How Will Marvel Bring The XMen, The Fantastic Four & The Silver Surfer into the MCU?

wallpaper-1199506Well, I have some thoughts..

Invisible Woman by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

Invisible Woman by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

The simplest explanation is not always the most fun. Yes, you could say a school of mutants has always existed in West Chester, NY, but chose not to engage in any of the world threatening struggles– boring, (and also, very unlike the X-Men to ignore such threats). And the Baxter Building has been in the Microverse the whole time? –not buying it.

Captain Marvel by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

Captain Marvel by Artgem (aka Stanley Lau)

You could solve it easily with time travel, via the Infinity Gauntlet, with Captain Marvel resetting the entire universe, but one of things is not like the others– enter the XMen in an end credit trailer to the deafening screams of Marvel fans (I would be one of them), as Stan Lee begins reading a copy of the Daily Bugle with Fantastic Four on the front page. This is certainly scifi plausible and would be acceptable, but I have another theory..


What if..

..during the final battle with Thanos, Scarlet Witch alters reality with her magic, destroying the Infinity Stones, ceasing Thanos to have ever existed, but also inadvertently alters the reality of the universe. The previously vaporized superheroes return and BOOM the XMen now exist, and have always existed according to everyone, except Wanda. Wolverine, Rogue and SpiderWoman (Jessica Drew) are standing beside their teammates, the Avengers, The Fantastic Four can be seen far away atop the Baxter Building, and far, far away, the Silver Surfer makes a deal with Galactus to save Zenn-la.


silver_surfer_2014_by_eamonodonoghue-d84o9fj me, my XMen..

XMen: Call the actual Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters !! X-Men: Apocalypse

x-men-james-mcavoy-michael-fassbenderX-Men : Apocalypse premieres today (officially tomorrow, but the film is in theaters today for the midnight showing at 7pm, #movielogic). As part of the promotion for the XMen movie, you can call the actual number for Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters, in West Chester, New York, featured in all the X-Men comics and previous XMen films, and even featured in this year’s Deadpool movie. What happens when you call the number? Who will answer? I wont be explaining all the mysteries of the universe on this blog, just call the number yourself, call it 10 times and share the number with friends!

800 312 9951



Superhero Movies 2016

Superhero movies for 2016 with release dates. These superhero films are both DC (Warner Bros) and Marvel (Marvel/Disney, 20th Century Fox & Sony). The Valiant comic book superhero movies (in association with Sony Pictures), will release in 2017. This superhero movie list are the main superhero movies, smaller budget or indie superhero films may release next year as well. This list is ordered by release date and offers no bias over favorite superhero characters or which films will be better. I suspect ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘X-Men: Age of Apocalypse’ will be the favorites this year.

watch the trailers here:

v7xEPV9.jpgDeadpool‘  (Ryan Reynolds. Marvel characters/ 20th Century Fox.)    Feb 12 2016.

DawnofJusticeBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’  (Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot. DC characters/ Warner Bros.)    Mar 25 2016.

CaptainAMERICA_IRONMAN_CIVILWAR.jpgCaptain America: Civil War’ (Chris Evans, Scarlet Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. Marvel characters/ Marvel/Disney Films.)    May 6 2016.

apolcalypse_w_skull.jpgX-Men: Age of Apocalypse‘ (Oscar Isaac, Olivia Munn, Michael Fassbender. Marvel characters/ 20th Century Fox.)    May 27 2016.

MV5BMjMzMTM4MzM1OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODAwMzE2NTE@._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpgSuicide Squad‘ (Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Will Smith. DC characters/ Warner Bros.)    Aug 5 2016.

Gambit (1).jpgGambit‘ (Chandler Tatum. Marvel characters/ 20th Century Fox.)    Oct 7 2016.

Doctor_Strange_Logo.jpgDr Strange‘ (Benedict Cumberbatch. Marvel characters/ Marvel/Disney Films.)    Nov 4 2016.

Sinister Six‘ (Spider-man villains. Marvel characters/ Sony Pictures)    (Intended premiere was Nov 11 2016. Current status on hold, not canceled. To be released after Amazing Spider-man 3 release with the new Peter Parker, Tom Holland).

#XMen #AgeofApocalypse #trailer! Apocalypse is amazing! watch it here:

Apocalypse is one of the greatest villains in the Marvel universe and quite possibly the coolest mutant (but “best mutant” is a much heated debate).

So who are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? it appears from the trailer, that they are Storm, Archangel, Psylocke & Magneto.

more on ‘X-Men: Age of Apocalypse’ and Apocalypse soon, with a more extensive blog post.

‘X-Men: Age of Apocalypse’ premieres May 27, 2016.

Apocalypse “First” Look. from 2016’s ‘X-Men : Age of Apocalypse’ upcoming superhero movie


actual first look of Apocalypse with Psylocke (Olivia Munn), Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) & Magneto (Michael Fassbender)

(by first look, i mean, first look of Apocalypse in the actual movie). the look of Apocalypse from ‘X-Men : Age of Apocalypse‘ is amazing! someone, inside 20th Century Fox’s editing room uploaded this photo to internet this morning. Apocalypse isthe all powerful mutant from ancient Egypt. we saw a glimpse of him in ancient Egypt in the end credit scene for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ but this is Apocalypse in the modern era, with tech enhancements.


on set, Psylocke, Archangel and their stunt doubles

Bryan Singer (X-Men 1 & 2) is back with ‘X-Men: Age of Apocalypse,’ which will feature an updated X-Men cast and will also feature awesome mutants, hint Deadpool is rumored to make a cameo. ‘X-Men: Age of Apocalypse’ is set to premiere on May 27 2016; (don’t worry, Josh Trank, of the new Fantastic Four reboot, had nothing to do with this movie).


actual still from ‘X-Men :Age of Apocalypse’ movie. Storm (Alexandra Shipp), Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) and Psylocke (Olivia Munn). does this mean Psylocke and Storm are two Horsemen of Apocalypse? will Wolverine be a third?

Every Future Superhero movie ever : Upcoming Marvel & DC superhero movies thru 2020

Upcoming Marvel & DC superhero movies 2015 thru 2020 ( this is what we know so far..)  UPDATED: 15 Oct 2014.

Marvel has planned out superhero movies thru 2036, but hasn’t released the titles yet. DC is quickly catching up.

note that some of these dates have yet to be confirmed by the movie studios, or the date has been confirmed, but not the movie title for that specific, confirmed date. best-guesses for dates with confirmed dates have been used here, as noted,  based on clues from the movies studios or hints at comic cons. movie studios do change release dates, Batman v Superman & Shazam have both been changed. this list will be updated when more information becomes available. upcoming Star Wars, Harry Potter and other sci-fi related movies are not listed here, see corresponding blog posts.




may 1   Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron  (Marvel)

june 19   Fantastic Four  [reboot]  (Marvel heroes/ Sony)

july 17    Antman  (Marvel)



feb 12   DEADPOOL  (Marvel heroes/ Fox)


march 25   Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice  (DC / Warner Bros)

may 6     Captain America 3  (will include Iron Man)  (Marvel)

may 27    X-men : Age of Apocalypse  (Marvel heroes/ Fox)

july 8     Dr Strange  (Marvel)

august 5     Suicide Squad (may include Harley Quinn) [was the Shazam release date] (DC / Warner Bros)

oct 7     Gambit  (Marvel heroes/ Fox)

nov 11      Sinister Six  (Spider-man villains) (Marvel heroes/ Sony)

dec        Sandman  (DC / warner bros)  [this movie has now been canceled as of Oct 2014]




march 3      Wolverine 3  [may include Deadpool]  (Marvel heroes/ Fox)

may 5         Iron Man 4  [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but not for this particular confirmed movie]  (Marvel)

june 23      Wonder Woman    (DC / Warner Bros)

july 14       Fantastic Four 2  (Marvel heroes/ Sony)

july 28     Guardians of the Galaxy 2   [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but not for this particular confirmed movie]   (Marvel)

nov 3         Thor 3 [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but not for this particular confirmed movie]   (Marvel)

nov 10        Justice League, part1   (DC / Warner Bros)

fall/winter     Venom  [this movie has now been canceled as of oct 2014]  (Marvel heroes/ Sony)

fall/winter      Black Cat?   [unconfirmed]  (Marvel heroes/ Sony)




march 23    The Flash   [was ‘Flash & Green Lantern’]   (DC / warner bros)


may 4         Avengers 3  [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but not for this particular confirmed movie]   (Marvel)

may 4         Amazing spiderman 3 (Sony)

july 6         Black Panther  [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but not for this particular confirmed movie] (Marvel)

july 13       [unconfirmed superhero movie title]  (Fox)

july 27       Aquaman   [was: Man of Steel 2]   (DC / Warner Bros)

nov 2         Black Widow / Hawkeye [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but has not yet confirmed this title]




april 5       Shazam  [was Aug 5 2017]  (Warner Bros)

may 3        [Marvel has confirmed this date for a superhero movie, but not yet for a specific movie] (Marvel)

june 14      Justice League, part2  [hoping to see ultimate villain Darseid in this or future films] (DC / Warner Bros)




april 3         Cyborg   (DC / Warner Bros)

june 19     Green Lantern  (Reboot)   (DC / Warner Bros)

Marvel has confirmed the superhero movies of Iron Man 4, Thor 3, and Black Panther, but has not confirmed their release dates; most likely Thor 3 will be the year before Avengers 3, (Nov 3 2017) and Iron Man 4 will be released the same year as Avengers 3 (July 6 2018) and will continue the plot established in Avengers 3 and Captain America 3; yes Iron Man will be appearing in Captain America 3. major things will happen in Avengers 3, major things. not every hero will survive (the destructive path of Thanos). Avengers 3 will be the culmination of everything Marvel has been building in all of it’s movies to date, and in Marvel’s soon to be released movies leading up to Avengers 3. we will see even more plot threads and hints of what is to come; more than just more Infinity Stones. too bad Marvel couldn’t lease it’s other superheroes from Fox & Sony for this epic cinematic event. Marvel is developing a Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel movie, much to the fans wild approval. Captain Marvel, (formerly Ms Marvel), in the comics, is a role model for girls and women everywhere. a strong female lead superhero movie is a much needed, and long awaited arrival. DC / Warner Bros has been saying for years that a female lead superhero movie just wont work; just this week, they changed their minds, because of the fans, and green-lighted the Wonder Woman movie. Marvel is also developing a Black Widow movie, which may include Hawkeye and her time at Hydra. who will be first to release a strong female lead superhero movie? Marvel with Captain Marvel or Black Widow or DC / Warner Bros with Wonder Woman? Marvel is also developing several other superhero movies for the immediate future and is developing every Marvel superhero and every major comic book storyline for the years to come, through year 2036. yes, ‘Secret Invasion,’ and other favorites, will be in film, so start looking for clues leading up to and beyond Avengers 3. Ironman 4 and Black Panther have confirmed as movies.

Fox, who owns the cinematic rights to Marvel’s X-Men and Fantastic Four, has confirmed an X-Force movie, the X-Men spin-off. it has yet to be confirmed whether it will be X-Force or Uncanny X-Force from the comics, we the fans want to see Psylocke, Domino, X-23, Cable and Fantomex, and ArcAngel and Deadpool would be cool too. Unfortunately, Fox will not be returning X-Men or anything under the X-Men umbrella back to Marvel any time soon. Fox (and Sony) should at least strike a deal with Marvel to lease certain characters, so the Marvel movies can be more complete and true to the comics. for example, when an ominous foe threatens earth, every Marvel bands together to defeat them; ie, Thanos, Ultron, Kang the Conqueror, etc., instead of how it is now in the cinematic universe, where it seems like Spider-man was napping when Loki and the Chitauri almost conquered New York, as the X-Men watched it all on TV. sign the petition to free the X-Men.

Sony, who owns the movie rights to Marvel’s Spider-man and all of Spiderman’s villains and cohorts, will be creating its own Spidey cinematic universe. Sony plans to launch a Sinister Six movie soon and plans to launch other Spider-man related films, although “officially” both the Black Cat movie and the Venom movie have been shelved for now. it’s obvious Sony has rushed the Spider-man movies before. this was blatantly obvious with Spider-man 3, great characters, but poorly executed. Spider-man 3 was merely a pre-cursor to the horror that was to come; the Amazing Spider-man movie. it was way too soon to reboot the franchise Sony. although Amazing Spider-man 2 was better than Amazing Spider-man, it was clearly rushed, with no clear story arc; and why were there 3 villains? and why did the movie have 3 endings? Sony was trying to set up it’s Spidey universe, hinting at future films, but it was poorly executed. rumor: Sony may have struck a deal with Fox and future movies may see an X-men/ Fantastic Four/ Spider-man crossover of some sort. Sony has confirmed Amazing Spider-man 3 and Amazing Spider-man 4, but not Andrew Garfield for Amazing Spider-man 4. Sony could be planning on killing Peter Parker, like Marvel did in the comics, and passing the web slinger role to Miles Morales / Ultimate Spider-man. we shall see.. sign the petition to share Spider-man with Marvel.

DC / Warner Bros has confirmed a solo Batman movie and Man of Steel 2, but has not confirmed their release dates yet. this post will be updated as new release are confirmed.

note: Marvel & DC are not the only companies who produce superhero comics. other comic book companies will soon be launching their own superhero movies. Valiant comics is one of these companies. If you haven’t read Valiant, start with X-O Manowar, he will be the 1st of many Valiant movies. there have been other non-Marve-DC superhero movies in the past too, like the Phantom, from the 90s, with Billy Zane, which is one of my favorite superhero movies of all time (story is more important than visual effects).

upcoming Marvel & DC superhero movies 2015 thru 2020

upcoming Marvel & DC superhero movies 2015 thru 2020 (well, sorta. this list is all that we know so far..)

marvel has planned out superhero movies thru 2036, but hasn’t released the titles yet. the race is on to produce a female lead superhero film. marvel will introduce many new female heroines, but the most likely first female lead superheroes will be Black Widow and Capt Marvel (Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers), not either, but both. Capt Marvel will be introduced, most likely in the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and aid in the defeat of Thanos in Avengers 3. Black Widow is necessary to further the plot line with Capt America & the Winter Soldier, preparing Bucky to carry the Shield (just in case Steve Rogers “retires” in Avengers 3; Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet is omnipotent, THE most powerful force in the universe; Adam Warlock (yes, that was his cocoon in Guardians of the Galaxy) and every other Marvel superhero will be needed to defeat Thanos (unfortunately fox & sony own some of them; still hoping they might lease them to Marvel). (note: Ultron & Apocalypse, also bad ass, and also most or all Marvel superhero required for victory). DC and warner bros are finally catching on to Marvel’s interconnected story telling (in the movies, of course, both DC and Marvel comics always have had interconnected plot lines). Batman v Superman will launch Wonder Woman and other superheroes into their own upcoming, respective, stand alone movie.  since Wonder Woman has a projected release date of nov 17, 2017, i’m sure Marvel is rushing its plans to release it’s stand alone Black Widow movie first. we can wait for Carol Danvers (“make it great & we will happily wait”), but we know she is coming.

note that some of these dates have yet to be set, by the movie studios, and are listed as general months or seasons. exact dates have been confirmed by the movie studios. some movie titles may change, are listed as  ‘unconfirmed,’ a best-guess scenario based on clues from the movies studios or leaked rumors. often studio situations, marketing, production and contracts change, thus delaying a movie release. studios often reserve release dates years in advance, for a projected plan, but plans do change. for years 2019 and 2020, only reserved dates have been confirmed.




may 1   Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron  (marvel)

june 19   Fantastic Four  [reboot]  (sony)

july 17    Antman  (marvel)




feb 12 : DEADPOOL  (Fox)


march 25   Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice  (warner bros)

may 6     Captain America 3   (marvel)

may 27    X-men : Age of Apocalypse  (fox)

july 8     Dr Strange  (marvel)

august 5     Shazam  (warner bros)

nov 11      Sinister Six  (sony)

dec        Sandman




march 3      Wolverine 3 [may include Deadpool] (fox)

may 5        Ironman 4  [unconfirmed movie title]  (marvel)

june 23      Justice League  (warner bros)

july 14       Fantastic Four 2  (sony)

july 28  Guardians of the Galaxy 2   [unconfirmed movie title]   (marvel)

nov 3         Thor 3  [unconfirmed movie title]   (marvel)

nov 17        Wonder Woman (warner bros)

fall/winter     Venom (sony)

fall/winter      Black Cat   [unconfirmed]  (sony)



march 23       Flash & Green Lantern (warner bros)

may 4         Avengers 3  [unconfirmed movie title]   (marvel)

may 4         Amazing spiderman 3 (sony)

july 6         Black Panther [unconfirmed movie title] (marvel)

july 13       [unconfirmed movie title] (fox)

july 27       Man of Steel 2  [unconfirmed movie title]   (warner bros)

nov 2         [unconfirmed movie title] (marvel)



april 5       [unconfirmed movie title] (dc)  (warner bros)

may 3        [unconfirmed movie title] (marvel)

june 14      [unconfirmed movie title] (dc)  (warner bros)



april          [unconfirmed movie title] (dc)  (warner bros)

june 19     [unconfirmed movie title] (dc)  (warner bros)