True Blood premiere : season 7 : see Anna Paquin / Sookie Stakhouse & Stephen Moyer / Bill Compton

True-Blooddid you know Sookie is married to vampire Bill in real life?
True Blood season 7, the final season premieres on sunday, June 22, 2014. according to sources, who actually got to see it last night, someone is killed before the opening credits. they are certainly going to pull out all the stops in this final season. there are 13 books in the series, titled, ‘the southern vampire diaries,’ i mean, ‘the southern vampire mysteries,’ by author Charlaine Harris. supposedly, HBO has taken the best elements from the books and incorporated them into this final season, the most exciting season yet.
this video features glimpses of Anna Paquin / Sookie Stakhouse and Stephen Moyer / Bill Compton and far away glimpses at the other stars. Anna and Stephen went across the street to greet the fans and sign autographs. the HBO True Blood premiere was at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Tuesday evening. the official air-time premiere, for the rest of us, airs this sunday, June 22, at 9pm.

How to get tickets to Comic Con

How to get tickets to Comic Con (part 2 : general ticket sales)
SDCC San Diego Comic Con International, the biggest Comic / geek event of the year.
How to get tickets to Comic Con can be a very confusing task and requires several steps to get there, you must take these steps far in advance of the July, when Comic Con is held every year, and there is no guarantee you will be granted access, as space is limited and it is the most popular geek event of the year. 130,000 people attended Comic Con San Diego 2013, the maximum occupancy of the San Diego Convention Center, and tickets sold out in 45 minutes.

how to get Comic Con tickets (called ‘badges’):

step 1 : get a MEMBER ID

step 2: buy your badges (tickets)
there are three ways to do this:
1. if you purchased tickets before (then you are extremely fortunate), and you have the opportunity to buy badges (tickets) before everyone else in the “PRE-REG” (pre-registration badge purchase session, which occurs sometime in february). it’s not a guarantee, but it’s the best chance you have to get badges/tickets, (unless you currently own the batmobile).
“OPEN ONLINE REGISTRATION for badge purchase”
this is the time where everyone desperately tries to get badges/tickets. last year, Comic Con badges/tickets sold out in 45 minutes. may luck be ever in your favor. you do have a better chance of being struck by lighting while winning the lottery, then getting badges/tickets with this option, but you can still try.
3. badges/tickets can be refunded, if refunded before may 23, 2014. these badges/tickets will then go on sale for a “last chance sale,” following a similar procedure as “PRE-REG” & GENERAL TICKET SALES/OPEN REGISTRATION. if you miss this opportunity, you can always just hang out outside in the many pavilions & cosplayers.

a note about volunteering:
you have to select your volunteer status in january. volunteering is not a last minute option if you can’t get badges/ tickets.

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COSPLAY YouTube Music Awards 2013 the nominees

Cosplay YouTube Music Video Awards 2013

welcome to the
Cosplay YouTube Music Video Awards 2013 !
sponsored by SIRI, that’s me.

yes, with the YouTube Music Awards voting going on this week, we noticed they left out one very important category:, COSPLAY. the most awesome thing ever, not just for the hot costumes, but the video direction, compilation, and of course, the music. ,

everyone is just a little geeky inside, and sometimes a lot, like me, and everyone can appreciate a good costume, and of course, good music.

so, without further adieu,
for the best COSPLAY music video from 2013
for the Cosplay YouTube Music Video Awards

..the nominees are:

Deadpool vs Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke Parody
by D Piddy
featuring music by:
re-recorded with original lyrics by D Piddy
to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines

anime expo AX 2013
by spendthriftMonk
featuring music by:
“Ardor” by Dexter Britain
licensed by: the music bed

Comic Con 2013 (Montreal) – Cosplay Music Video
by Le Groupe Orange
(Le Group O Ranjsh)
featuring music by:
“If There’s Time” by ODESZA

Katsucon 2013 cosplay showcase
by OTL Productions
featuring music by:
“Chemicals Collide” by Boys Like Girls

Comicpalooza 2013 Zedd “Clarity” Cosplay Music Video Houston
by RealTDragon
featuring music by:
“Clarity” by Zedd (Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider Cover)

C2E2 2013 Cosplay Music Video
by Aggressive Comix
featuring music by:
“Party Rock” by LMFAO

Fanime 2013 Cosplay Music Video
by nerd reactor
featuring music by:
“I Need Your Love (New-N Remix by borisnewn)”
by , Robot Ellie Goulding

Geek Week: San Diego Comic Con – I Just Want to be a Superhero
by sneakyzebra
featuring music by:
“I just want to be a superhero”
by Tim McMorris

Animazement 2013 – Epic Cosplay
by beatdownboogie
featuring music by:
“space” by j.l.t.
“get ur tequila” by fissunix
“lost” by pogo

DragonCon 2013 COSPLAY music Video – Revolution Love
by Minh Nhat Bui
featuring music by : “Revolution Love (K-391 remix)” Anton Wick (Featuring: Mod Martin)

so VOTE now:

if we missed one, shout it out directly at us and tell us why it should be considered.

the COSPLAY YouTube Music Awards 2013 are on November 3rd, and the voting ends on November 3rd, at noon o’clock. we will announce the winner at Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2013, Los Angeles, CA, on Sunday afternoon, November 3rd.
so hurry 😀

tell us why you think cosplay is awesome in the comments, or you can comment on the COSPLAY YouTube Music Awards, or pringles, whichever..

Felicity’s Bagels

Felicity’s Bagels is an original motion comic, staring Felicity from tv’s ARROW, based on comic superhero Green Arrow. Felicity’s Bagels is a tale of woe, crime and deception, set in Starling City (Star City). the tale takes place along the beginning timeline of CW TV’s ARROW, episode1, “City of Heroes,” but continues along another timeline.

ARROW season2 episode1 “City of Heroes” premiere recap by SIRI

SIRI watches ARROW for the first time; these are her reactions.
recap / review by SIRI of CW’s TV series ARROW based on comic superhero Green Arrow. top 5 things wrong with ARROW season2, episode1 “city of heroes,” plus all the missing comic book stuff they leave out of every episode.

Arrow season2, episode1 “city of heroes.”
recap / review with commentary by SIRI, for comic facts and fun.
this Arrow video is both a parody on the television nonsense (with a recap / review with commentary by SIRI) and a tribute to the DC Comic super hero, the Green Arrow. the Arrow series is loosely based on Green Arrow : Year One. if you are new to the Green Arrow and have watched the Arrow tv series, or are watching along, just use these videos as a refresher or a recap on the Arrow tv episodes; SIRI will be interjecting key elements of the Green Arrow comic along the way so you wont get lost. SIRI will include back stories and character names from the Green Arrow comic or call out the villains for who they are. these videos are intended for fun and for tribute to the Green Arrow comic superhero and to the Arrow CW tv series.

in case you missed it:
the top 5 are:
1. teenagers can serve drinks in Starling City?
2. did not know vertical blinds could support two people falling out a window
3.if you parachute out of a plane onto an island, how do you get back?
4. uhm..
5. black canary!

next episode (season2 episode2 recap / review by SIRI) of Arrow click here :
coming soon ..

catch up on events from every episode of season 1 :
watch all 23 recap episodes of Season 1 here :

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Agents of SHIELD ep3 top5 recap by SIRI

Agents of SHIELD episode3 recap / review by SIRI.
yep, SIRI watches this tv show on abc; these are her thoughts on this episode. i think it’s quite clear that Marvel is using ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ to introduce new characters for their upcoming movies, especially ‘Avengers2.’ in the first two episodes, they hinted at how SHIELD Agent Coulson, played by Clark Gregg, was brought back from the dead. i’ll say it again, “Tahiti is a magical place,” Agent Coulson keeps saying. the obvious choice here is Wanda Maximoff (also Wanda Lensher) or the Scarlet Witch brought Coulson back to life. don’t think they would introduce Dr Strange in this TV series and again into the Marvel cinematic universe.

SIRI discusses events in episode3 of ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ here, we are introduced to ‘gravitonium;’ a “very hard to ‘obtain’ mineral,” almost theoretical, hinting at “unobtanium,” from ‘avatar.’ that was my favorite line of the entire episode.

Skye plays a more critical role in this episode and Agent Coulson discovers he’s “a bit rusty.” that’s what happens when you come back from the dead.

this episode really builds momentum; i think they are launching into something really cool. we shall see, we shall see.

top 5 of this episode:
1. semi-truck (with HUD display& air hand movement control) crashes on highway
2. we are introduced to gravitonium, which is almost impossible to obtain 😉
3. skye jumps into a pool
5. graviton (super villain) is born / created
*spoiler alert*
(ha ha, it’s no fun if you put the ‘spoiler alert’ at the top of the page; what are you doing anyway by watching this before the real episode, which airs on tues, on abc tv).

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