How Will Marvel Bring The XMen, The Fantastic Four & The Silver Surfer into the MCU?

wallpaper-1199506Well, I have some thoughts..

Invisible Woman by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

Invisible Woman by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

The simplest explanation is not always the most fun. Yes, you could say a school of mutants has always existed in West Chester, NY, but chose not to engage in any of the world threatening struggles– boring, (and also, very unlike the X-Men to ignore such threats). And the Baxter Building has been in the Microverse the whole time? –not buying it.

Captain Marvel by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

Captain Marvel by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

You could solve it easily with time travel, via the Infinity Gauntlet, with Captain Marvel resetting the entire universe, but one of things is not like the others– enter the XMen in an end credit trailer to the deafening screams of Marvel fans (I would be one of them), as Stan Lee begins reading a copy of the Daily Bugle with Fantastic Four on the front page. This is certainly scifi plausible and would be acceptable, but I have another theory..


What if..

..during the final battle with Thanos, Scarlet Witch alters reality with her magic, destroying the Infinity Stones, ceasing Thanos to have ever existed, but also inadvertently alters the reality of the universe. The previously vaporized superheroes return and BOOM the XMen now exist, and have always existed according to everyone, except Wanda. Wolverine, Rogue and SpiderWoman (Jessica Drew) are standing beside their teammates, the Avengers, The Fantastic Four can be seen far away atop the Baxter Building, and far, far away, the Silver Surfer makes a deal with Galactus to save Zenn-la.


silver_surfer_2014_by_eamonodonoghue-d84o9fj me, my XMen..

Who is #DanielWest ? #TheFlash season3 villain REVEALED!! #BlackFlash #BlackRacer


The Flash season 3 villain has been revealed, Danny West (from DC Comics). With the ending season 2 of The Flash, DC Comics superhero television show on the CW,  we saw two very important things setting the stage for season3, the mention of Earth3, and Flashpoint (also Black Flash, but we’ll get to that later). Earth 3 deserves a mention, as it is the Earth where the good guys are bad, the Justice League is now the Crime Syndicate, with The Flash as Johnny Quick. In The Flash season3 finale, we learn the true identity of The Man in the Iron Mask is actually a new speedster, the real Jay Garrick, who is from Earth3. No doubt we will see more of Earth 3 in season 3 of The Flash. The last few minutes of The Flash season2 finale, we see Barry Allen, using the Speed Force, to go back in time and save his mother from being killed by Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne, who then wore the face of Harrison Wells and set in motion the plot for the first two seasons. In the DC comics realm, when Barry Allen goes back in time to save his mother, Barry inadvertantly reconfigures the events and characters of the entire world, to where Batman is now Thomas Wayne (Bruce & Martha were killed in that alley by Joe Chill, instead of Thomas & Martha Wayne), Wonder Woman and The Amazons have invaded Europe and Aquaman and The Atlanteans have waged war on humanity and begin an invasion of Europe (It was Reverse Flash’s (Professor Zoom in the comics) plan all along. (warning, spoiler alert if you haven’t read the comics. ‘Flashpoint’ is one of the top 10 DC comics series of all time, so read it, if you haven’t already). We, of course, wont see all that in The Flash season 3, but we will see Barry, The Flash, navigating an alternate timeline of events and characters, struggling to reset the timeline, even if it means allowing his mother and father to be killed. We saw some of that conflict in season 1, where Barry resolves not to reset the past, but I guess The Flash writers just borrowed from Arrow character’s flip-flop motivations.


As we see, in the set photo above, by Canadagraphs, The Flash villain costume looks just like Daniel West. Who is Danny West? During an accident with The SpeedForce monorail, Iris West’s brother, and/or cousin, gains speedster powers. Daniel West adds fragments of the Speed Force Monorail to his costume, acting as armor and giving him additional powers. Daniel West, as Iris’ brother version, is responsible for paralyzing their father. This alienates Iris, which Daniel laments, as he attempts to go back in time to kill their father, in hopes (weird) to win the heart of his sister(no, not Jaime-Cersi weird, just sibling caring). Later, in DC comics fashion, Daniel West is rebooted, via the New 52, as just another story arc for Wally West.


In true CW storyline style, The Flash season 3 will change the comics enough to keep the viewers guessing, like rebooting the Central City timeline with Eddie still alive, Iris putting Barry back in the friend zone and combining Black Flash and Black Racer (see below) in varied ways. Consider the above for The Flash season3 plot spoilers, as well as adding Earth3 “heroes,” actually villains (does that include the true Jay Garrick from Earth 3? probably) into the mix, and don’t forget Jesse Quick, Harrison Wells’ daughter, now equipped with Speed Force powers, and you have an exciting nest season of The Flash. If you are not caught up on season 1 & 2 of The Flash, Netflix made a recent deal with The CW for exclusive viewing of CW television shows, where geek meets television.


Season 3 of The Flash will also introduce villain/character with a similar costumed superhero suit, The Black Flash. The Black Flash appears when a speedster is about to die and reclaims their Speed Force. We saw a glimpse of Black Flash, when Hunter Zoloman Zoom was attacked by the Time Wraiths (those ghosts, like Harry Potter Dementors, that reclaim individuals who abuse the time travel using the Speed Force. Yes, Barry Allen did that, but it was just really convenient, plot-wise, for the Time Wraiths to only attack Zoom). As the Time Wraiths attack and grab Zoom, his costume and face change. Many viewers thought it was just a disintegration of human flesh as a consequence from being touched by the Time Wraiths, but really it is the appearance of Black Flash reclaiming the Speed Force as Hunter Zoloman dies. Yes, we will see more of Black Flash in season 3 of The Flash.


The Black Flash is an amalgam of Black Racer and The Flash. After Jack Kirby left Marvel, due to a superhero character rights dispute with Stan Lee, he went to DC Comics and went on to create many prime characters in the DC Universe. One of these character was Black Racer, a paraplegic Vietnam vet, named Willie Walker (odd choice of names don’t you think?), who became merged with Death itself, equipped with cosmic skis and ski poles; yes Black Racer is very similar to the Silver Surfer, whom Jack Kirby also created. Modern depictions of Black Racer have him wearing cooler cosmic boots & staves, instead of skis and ski poles. Also to note that Darkseid was the first to merge Black Racer with a corporal form. The Black Racer has had many hosts, including Mr Miracle. Much later, The Anti-Monitor merged Black Racer with Barry Allen / The Flash as a successful attempt to kill Darkseid. Black Flash remained and now reclaims the Speed Force whenever a Speedster dies, like a superhero version of the Law of Conservation. We will most likely see Black Racer posses Wally West in The Flash season 3.



I’m still expecting to see Barry Allen’s twin brother Cobalt Blue, Malcome Thawne, separated at birth and raised by the vindictive, future enemy of The Flash, Eobard Thawne, but we may have to wait for a season 3 finale plot twist for that. I keep tweeting The Flash writers and producers with this story arc, so it may still happen. The Flash writers are uber secretive, but they have inadvertently revealed that they have mapped out story arcs for future seasons. Looking forward to more Team Flash.


#LegendsofTomorrow #Trailer!

click here to watch the trailer

The Legends of Tomorrow are an elite team put together by time traveler Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), yup he’s from the DC comics, as are the rest of the team, consisting of White Canary / Sarah Lance (Caty Lotz) from CW’s ‘Arrow,’ The Atom / Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) also from CW’s ‘Arrow,’ Captain Cold / Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) from CW’s ‘The Flash,’ Heat Wave / Mic Rory (Dominic Purcell) from CW’s ‘The Flash,’ Hawkgirl / Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee) also from CW’s ‘The Flash,’ Hawkman / Carter Hall (Falk Hentschel), FIRESTORM / Professor Martin Stein (Victor Garber) & Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh), also from CW’s ‘The Flash.’ Not sure why they need two fire guys and two hawk people. Why not get a Kryptonian, like Powergirl, a speedster, like Impulse, someone to deal with magic, like Dr Fate or Zantanna Zatara, and a Green Lantern, like John Stewart or Jade? Seems like that would be a much more powerful team, you know, if the fate of the world is at stake.

Quote from ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ trailer: “I’ve seen men of steel die..”-Rip Hunter (did he just say he saw the Death of Superman?).

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ premieres on the CW, on  Jan 21 2016.

Legends of Tomorrow Trailer is finally here!Wentworth Miller,


The Atom/Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), Capt Cold/ Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) from The Flash, actress Caity Lotz, who played Sara Lance, the first Black Canary, on ‘Arrow’ and was presumed dead.. twice, but then was brought back to life via the Lazarus Pit, becoming White Canary (watch Arrow season3), Firestorm/ Martin Stein (Victor Garber) from ‘The Flash,’ Rip Hunter (the time traveler regulator guy, like a DC’s Dr Who), Heat Wave/ Mick Rory, also from The Flash (Dominic Purcell),  Hawkgirl/ Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee), and S.T.A.R. Labs mechanic, Jay Jackson (Franz Drameh) (not pictured). The Villain is Vandal Savage! the immortal that was born during the stone age. Vandal Savage is a villain with long term schemes. in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Vandal Savage has raised an army with future tech, even including giant robots (no they aren’t just exclusive to Marvel). it is unclear how Vandal Savage travels in time to bring back the future tech for global domination plans; we will have to wait until 2016 for that, i know a whole year-ARRRGH! this newly assembled team, Legends, will travel to different points in time, via Rip Hunter’s time traveling device, in attempts to stop Vandal Savage take over the world and ruin the future. i always liked Vandal’s daughter, Scandal Savage. Rip Hunter is a DC comic that is cool, but surprisingly not that popular. this ‘Arrow’ / ‘The Flash’ spin-off was created, in part, by Marc Guggenheim, a lover of all comics, the head writer on ‘Arrow.’ watch the amazing ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ trailer now.

The Flash : the CW TV pilot explained


The FLASH made it’s long awaited premiere last night on the CW. yay for more superheroes on TV. we even saw a brief scene with Oliver Queen, as ARROW. if you haven’t been watching ARROW, Barry Allen was introduced on the last season of ARROW, season 2, and appeared in several episodes. The CW FLASH pilot started off strong and didn’t waste time introducing super powers and villains. there were quite a few eater eggs and hints at where the season will take us. let’s explain The FLASH pilot through the eyes of the long history of FLASH comics.

first off, if you are familiar with the CW, then you know that they love to keep you guessing, especially when there is previous source material, in this case, comics. remember how in ARROW, they toyed with us for almost two seasons about who the Black Canary actually was? in the comics, the Black Canary is ‘Dinah Laurel Lance,’ on ARROW, we have ‘Laurel Lance,’ whose mother is ‘Dinah Lance,’ but Laurel’s sister was the first Black Canary (yes, spoiler, Laurel may become Black Canary in season 3 of ARROW). so right away, on The FLASH, we see a police detective by the named “Eddie Thawne.” that is very significant, because “Eobard Thawne” from The FLASH comics is The FLASH’s archenemy, “Professor Zoom,” also called “Reverse Flash,” and is often depicted wearing a costume of reverse colors, yellow with a red lightning bolt, instead of The FLASH’s red with a yellow lightning bolt. so is detective Eddie Thawne The FLASH’s main archenemy on CW’s The FLASH? nope. to explain why, we need to go deeper.

the CW is mixing several story arcs together from the comics ( Flashpoint, Infinte Crisis, Born to Run, and most likely pieces from the Cobalt Blue story arc) mostly to confuse us. The FLASH comics have been around since 1940 and there is a wealth of information to choose from, as well as many varying reimaginings of The FLASH. in the Flashpoint comic story arc, we learn that Eobard Thawne, aka “Professor Zoom” or “Reverse Flash” needed to bring Barry Allen, The FLASH (there is more than one FLASH in the comics) into the future to reconfigure his molecules so that Barry Allen FLASH would not be constrained by timelines. only after this, can Zoom kill Barry Allen. if Zoom were to kill Barry Allen in the FLASH’s own time period or at any point along the FLASH’s normal timeline, Zoom would be killed as well, because the FLASH was instrumental in the creation of Zoom; if the Flash never existed, neither would Zoom. yes, it all gets very confusing, especially since this story arc and Zoom’s origins vary as it has been rebooted several times.

also important to mention from the comics, is that Barry Allen The FLASH goes back in time to save his mother from being killed. this creates a time distortion ripple effect and changes the future. spoiler alert: in the CW The FLASH, we see a flashback of a young Barry Allen surrounded by yellow and red “flashes” or streaks of light before is mother is killed. what is actually happening is the red streaks are Barry Allen, The FLASH, from the not-too-distant present future traveling back in time to save his mother from being killed on that fateful night. this creates an alternate timeline future. in the comics, the Justice League is never formed. Wonder Woman invades the UK while Aquaman destroys europe with massive tsunamis. it is a bleak future, one that must be corrected. Barry Allen appears in this new timeline, but remembers the original timeline. the yellow streaks, from that fateful night on the CW’s The FLASH, are Zoom fighting Barry Allen The FLASH. if Barry Allen resets this new timeline (it takes a while for the timeline changes to become permanent), then Zoom will never exist. Zoom needs Barry Allen to become the FLASH so that he can become Zoom. until the next chapter, when Barry Allen goes into the future and Zoom resets his molecules so he can be killed without timeline consequences. confused? but wait, there’s more.. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: in the FLASH comics, Bruce Wayne was killed on his own fateful night, instead of his parents. Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne become Batman and helps defeat Zoom in this alternate timeline. Barry Allen The FLASH from this alternate future timeline, now goes back in time again to prevent himself from reseting the timeline in the first place. how does he do this? he vibrates himself so fast that he merges with his alternate self trying to save his mother, becoming one FLASH. the combing of the two FLASH’s give Barry Allen enough power to defeat Zoom on that fateful night. time stands still long enough for Barry Allen to say goodbye to his mom, but then time resets to its original timeline. that is quite a bit for the CW to handle in one season. we shall see how much they will attempt to cover. also of note, in the comics, The FLASH uses a “cosmic treadmill” to travel back and forth in time. we will most get a hint of this device at S.T.A.R. Labs in this first season of the FLASH.

it is most likely, on the CW’s The FLASH, that Harrison Wells, the scientist in the wheelchair, is Zoom from the future and is a descendant of police detective Eddie Thawne. in the comics, the grudge match between the Thawnes and the Allens last more than a thousand years. evidence for this is: we know Harrison Wells is not crippled, the name ‘Wells’ hints at “H.G Wells,” the creator of time travel with his book titled “Time Machine,” from 1895, Wells is instrumental in creation of The FLASH, (the particle accelerator, knowing how to treat Barry Allen when he was in a coma, and his willingness to train Barry in the arts of super speed), Wells has advanced tech that is most likely from the future, and that secret room, in the final scene, we see a newspaper from the future. which by the way, has Queen Consolidated merging with Wayne Enterprises. geeking-out? sorry, Batman / Bruce Wayne will not be appearing on the CW, his character is licensed for television to Fox’s GOTHAM.

an important note to mention that will most likely be introduced in the CW’s The Flash, is, in one comic story arc, Barry Allen had a twin brother, but was switch/stolen at birth and raised by the Thawnes. when Barry Allen’s twin realizes this he the uses magic of ‘Cobalt Blue,’ also his name, to steal Barry Allen’s super speed powers. this is a very likely CW drama twist. i’m sure we will see police detective Eddie Thawne become a rival of Barry Allen’s, especially since they both love the same girl, Iris. (In the comics, Iris becomes Barry’s wife, Iris West, and for a brief time Iris has Barry’s super speed abilities).

the villains on the CW The FLASH will be all the Rogues from the comics, including Girder, Captain Cold, Weather Wizard (obviously, because he appeared in episode 1), and hopefully Mirror Master & Trickster (if only Mark Hamill could play the Trickster, as he voice acted the character so well from the animated series; make it happen CW). FLASH villain Captain Boomerang will be appearing on ARROW, as part of the Suicide Squad. the Suicide Squad is licensed for television to the CW, and consists of DC villains Deadshot, Captain Boomerang and even Harley Quinn (YES! Harley Quinn from the Batman / Gotham City comics will be appearing on ARROW in season 3). did you see the Gorilla Grodd reference? an open cage in S.T.A.R. Labs that could easily hold a gorilla, hinting that there was some sort genetic enhancements / testing going on. in the comics, Gorilla Grodd was subjected to a crashed alien space craft/radioactive meteor that gave him his superior to human intellect. we will probably have to wait until season for Grodd.

the CW will probably gives us a new villain of the week scenario, created from the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator accident “anomalies,” until we get an established plot going. i look forward to more episodes of The FLASH.

What should you be watching? or not.


now that tv season has finaled this past week, you may be wondering what should I be watching?

well, new sc-fi -esque shows have started recently, like season3 of Continuum or Penny Dreadful.

please note that Continuum is not that great of a show and is the worst at depicting time travel, but it’s sci-fi, and, as you know, we watch many things just because it’s sci-fi related. i’ll admit i watched more than one episode of Terra Nova; i kept hoping it would stop being family-value centric and start telling an interesting story. but eventually i started routing for the dinosaurs; hoping they would just eat everyone in Terra Nova and eventually figure out how to reverse the time portal, travel into the future and eat everyone there too. a dino-centric plot would have been way more interesting than the mentally challenged writers trying to be sci-fi with family drama; no offense to the mentally challenged.

an oddity about Continuum, 6 actors from the show appeared in season 1 of Arrow, one of whom also appeared in the new Godzilla movie.

although Penny Dreadful is basically Showtime’s tv version of the “League of extraordinary Gentlemen’ movie, it comes at a time when vampire tv shows have finale -d for the season and peeps have finally given up on Supernatural, (as you know, it should have ended after season5, but continues to linger like an ex-sig-o (ex- “significant other”) rubbing you the wrong way like a fecal matter infused cheese grater). also related to this genre is Grimm, but it’s really ok if you stop watching after season2; season3 episodes 1 through 9 are just filler, we get it, a creepy baby is on the way, royal family blah, blah and Nick recovers from Zombie Life (i was going for a Thug’s Life reference here, but..), anyway, more Wesen (pronounced “Vessin,” if you’ve never watched it), that look like dogs, etc. i enjoyed most of seasons 1 and 2, but the plot really needs a powerful antagonist story-arc that stretches over entire season, like they could have used the god Vulcanis for this, but instead decided to make it ridiculously easy to kill him with a fire extinguisher. you caught the part where i said, “god,” right?  #lazywriters

so what else is good?

you could be more science smart and watch Cosmos, a reboot of the Carl Sagan series from the 70s with Neil Degrassi Tyson and Family Guy guy, Seth “beady-eyed” McFarlane. you could try Atlantis, haha just joking. Atlantis was trying for a Xena : Warrior Princess type of show but fails everywhere, even in the cheese department; yeah, way worse than Terra Nova. you could mourn the loss of Almost Human, no not Being Human with ghost-vampire-werewolf version of the Superfriends; the future cop show that started off very cool like iRobot, but turned into a cop drama with future tech. it was just never given a chance to get better, like Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did. Stay away from Believe, yeah, not a Believer or a Belieber. attention you dumb-ass writers: (yeah, this makes me angry) : YOU CANNOT EVER MAKE A SHOW WITH SUPERNATURAL POWERS THAT IS UNREALISTIC IN IMPLEMENTATION. i know that sounds contradictory, but when you give a little girl superpowers, that aren’t fully understood, and have her stalked by a highly sought after international assassin, who can still walk and shoot people with great accuracy, after being sedated with 4x the normal dosage, then have cooing pigeons immobilize her for a full minute while the girl escapes. the assassin just stood there while the pigeons made noise, then the pigeons flew inside, then the little girl started screaming/using her power (at this point is when the assassin could have conceivably been stunned or stopped, but you soon discover the girl’s power were only affecting the pigeons, not the assassin, and all the pigeons did was fly around the killer, who wasn’t even mad she lost her target, but was more concerned she missed mom birthday phone call. so you can see why you should not watch any further. you can’t reboot an over-used Heroes/4400/Taken/Alphas/Xmen theme and make it this lame, and ironically, this unBelievable. pilot crashed and burned; no black box worth recovering.

i’ll just assume you’ve been watching the regular, must-see tv shows this past season and wont go over those shows, . you may have missed True Detective, as it is an HBO show. start watching this immediately. it is based on a comic called, ‘Top Ten,’ if you are familiar.

also, if you’ve watched more than one episode of Helix, then we are no longer friends. let me put this into perspective for you, Sharknado had a much better story. ok, maybe i should put story in quotes here, like; “story.”

what will happen in the next season of Vampire Diaries (yes, i’m trying to attract a younger audience to my blog, so stuff it regular readers, all 3 of you), and i hope Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) will be ok, wandering aimlessly with no purpose, from train to train.

spring tv land out, see you next fall. did i say that wrong? oh trip something– bye.