THEY are coming…Sentinels. ‘X-Men : Days fo Future Past’ May 23rd. Mutant Friday.


How powerful are Sentinels? present day Sentinels and future Sentinels? powerful enough to wipe out the mutant gene and all who carry it. stand with us on friday. stand up for mutants and vote no on the Mutant Registration Act. Celebrate Diversity; we can live together, humans and mutants. no need for war.

BATMOBILE! the new Batmobile has been revealed! for ‘Superman vs Batman’ movie

BATMOBILE! the new Batmobile has been revealed! for 'Superman vs Batman' movie

This just in:
just moments ago, Zack Snyder released an actual, full-frontal photo of the new Batmobile with Ben Affleck standing despondent & emotionally tormented as the new Batman. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight will be hard to beat, and may always remain the best depiction of Bruce Wayne’s vigilante alter ego. but we can’t go back, the nolan trilogy will never collect dust on our shelves. we must move forward and uncover the pieces and hints of the future justice league and hope that it will not be the superfriends. so the theme for ‘Man of Steel 2’ or ‘Superman vs Batman’ will be closely related to the DC comic series, ‘The Dark Knight Returns.’ for those of you that can’t read, it was turned into a double feature animated series by warner brothers, and remained dark, not for young kids, true to the series. let’s hope Zack Snyder keeps the theme similar to the Watchmen and will never ever incorporate the Wonder Twins into future creations. from everything i’ve heard and read so far, the story will be paramount in this next series of DC superhero movies and each one will seed future movies, like Marvel movies. i’m really looking forward to it & may just have to bring Kryptonite to the premiere.

League of Angels : MMORPG : What’s new today?! Inferno! Fusing gems! elemental dust? magic socket rods? & more!

new stuff from League of Angels! released today!
(yes, inferno has it’s bugs, like you can’t kill anyone, but you can still collect elemental dust & other elements. bugs should be fixed soon, like tonight. i love how they keep adding new things to keep us “interested,” (or addicted, whichever).

League of Angels (and no, it’s not League of Legends, which is an awesome MMORPG game as well; sure it was a marketing thing to use a name that was similar. did you know League of Legends sells out Staples Center (the NBA basketball stadium) for League of Legends championships? pretty cool, right? gamers as popular as pro sports teams). an MMORPG is Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, for those of you not familiar. League of Angels is an MMORPG that leads a character you create through a main quest. along this quest you acquire heroes to help you in the fight against evil. as you level up, it quickly becomes apparent that there is a lot more to do than just the main quest and upgrading characters, heroes and doing everything else the game offers is essential to success in the game. also joining a guild and joining in guild events is really fun. there is a lot to this game and each aspect requires a little knowledge before just jumping in, clicking on random things and discovering an outcome. it is our hope, that this post helps clear up a few things. we realize it is not complete, but we will update it as soon as we figure it out for ourselves.


League of Angels : MMORPG : What's new today?! Inferno! Fusing gems! elemental dust? magic socket rods? & more!



Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.27.56 AM



ELEMENT training:

it’s tricky/not straight-forward. before clicking upgrade, you have to chose a type, or chance, to upgrade; the better ones cost more elemental dust; the one on the right is best, but uses the most ELEMENTAL DUST.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.33.45 AM

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.33.53 AM

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.34.23 AM


this is the best, but uses the most element dust.


evolve your angel:

needed are SERAPH STONES, available for purchase here, in the main store, for 15 diamonds each; (they may be a reward in inferno, but since inferno wasn’t working well this morning, even after refreshing a billion times, we can’t say for certain).

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 1.33.07 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 1.33.15 PMScreen Shot 2014-03-28 at 1.33.30 PM




Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.35.47 AM



also something new is “MAGIC SOCKET RODS.”

we suspect that you need magic socket rods to install fused gems into your equipment, but we can’t say for certain as we have no idea yet as how to acquire “GEM ESSENCE.” we also suspect it is a reward in INFERNO, but still can’t be certain.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 12.43.18 PM




this is an awesome concept. tired of not having enough space for your gems? want to use the “extra” gems for added power, but just have no where to put them? if you’ve leveled up past 40, you know by now that every piece of equipment for your character should be outfitted with the basics for every encounter in game: main plot, dungeons, arena, clash of might, raiders, etc.

the BASICs are: GEMS, HP, MATK/PATK (depending if you are warrior (beserker or paladin) of mage (sorcerer or mystic)), PDEF & MDEF.  the basics lets you stay in the game longer (HP), ups your attack, for crushing blows and resists attacks from mages/warriors and angels.

you might find that customizing your gem configuration helps when attacking specific targets like adding dodge gems to fight in the ZODIAC battles of upping MDEF when engaging a Mage in Clash of Might.


well now you can cram more goodies into each piece of equipment.

the only drawbacks are each gem needs to be level or level 7, i know right? if you’re level 45 you probably already received the level 6 HP gem by now and have attempted to synth more upper level gems, but it can take a long while. we have seen some characters who use all the gems for their main and leave their heroes ungemed  so they can synth to high levels, this certainly is a game tweak, like having a level 42 character with a BR (Battle Rating of 90,000; not sure if we’d recommend that, but we may have to start so we can start GEM FUSing. the missing component is, of course, GEM ESSENCE & we are hoping that becomes a drop or reward for inferno and possibly becomes a new drop in the main quest or dungeons as well.


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 12.53.34 PM


hope this helps clear up a few things, we’ll post new stuff soon here, or on our shared youtube channel. we may even start a new blog just for League of Angels : tips & tricks, what do you guys think?


if you haven’t played League of Angels yet, you may want to play as a team with your significant other, like online date night, and may want to consider switching work to part-time; it really is that fun/time consuming. enjoy!


‘Gotham’ new TV series fall 2014

'Gotham' new TV series fall 2014

‘Gotham,’ Fox’s new Batman TV series, fall 2014, casts Donal Logue (the guy who got his arm “removed” by Wesley Snipes in the subway scene from ‘Blade’ (the super bad-ass first film, not the sequels) and Jada Pinkett Smith (from the Matrix sequels). Donal Logue will play police detective Harvey Bullock and Jada Pinkett Smith will play ‘sadistic gangster’ Fish Mooney. Ben McKenzie will star as young detective James Gordon. Michael Chiklis ( ‘the Thing’ from the ‘Fantastic Four’ films 1&2, not the upcoming reboot, and the Lucy Liu vampire movie “Rise: Blood Hunter’) also stars; he always plays a badass and he could turn the tide of me liking this tv series.

“Gotham’ is a prequel of sorts to the on-going Batman, the Dark Knight series. ‘Gotham’ will be a comic cop show centered around detective James Gordon, not Bruce Wayne / Batman. “GPD” or “Gotham PD” will hopefully be more comic and less CSI cop drama. we have enough cop dramas and cop dramas pretending to be something cool with just an added layer or skin, * UH-HUM * ‘Almost Human,’ (so much potential & such a killer pilot episode, but now just a cop drama with future tech). we will see an ongoing emergence of Batman characters and villains, eluding to future personas that we have become familiar with. hopefully they will start with new villains, that we have not become overly familiar with, like uh-hum, the Joker. Christopher Nolan started Christian Bale’s Dark Knight off with Scarecrow and the League of Assassins as the villains; it was refreshing to see more dynamic characters other than the obvious choices. this brings up another important point, ‘ARROW,’ from CW TV series has stolen the League of Assassins (Ra’s Al Ghul & his daughter Tallia Al Guhl (mother of Damien Wayne) to name a few) and incorporated them into the Green Arrow universe. they are both DC, of course, and yes, there’s cross-overs occasionally, but what will happen now? will the League be on two fronts? for Batman, the Dark Knight AND the Green Arrow ( ARROW )? they are two different networks so maybe they will compete or maybe they will just be unique. i would really like to see new villains like the Mad Hatter or Harley Quinn and their origin stories. that would be worth watching.

if Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. can survive for this long without doing anything outrageous and creating a bland recipe for the Marvel universe, then ‘Gotham’ wont be THAT bad for the first 6 episodes, just don’t make it like “birds of Prey’ from 2002.

‘Almost Human’ is the best show on television (or was, see update)

Almost Human is the best show on television

finally a sci-fi series that isn’t trying to be twilight; no teenagers, no cheesy plot lines or effects. almost human is a well crafted sci-fi immersion realm, not to be taken lightly. it harkens to irobot with a backdrop of blade runner and is all cool. the attention to detail is amazing, with cgi and futuristic everything. every episode is like a cinematic experience. it is great to see karl urban again (star trek, judge dredd, doom), and of course lili taylor (from the 80’s: say anything, mystic pizza, six feet under,..) i wish every tv show would be like this. if you do nothing else this week, watch this series, and your life will be fulfilled.

Update: i was blown away by the pilot episode of ‘Being Human’, i mean, ‘Almost Human,’ but now it’s just turned into a ‘COP DRAMA’ WITH FUTURE TECH. each episode is good, but it’s episodic, it ends at 45mins. ATTENTION  writers: have an overall plot story arc that stretches from episode1 to the final episode, then have story arcs that continue over several episodes & resurface occasionally throughout the season, then have a micro story for each episode. keep it interesting, keep the audience engaged. this had potential. like ‘the syndicate’ from the pilot episode, but it only resurfaces occasionally. Dorian, the DRN, “synthetic,” short for “synthetic human,” or android has had ongoing story arcs for “his” consciousness or “synthetic soul,” but the overall story arc is just muddled most of the time and the plot is deeply constrained to each episode. live expanded and write like ‘house of cards,’ or have shockers like in ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘House of Cards,’ season2, but i guess that only works if there is excessive audience involvement with each character. i’m sorry J.J. Abrams protégée J.H. Wyman (Fringe), but get better or i’m putting you on my ‘watch if there’s nothing else’ list, * UH-HUM* ‘Sleep Hollow.’