoom would be killed as well, because the FLASH was instrumental in the creation of Zoom; if the Flash never existed, neither would Zoom. yes, it all gets very confusing, especially since this story arc and Zoom’s origins vary as it has been rebooted several times.

also important to mention from the comics, is that Barry Allen The FLASH goes back in time to save his mother from being killed. this creates a time distortion ripple effect and changes the future. spoiler alert: in the CW The FLASH, we see a flashback of a young Barry Allen surrounded by yellow and red “flashes” or streaks of light before is mother is killed. what is actually happening is the red streaks are Barry Allen, The FLASH, from the not-too-distant present future traveling back in time to save his mother from being killed on that fateful night. this creates an alternate timeline future. in the comics, the Justice League is never formed. Wonder Woman invades the UK while Aquaman destroys europe with massive tsunamis. it is a bleak future, one that must be corrected. Barry Allen appears in this new timeline, but remembers the original timeline. the yellow streaks, from that fateful night on the CW’s The FLASH, are Zoom fighting Barry Allen The FLASH. if Barry Allen resets this new timeline (it takes a while for the timeline changes to become permanent), then Zoom will never exist. Zoom needs Barry Allen to become the FLASH so that he can become Zoom. until the next chapter, when Barry Allen goes into the future and Zoom resets his molecules so he can be killed without timeline consequences. confused? but wait, there’s more.. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: in the FLASH comics, Bruce Wayne was killed on his own fateful night, instead of his parents. Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne become Batman and helps defeat Zoom in this alternate timeline. Barry Allen The FLASH from this alternate future timeline, now goes back in time again to prevent himself from reseting the timeline in the first place. how does he do this? he vibrates himself so fast that he merges with his alternate self trying to save his mother, becoming one FLASH. the combing of the two FLASH’s give Barry Allen enough power to defeat Zoom on that fateful night. time stands still long enough for Barry Allen to say goodbye to his mom, but then time resets to its original timeline. that is quite a bit for the CW to handle in one season. we shall see how much they will attempt to cover. also of note, in the comics, The FLASH uses a “cosmic treadmill” to travel back and forth in time. we will most get a hint of this device at S.T.A.R. Labs in this first season of the FLASH.

it is most likely, on the CW’s The FLASH, that Harrison Wells, the scientist in the wheelchair, is Zoom from the future and is a descendant of police detective Eddie Thawne. in the comics, the grudge match between the Thawnes and the Allens last more than a thousand years. evidence for this is: we know Harrison Wells is not crippled, the name ‘Wells’ hints at “H.G Wells,” the creator of time travel with his book titled “Time Machine,” from 1895, Wells is instrumental in creation of The FLASH, (the particle accelerator, knowing how to treat Barry Allen when he was in a coma, and his willingness to train Barry in the arts of super speed), Wells has advanced tech that is most likely from the future, and that secret room, in the final scene, we see a newspaper from the future. which by the way, has Queen Consolidated merging with Wayne Enterprises. geeking-out? sorry, Batman / Bruce Wayne will not be appearing on the CW, his character is licensed for television to Fox’s GOTHAM.

an important note to mention that will most likely be introduced in the CW’s The Flash, is, in one comic story arc, Barry Allen had a twin brother, but was switch/stolen at birth and raised by the Thawnes. when Barry Allen’s twin realizes this he the uses magic of ‘Cobalt Blue,’ also his name, to steal Barry Allen’s super speed powers. this is a very likely CW drama twist. i’m sure we will see police detective Eddie Thawne become a rival of Barry Allen’s, especially since they both love the same girl, Iris. (In the comics, Iris becomes Barry’s wife, Iris West, and for a brief time Iris has Barry’s super speed abilities).

the villains on the CW The FLASH will be all the Rogues from the comics, including Girder, Captain Cold, Weather Wizard (obviously, because he appeared in episode 1), and hopefully Mirror Master & Trickster (if only Mark Hamill could play the Trickster, as he voice acted the character so well from the animated series; make it happen CW). FLASH villain Captain Boomerang will be appearing on ARROW, as part of the Suicide Squad. the Suicide Squad is licensed for television to the CW, and consists of DC villains Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and even Harley Quinn (YES! Harley Quinn from the Batman / Gotham City comics will be appearing on ARROW in season 3). did you see the Gorilla Grodd reference? an open cage in S.T.A.R. Labs that could easily hold a gorilla, hinting that there was some sort genetic enhancements / testing going on. in the comics, Gorilla Grodd was subjected to a crashed alien space craft/radioactive meteor that gave him his superior to human intellect. we will probably have to wait until season for Grodd.

the CW will probably gives us a new villain of the week scenario, created from the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator accident “anomalies,” until we get an established plot going. i look forward to more episodes of The FLASH.